Fighting Continues On Syria-Turkey Border Despite Ceasefire | Velshi & Ruhle | MSNBC

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100 thoughts on “Fighting Continues On Syria-Turkey Border Despite Ceasefire | Velshi & Ruhle | MSNBC”

  1. War hoax propaganda MSNBCannibals thrive off WAR REFUGEES that they kidnap for their MSNBCannibal ritualistic dismembership summonings of otherworldly beings BTW look up ABC Caught hoaxing SYRIA war footage the other day! SCAM HOAX NEWS = MSNBCoverup news !!!

  2. News flash USA the world doesn't follow you. TPP and Paris Accord are an example of recent cases where no one followed the American lead.

  3. At this point you have to be brain dead to believe anything come out of Trump mouth. If you want the truth just take the opposite of what he said.

  4. Trump: "He did the right thing." Yeah. Sounds like it was Trumps idea from the beginning..
    And this "deal" is nearly the worst of all.
    I hope, the kurds have the opportunity to give that "good friend of Erdogan" a big "No!", who thinks that mass murder and killing civilians resp. ethnical cleansing, using chemical weapons and bombing ISIS free, are all signs of a great leader, a "tough" and "strong" man". Enough is enough.

  5. There's no cease fire if bombing and shots are still being fired! 😳"A great day for the Kurds" 🤔would be the day a lethal meteor from the heavens hit djt on the head!!!😒🇺🇸

  6. The US openly supported the terrorists for decades to weaken a NATO ally.
    The world already knows what the US really is.

  7. Alan UK (ex-Army): The Trump USA is disgraced and has lost all and Any allies. It's shocking that your SF Troops say they are 'Ashamed'. It's sickening.

  8. In Turkey there are many injustices, favoritism, pressure, etc. everywhere since especially last years. Though USA (both the government, congress, media, etc. in a body) didn't respond. Even the trials processed for money laundering through so-called "Reza Zarrab" were not finalized. But when it's come to terrorists (not KURDS!) almost everybody in USA revolted against Turkey. That tells us it's not something to do with stopping despotism or bringing democracy back to Turkey, but to block Turkey not to stand on the way paving a Kurdish state. If they would have responded against tyrannism in Turkey I could understand USA's last stand against Turkey's last operation in north-syria. But now it's clear democracy or any other humanitarian values do not pay for Americans. USA's instincts are not for democracy or for civil rights. They are interested only in the benefits of zionists. In so much that they can even defend those terrorists in northern Syria against a NATO ally. Poor Americans… You are being governed and manipulated by agencies and institutes that are fully under the control of zionists.

  9. So who invited American troops into Syria? No one. Russia is there at the invitation of the government of Syria. Turkey hates the Kurds who the US invited to fight in northern Syria. Hmmm. Go figure.

  10. Trump is such a liar and then Mike Pence goes over there knowing that it's a lie only for a publicity stunt. I can't wait for these Crooks to be gone.

  11. The cease fire is working perfectly. The agreement is between the US and Turkey, and we are not firing on each other. See? Perfect!

    Does Trump have any friends who are not brutal human rights abusers?

  12. Fascist trump and his Republican nazi party
    Boy we need to get out and Vote the old white men rich racist Republicans out of office.

  13. Only congress can declare war. If the democrats want a war they should call their congressmen and have the democrats vote.

  14. USA has not fought for good. USA needed to get a reality check. Sending our kids to fight for oil, causing them ptsd, opoid epidemic, suicides. The imperialist are finally getting their karma playing with peoples lives.

  15. Erdogan's middle finger to Pence. There's no American flag when Erdogan met Pence, 2 YUGE Turkey flags but only a small American flag on side table. lol.

  16. What did turkey want? To take territory from the Kurds and revocation of sanctions.
    What did turkey get? Territory from the Kurds and no sanctions.
    t’rump got played and US looking weak af.

  17. Isn't the area we are abandoning part of the Kurdish homeland??? I see everyone talking about how bad this is for the U.S. but why is no one mentioning how morally crippling this is going to be for the Kurds, they fought with us in the hopes of retaining their homeland and lost over 11,000 troops for us to go behind their backs and renege on our deal, if Turkey wanted the land they should have been fighting ISIS. Am I the only one who sees it this way??? I get that Turkey is an important buffer zone for the U.S. nuclear forces in the event of a Russian/U.S. confrontations but we could have moved those forces to the Kurdish homeland as a means of protecting their interests and our interests in the region. Instead we gave Turkey everything they wanted and turned against our allies, who only want a democratic Syrian government in an area that is controlled by dictatorial rulers, am I missing something or just nieve in thinking it could be so simple. It appears to me that Turkey would have had a major issue with the U.S. removing nukes from the area, lifting those forces that in my opinion are bolstering his position and confidence could have led to a platform by which the U.S. could negotiate a much better deal for the Kurds, whilst bolstering U.S.'s positions in the middle East and globally as well. As a result of this retreat the U.S. has shown a weakness and shown the global community that American Isolationism may become a reality and that is dangerous for countries that have long relaid on our over seas protection, Tiawan, Japan(who has no army to defend itself), Ukraine, Hong Kong, and the people of El Salvador that are hoping for U.S. intervention to give them a chance at a normal morally just existence.

  18. I have a question for Americans 3:00 he says that abandoning Kurds is a strike to American honor alright ok. that's understandable but let me ask this weren't Turkey is your ally and in NATO since 1952, fought alongside with US in Korea in Afghanistan etc. so even tho while Turks were saying that you are supporting a terrorist group (YPG) that killed 40.000 Turkish citizens, citizens from that your ally country weren't American support to this militias was a strike to American honor as well ? how is this justified in American eyes but it's an outrage now ?

  19. « It’s a great day for civilisation ». The truth is that the USA traveled from its founding to its Trump demise without ever passing through civilisation. USA is the scourge of the world.

  20. It's all planned in favour of turkey … 1st temporary withdrawal, let turkey attack the Kurds, Kurds are pushed back , turkey occupies the required buffer zone, America calls turkey and ceasefire is implemented.. then American troops come in again saying we came back to protect YPG… All are in place again…

  21. Nobody believes you anyways donnie. Oh yes, there is no ceasefire, they have not stopped. The rest of us in the world know we can't take your word on anything.

  22. Of COURSE the US got steamrolled. That was Trumps plan. Delegitimize the US in the region, and prop up Russia as the adult in the room.
    Right now RT news is busy pushing propaganda saying Russia should broker everything to achieve peace. It's an attempt to get credibility back after the Ukraine invasion, in the hope of being invited back to the G-8 and get sanctions dropped. Trump is doing whatever it takes to hand Putin a victory, and he knows he's running out of time to do it.

    Because if he doesn't, he knows Putin will have him Epstein'd

  23. Good for trump….the us has no need to be involved in the revolving circle of conflict in Syria….bring them home! The left wing propaganda gets more beautiful each day.

  24. All the displaced Kurds (those that survive) will end up in Iraq, the only avenue left open to them. I expect America to be back in Iraq in a big way within the next 10 years… and the Kurds will not be your friends next time…

  25. Trump and his inept admin achievements, are as fake as the cladding on every Trump hotel…all image with no substance behind it! Well, unless you count the bedbugs, cockroaches, Vermin & bacterial matter.

  26. thought pence got a signed cease fire agreement,,so pence is the modern day chamberlin,,waving a blank piece of paper,,,,,get pence out first then trump cannot hide behind his skirt.

  27. Trumps penchant for "strong men" has become suspiciously homosexual. Well, kudos to him for trying to come out in public!

  28. Turkey not against the kurds stupid western pig turkey fight pkk ypg an terrorist organisation you dumb western that safe zone are arab land seize by the ypg during isis

  29. I am afraid Kurds are beeing double crossed. Bible is predicting that in the last days a surrounded people will be fooled to that they have support , for a time they will have it "support" just for fun and mockery but will suddenly be ambushed but some will reveal it and save many lives. dont ignore God of Abraham, God of Isaac , God of Jacob.

  30. This is confusion war both too media, people, and countries. many countries will be fooled into the war, but there is someone who benefits form all of them.
    I think the real reason is the oil reserves in Israel which will make prices fall below profitable for many countries. So look who is producing oil today with profit. Norway is among them ,so Norway is with the beast.

  31. Everytime I hear Trump talk now I break out laughing! Everything he says is such a huge "spin" that has nothing to do with the "reality" of what is truly going on! Trump has now abandoned, our friends, the Kurds, to be slaughtered and he is this huge malignant narcissistic person who does not have the ability to feel others pain. All "mass murderers have this same defeciency! Someone, anyone, please get this "very sick" constant liar out of "our" White House" and out of our lives. Some of us may "laugh". However, we are laughing at his ability to look us right in the face and tell a string of "lies". However, there is nothing even remotely funny about what he is doing to this and other countries!

  32. boy the USA people like fake news. Was not a"ceasefire". The Turks even said that themselves. Glad USA is out of the picture. Time USA minds it's business. Go get involved in somebody else's business. Green-Go

  33. Turkish Prime Minister and a Turkish General just said it's not a ceasefire. But a temp pause. Reports already show Turkish forces attacking Kurd areas beyond the so called buffer some

  34. It's more like a Kurdish surrender. Syria Gov now in control of former Kurdish areas. Turkey just rolled Trump. But I'm sure Trump is more concerned about his business properties in Turkey

  35. Turkey and Isis, who Trump and Turkey released, think we Christians need Judas Trump and the Republican Party WE DONT LEAVE US CHRISTIANS ALONE you have done enough to our Syrian Christian brothers and sisters! Oh and Mr. Putin your not in control God is so walk lightly because your hands are just as dirty as Trumps and Erodogen.

  36. YPG and PKK are terrorist groups and so does ISIS . I hope Mitt Romney does not view terrorists as allies and abandon its NATO ally . What a stupid guy Mitt Romney is . What a stupid group those senator who supports the YPGs in Syria . Mitt Romney and those U.S. senators should learn history lessons of Turkey and Middle East .

  37. Wasn’t it Donald trump that announced that he was gonna have the Kurds controlling the Syrian turkey border ? When he said that the Kurds were doomed .

  38. the united states was going to abandon the kurds no matter who was in office. this whole US good cop bad cop thing is getting old. it was always in US interests to abandon the kurds after defeating isis, and do side with the turks.

  39. The only people in the world who need to be locked up in their "own country" are those who use violence to solve conflict..The rest of us can enjoy the free world in peace, love and wisdom. All those associated with modern warfare have the blood of innocents on their hands and face now…

  40. Don't call it a deal, it gives turkes easily without loosing a single blood drop what turkes exactly wants by force. This is a compromise trump used to hide his fault of withdrawal of troops from the border and I'm 100% sure it wouldn't gonna work kurds wouldn't going anywhere leaving his land to turks

  41. Another example of "winning" by this administration. The Art of the Deal, when translated to foreign policy really means "talk tough, but let the other side get what they want"

  42. From the beginning… YPG/SDF is a terrorist organisation..
    You used a terrorist to wipe out terrorist ISIS. It's not right…u know it's not right.


  44. Pentagon wanted this terror corridor to destabilize & overthrow the 5 countries surrounding it. In this order: Syria, Iraq, Iran, Turkey & Russia. THIS WAS GOING TO LEAD TO OUR LANDS BEING TORN APART. THERE IS NO WAY IN THE WORLD WE'D ALLOW THIS. CONSEQUENTLY, WE ARE & FOREVER WOULD BE WILLING TO FIGHT TO OUR DEATHS TO PREVENT IT.

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