Full Survivor Series 2019 results: WWE Now

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100 thoughts on “Full Survivor Series 2019 results: WWE Now”

  1. Wwe is failing the fans once again…! How about giving the fans what they want for a change weird how that works… if the people like what they see they are more inclined to view your products wwe!

  2. This Survivor Series' "Raw Vs Smackdown" became boring without the extreme, amazing, and heated moments…

    Just tellin' the truth…😉

  3. Nxt's first survivor series and they win…sd hasnt won one in years sd should have won but dont give me wrong i am really happy raw didnt win

  4. asides from the main event, all matches were pretty good. gotta give credit where credit is due, Survivor Series weekend was awesome

  5. Is lesnar boring give me a hell yeah lol. Ho hum give someone else a chance story lines with him are boring nothing changes and they wonder why wwe is losing the ratings war ?????? Aew I bet are kicking wwe’s backside around the moon right about now ??

  6. I’m unsatisfied with the result. The reason they did this is just to boost nxt. Also why should Brock retain when this man bullied a superstar’s child? That man is overrated by Vince. In 1v1s Raw or Smackdown would win but triple threat rules.

  7. Ding ding match starts, superman punch, superman punch, omg they are not going down, ducks under close line-bounce off rope spear, 123, Roman Reigns wins, basically every match Roman Reigns is in that happens he spams his finishers XD lol, like if u agree, comment if u dont

  8. NXT fans: NXT superstars get no spot-light. It's always the main roster getting the spot-light.
    Also NXT fans: WHY THE HELL DID NXT WIN?!?!

    My point is that WWE fans are fickle…

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