Former Unified Middleweight Champion Kelly Pavlik – “Canelo stands a good chance past the 5th”

I hope it’s not asked and answered but I haven’t spoken yet about the fight Saturday. Is this gonna play.

I hope it’s not asked and answered but I
haven’t spoken yet about the fight Saturday. Is this gonna play out
style-wise the way people are saying and you’re gonna get a combustible reaction
on the ring or there’s something else that might pop his head? I don’t know and
I haven’t really been making many predictions on this. As far as how it’ll
play out yeah but you can go. it could go a lot of ways with these two fighters,
first of all with the type of power that GGG has it could go any way,
the way Canelo fights he’s explosive, he could go any way. I’m
leaning towards um Canelo in this fight I’m not saying he’s gonna win, I’m
leaning towards him. I think if he gets past the fourth or fifth round, he stands
a really good chance of winning, to me in the last two fights with GGG, he’s
gotten tired, you know, he’s shaking his arms out against Kell Brook.
He looks muscle fatigue in those fights, that’s why I’m saying if Canelo could
get to that I think he stands a really good chance. But when you have the power
that GGG does, anything can happen. Muscle fatigue is that uh is that a
byproduct of what? it could be anything. It could be over strength
training, it could be not doing enough cardio,
what’s that even if he seems like he trains his butt
off and he’s a really committed dedicated fighter, but who knows some
some guys would like that too, some guys get tired quick and fade Duilio Loi
was notorious for fading at the end of a fight. Jermain Taylor was notorious for
it. I really don’t know on that, but from what I seen in those last two times and
also another point is everybody’s different when it comes to early time you
know he’s no spring chicken. I mentioned earlier in an interview, I said
you hear somebody in baseball that’s 34 years old get up to hit the ball, they go
this 34 year old veteran, you know, that’s baseball it’s nowhere
near as demanding on the body as boxing, but your reflexes start to go, so
everybody’s different you get freaks of nature like a Hopkins and guys like that
Mayweather, which he may have time may have caught up to him in his last fight,
he looked rusty, which he was off 700 days. But GGG you know, who he may
get in that ring and and against Canelo, and his body says hey
you’re 36 years old man, you know, you’re not gonna be able to get around here
like you think. Is that a longevity due to defense, I mean it seems to be a
common denominator for the guys that we’re able to extend their careers.
It could be, you know, again but I don’t know, GGG don’t have bad
defense, he don’t really get hit that much you, know, I don’t know what people
expect is a lot, I mean yeah he gets caught a little bit in a fight, but
that’s not nothing that’s going to change anything, but the fact is he’s 36
years old too though, he’s not a spring chicken in this sport. Can Canelo
surprise him with power do you think? No no you know Canelo is moving up in weight, even if Canelo people go while he walks around 185, 190 that don’t make a
difference, you know what I mean, like he fought at 147, 154, he’s naturally smaller
than GGG. GGG fought a big guy Danny Jacobs who was not a big big
puncher but he hits hard enough and he was big that night at a fight. And I
don’t see him stopping him, again I think that Canelo has to fight a perfect fight.
I mean he has to throw enough punches without expending too much energy
himself, inches and angles get out of position or make a GGG miss, but
being position to counter and do that throughout the fight, frustrate GGG,
get him into you know frustrated where he’s expending a lot of energy and if I
could go his way. I mean I really think that and on a flip side of it, he hits
Canelo no matter how many guys Canelo has been in with, you get hit and
somebody hurts you or you feel their power if they hit you in the shoulder that brain goes
shit and starts going pretty fast you
know what I mean like, so we’ll see what happens. Don’t expect the Hagler Hearns
it’s what you’re saying? You never know though, but no I couldn’t see that
happening, could GGG could hit you hard Kelly thanks so much for your time thank

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