Gears of War – Mad World (Legendado)

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100 thoughts on “Gears of War – Mad World (Legendado)”

  1. is this the original commercial? i was trying to remember which video game commercial the song came from cause i heard it and i couldn't remember which game. is this the only game commercial the song is in recently?

  2. hahaha. bitch adam XD. that was funny. the only reason i saw that was because i was waiting for fringe to start on tuesday and stupid american idol ran late.

  3. Great, great advertisement. I remember seeing it a while back, never played it though. Just played Gears of War II for the first time, pretty much blown away.

    Great game, and commercial.

  4. ya dis mad me a huge gamer like i was never a gamer before dis now i play gears 2 and 1still and im hella good all because of 1 commersial

  5. The Last Day trailer is good but this one of the best trailers ever along with the trailer from Star Wars the Old Republic (when all the sith appear)

  6. it looks like marcus gets killed lol…cuz of this trailer i thought he was just an extra character, like carmine xD

  7. this is so emotional and the song matches it so well just like the 2nd 1!!!
    the first time i saw this was in the movie theater aswell lol

  8. lol,relax XD i got the same mind that the world would be like this soon.there is obviously other lifeforms that are better than us,or not developed or not civilise even like pesticides world.lolz.but really,we are being watched.*UFO*

  9. So are you asking if you are the only person that believes that we are in a simulation like in the matrix or something? Because that's what it sounds like, lol.

  10. No way in hell was the first one better. It had near zero plot. Games are so much more fun with plot. When you know what your doing and why. I didn't even know what I was doing in the first one.

  11. Gears 1=beautiful game.
    gears 2=lame attempt on improving Gow1

    Epic better go out with a bang for gears 3!!!!!

  12. this is the best trailer made for a game so far, and this is the best GOW game imo i didint like 2, and i hope 3 will be much better, if not, this is still classic, and a sick game

  13. @xxxSlimShady001xx toooo tru….i remember when i first saw this commercial….fking genius…made the game so much more epic to play

  14. Love it they way he keeps himself from the fight the whole trailer and opens fire at the end. Thats pure Epicness. Period.

  15. I'm a big fan of cinematics in general and especially commercials and this one is one of my top 5 cinematics and possibly favorite ad. It just does such a beautiful job of giving you the feel of the game in such a short period of time. The world is trashed and he's not trying to fight, he's just trying to freaking SURVIVE! He tries to avoid combat until at the end it's just like ….shit, open fire. And then the music choice is just the icing on the cake. Perfect.

  16. I am spending 300 maybe more on an Xbox slim 250 gb, for GOW 12 and soon to be 3. I am shitting you, I get goose bumps watching these commercials.

  17. I don't anything with Gears of War, with the big body and small head thingy that's going on. But this commercial was a masterpiece! Amazing!

  18. @xxxSlimShady001xx I never wanted to play this game based on the commercial. I did however want to buy the game after playing someone elses copy of it, though.

  19. @eng2k7 yes yes i suppose it is for my cousin who posted this comment ever since he found out my password he wont stop commenting on my account dear sir,i dont get involved in utube wars of drama but if anything… i agree with my "cousin" but i would use differint words i would say gears of war is not of my likeing god day sir!!!

  20. @xxxSlimShady001xx You do know that there were 2 other games before this one to make it….not a commercial with an awesome song.

  21. who, I am not a fan of gears of war, but man, that was beautifull, NOW I get why they take this guy for tron legacy.

  22. @erasehiot If you werent allowed to post in HD, the why'd you put it in the title you dumb shit. I just fucking love this trailer. You crushed my dream

  23. Great Great Great Great Great Great Great Great Great Great Great Great Great Great Great Great Great Great Great Great Great Great Great Great Great Great Great Great
    Just It ;D

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