Free Derry: The IRA Drug War

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100 thoughts on “Free Derry: The IRA Drug War”

  1. These thugs are not protecting their communities they are control freaks who are taxing the drug dealers, and if they don't pay then, they will be dealt with and if the dealer stands up to them, they get even worse. The IRA employe the dealers, as it let's them know who's up to what.

  2. Drugs often get pushed on young adults n kids…and I can understand why these people don't want it in their community….

  3. I was in northern ireland once living of substantial benefits from its government I was driving one night I got lost in this place called craigavon city though I think city was an ingenious ploy by the ira to slaughter british troops on mass as this supposed city had many huge roundabouts no doubt installed by the ira which gave them ample time to ambush the british army pure genius the ira are . So I was oblivious to where I was in this ira constructed death maze until I drove into this ira checkpoint I was afraid first because I was thinking they were the Ulster vegetable farmers or the uvf who are racist pigs but luckily it was the ira who so kindly gave me directions back to Belfast.

  4. This will probs sound stupid but, why do people not like RAAD they don't like drug dealers and are tryna make their town drug free?

  5. I Hope Hong Kong Doesn't Go Like This! The Crown Is Common To Both Recent Flair Ups With So Called Law And Order. Follow The Money Trail Brexit Is All About Elitism And The So Called European Popular Right. Boris Is Not A Popularly Elected Official By Democracy Standards. He's Self Serving. Financial Services Is Most At Risk. No Backstop Means Deal Brexit. Oh. Dear Here We Go Again.

  6. You’ll be shocked when the Philippines is really in war of drugs but i think its a good idea

    Except the killing part

  7. Drug dealers deserve to be executed. I dont like the IRA, but i believe that a war against drugs is a good thing, undeniably.

  8. You sell drugs, you die. You're a cop and don't do your job ? Think of what you have to lose : wife, kids. You're warned. IRA is here to stay.

  9. The white you read in the comments, how about provide a actuall job to those who have found refuge within drugs, or give them an opportunity,

  10. I feel like one day there’s gonna be a Derry uprising that’ll last for weeks to come. I can imagine the guns going off, mortars firing and rpgs whizzing.

  11. 90% of Irish people want peace in the north of Ireland also the Republic of Ireland these kids were not even a born in the troubles i was my family and many more family's don't want to go down that road. yes get drug dealers out the police in the north and south of Ireland have also convicted big drug dealers who are now in prison doing years in prison i am 100% Irish why does a small number of people want to go to war who are they fighting for people from Poland Russian Romanians etc who are now working living in the north and south of Ireland peace to all we all have are own vins have a great day

  12. Stick derry in the Republic tomorrow, it would save alot of money and it's apparently 'what they want'. I suspect they'd still moan and riot though. They get loads of funding and projects paid for by the UK taxpayer, but the bogside is still full of people on the dole, waving Palestinian flags (cos you know it's just the same as the middle east) and rioting. Do it tomorrow, they would be befuddled by it as who would they moan about then??

  13. Agree 100% ,Drugs ruin lives and families.Crack,Cocaine & Heroin only lead to destruction.Kill em.
    Not sure i would shoot someone over weed though………

  14. The establishment flooding working class areas with drugs is an old tactic to break down communities. Drug treatment and education centres needed.

  15. it isn’t fucking lond*nderry it’s derry stop making it out de the the catholic’s that’s the problem it ain’t i would know

  16. But YEAH! COMMENT kinda says it all, I said user,s, I meant government and press, makes In reality. Ideal world great if no.drug's but. Treatment centers. Drugs crawl in over and over in Dublin. Wish peace more things were good.. more apprenticeships for kids things like that. Iv been a user, normAl when I was kid, seen so much death, feel really tired worked 15 years not last 5, id say please just listen and look. So many Say NO, communicate key I suppose. Hard knock life.

  17. If you are not a junkie or a crack head being a killer gets you high. Imagine the power and fear you could wield killing. Low lives. They would scurry like rats.

  18. Socialists fighting capitalist drug dealers profiting off of people's addiction, misery and suffering. Nothing wrong with it, in fact everyone should be inspired by them and learn from them. Drugs are a crime, they destroy humanity and nature, anyone selling them be shot and users should be punished or rehabilitated depending on the situation. All leftists should learn from these heroes.

  19. Ok, so just because they live here and are part of their community is not a valid reason for people to be carrying out vigilante justice, against drug dealers. I am sorry but you don't get to decide who gets to live and die. Also, drug dealers are the least of your problems over there. Really.

  20. Get squiffy about IRA suspects been held without trial. Not too bothered about a trial for these drug dealers though. Carrying guns does mean not many call out your hypocracy. British are always the villains ain't they.
    Have to say im 100% behind the idea of taking out drug dealers. They are scum. It only guys protecting their kids. Can't fault it to be honest. They badly need that in Scotland. Id welcome it in UK too. Idea started in the Philippines.
    Drug dealers just turn court cases into a mickey mouse charade. Plea bargaining and bullshit. Its just nit an effective deterant.
    Historically IRA have always controlled drugs and prostitution in Ireland. Just to make it clear.

  21. I think the issue here lies in the 'trial' of the target, which is not only lacked but just completely disregarded. I understand the argument that the establishment and courts are slow and ineffective in prosecution, but this is a question of morality. Not one soul deserves to be executed unless wholly proven of guilt and don't doubt for one second the idea that enraged community members will act in ignorance. I won't even start on the use of capital punishment here, not all victims would be dealing meth and heroine. Sickening

  22. Wow, some western europeans still have balls to fight for their tradition and freedom. Respect from Russia. And vice bias bitches suck ass.

  23. Biased documentary.
    Like the British haven’t killed more of our people and caused more harm and destruction…
    The British are the biggest zombies of all time, ask most of the world that they colonized and ravaged.
    Justice will prevail one day and they will lose another remnant of their empire, Northern Ireland.


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