Fight of the Living Dead – Secrets Revealed!

♪♪ Go, go! I had literally the best time of my life. – [yelling] – No! Very mentally and physically.

♪♪ Go, go! I had literally the best
time of my life. – [yelling]
– No! Very mentally and physically
demanding experience. – [growling]
– [screaming] Maybe this is part
of the experiment. – Oh!
– Keep going! Bloody mess. Give me a kiss? ♪♪ [snarling] Three, two, one! [all yelling]The production was
very smart
by having it be,
like, a 72-hour continuous thing
with the abrupt start because it disconnected us
from where we were, [snaps] like that. ♪♪ ‘Cause it started out
like where we were doing the press stuff,
and then all of a sudden, they’re like,
“Oh, you’re in the game.” We’re like, “Okay,”They put us in this
freezing bus,
and then they put
the masks on us
and those weird
animal masks
on top of the eye masks.And we were all freezing,
we’re all shaking. Then at one point,
everyone started getting really quiet
on the bus like, “What is going on?” We didn’t lose a soul. Make space, we’re coming back.
Make space. We’re all here.
We made it. Good job, team.We’re wearing
20-pound suits.
We’re wearing boots
that I would never wear
in my entire life.It definitely feels real. Um, you feel fully invested
in it, and it feels like it’s really happening.Like, you just
get submerged in it.
You don’t know what’s
gonna come around the corner.You don’t know
what’s gonna happen,
you don’t know who’s
gonna go down.
I think it was beyond
what I expected. Like, I expected this, and then they
delivered that. [stammering] It’s hard,
it’s hard mentally. I think it’s
a mental gamethat’s very, very
[growling] It is intimidating,
but I think you have to keep
a cool head. You have to be still.You have to just
kind of–
All that tai chi,
you just gotta be doing that tai chi. You gotta be swaying
with Jesus. Just sway with him
and you’ll be fine. They’re having
so much fun, and they are really
immersed in it,which, I think,
from top to bottom
on the crew,
that’s all you ever want
with something like this,
is to get buy-in
from your cast.And they are–
They’re giving us gold. I used to watch
movies like this. I felt like I was
in a movie, but it felt real. It’s–I think it’s
more than I expected because, like,
just watching a few episodes
from, like, last season,like, this is definitely,
like, more intense.
Like, more people,
bigger scale.
The fact that it
was 48 hours instead of 24 hours. OFF-CAMERA: It was 72 hours. Sevent–Wait, it was 72 hours? Oh, my gosh. See, you lose track
of time in here. So, um, we got our
first test done. – Most of the team
made it back.
– What’s up, son?! What’s up, zombies?!
What’s up?! Come at me, son!
Come at me! Okay, he was pumped.
He pumped.What’s nice about
the whole experience
is that we got to see
really good windows into the actual people
themselves. [high-pitched sounds,
laughter] When they’re in it, they’re kind of
frustrated at times. They’re tired,
they’re hungry. I hope you guys
never have to experience what
I just experienced.But they’re banding
together to solve
these challenges.That makes
for great tv. [cheering, laughter]In this game,you try your best to try
to help your team. ♪♪ WOMAN: How many cameras
do you think they’re using? Such a good question. Fifty-five…I think. God, maybe, like, 50? Officially, we had
118 cameras shooting this whole
experience. 118 cameras? Oh, my God, wow,
that was insane. That is really insane. [growling] This camera,
in addition to our six Sony F55 E and G
cameras, will be capturing
everything. [yelling] This is one of the biggest
shows I’ve been on. There are a lot
of cameras. There are GoPros
on the players.There are Pelcos
every action from the corners
of stuff
that normally a lot
of cameras wouldn’t catch.
I think probably
within an hour I’d forgotten
about the cameras. I was just focused on
whatever task. As we come
into the main area, this is where all
our gameplay will be held.We are operating
on two floors.
Um, just to give you
a little bit of idea, all these cables
that you see are various cables
from BNC power, audio cables,
et cetera.This is feeding all
the information
into the actual area
of gameplay itself.
Welcome to…
I don’t even know. We’re at some hospital
in the middle of nowhere. An abandoned hospital,
just by its very existence, is a scary place. You walk in this place, and there’s definitely
something different about it.You know?This hospital smells
like a hospital.
Feels like a hospital.You know people died
in these rooms.
There’s a real sense
of all that.
[echo of children laughing]SHANNA:And then it’s like,
“Now go to sleep.
“Y’all just killed somebody,
now go to sleep.”
Like, and dream
about what? Dead bodies locked
in a prison? Like, I don’t know
what this is. So, it’s a–
It’s a challenge, definitely.“Grey’s Anatomy” shoots here,
“Dexter” shot here.
Like, everything has
shot here as a hospital,
so there’s this pastiche
of reality and fictionaround this hospital.It was really exciting
to me,
and I feel, like, really plays
into what we are doing here. Sleeping in the hospital
was eerie.You wonder how many
people might’ve died
in this room.Who was in this room?
What happened in this room?
I mean, it was
just weird. I never, like, slept
in a hospital without being sick.Michael, our production
and his whole team
have worked wonderswith a beautiful foundation
that we had here.
It’s huge, it offers
so many wonderful,
uh, you know,
nooks and crannies
and bits for the
story producers
to kind of, um,
you know, latch onto
and kind of have
some fun with.
Ooh, there’s rats
in there! There’s real rats?! Some people were snoring,
some people farting. That was scarier
than the hospital.[maniacal laugh]♪♪ One word for a 72-hour
shooting experience: Um…splatterpunk? We were fortunate
enough to bring back our special effects
and makeup teamrun by this guy
named Tommy Pietch.
Spray, spray,
spray, spray! [loud groan,
blood splattering] Cut, cut! – [laughter]
– So much blood! It’s “Fight of the
Living Dead,” it’s a zombie
apocalypse.There’s gonna be
some blood splatter.
OFF-CAMERA: How’s that
blood taste? Pretty good, yeah. Pretty good–
could be better, but… On shoots like this,
I absolutely love my job. I can’t imagine doing
anything else.Tommy Pietch is…nutsoin the best possible
sense of the word. Bleep. [indistinct chatter] – Looking this way.
– Yeah. Hugs!While we were given
not as much prep time
as I’d like to kind
of pull together
the most interactive
haunted house for ten exclusive guests
that we possibly could.So, I went ahead
and I hired the best
makeup artists I could find.JAMIE: His team, they’re
cranking out zombies
like you wouldn’t believe.OFF-CAMERA: How many zombies
do you have to create? Almost 300. [moaning, growling] We’ve got several different
types of zombies, and they all behave
in different ways. [moaning] So, for the Level 1s, we just kind of
have you sick, you’re infected. Maybe you got
a bite wound. All your insides are boiling,
you’re rotting, and you’re turning
into another creature. Level 1 zombies
are your typicalambling zombies.They can’t really
open doors.
They don’t really
walk up stairs. Um, they’re not
terribly aggressive, but they still
are trying to get you. Level 2, they’re a little bit
more intelligent. – They have higher skill sets.
– [hissing, snarling] Sunken eyes,
exposed bone,things like that.They can go after you
more quickly,
and they’re, you know,
a level more dangerous. Level 3 is when
we amp it up to more of a, um…parasitic mutation?Super aggressive,
capable of a lotof physical activity.You do not want
to be stuck in an empty room
with those suckers. [squealing, growling] They’re very committed. They’re very, very
committed. In zombie movies,
a lot of times, the zombies don’t–
They’ll go after you, but they’re not really
running.So, if you can run
fast enough,
you can, theoretically,
get away.
Not in our world.
The Type 3s will get you. – [scratching, groaning]
– They’re right there. And they’re [bleep]
aggressive. I think to have the
three different types of zombies is important
because the classic zombieis sort of the lumbering,
shuffling zombie.
Uh, I think those
are great,
but I think modern
audiences started
to get wise to that,especially starting
with things like
“28 Days Later” and
a lot of modern zombie films
or “World War Z.”You started to see
a lot more of that
ferocious, agile,
physically-active zombie,
which I just think
is much scarier.
And I’ve seen zombies
here that I couldn’teven remotely imagine.Clown zombies,Mr. Flopsy, our crazy
rabbit zombie.
That bunny zombie thing, that’s gonna terrify me. I’m probably gonna have
nightmares tonight. I might not sleep
tonight. Hello, I’m Mr. Flopsy. Mr. Flopsy… I hate you, Mr. Flopsy. Don’t even–I don’t wanna
see you ever, ever again. Ever.There’s big zombies
and little zombies
and nurse zombies.It’s a very colorful
world of zombies. Just another day
at the office. [snarls] [moaning] [gorging, groaning loudly] Cut, cut. OFF-CAMERA: So, you guys look
kinda messy. Can you tell me what
just happened? We’re not messy. – No, yeah, this is–
– This is pretty normal. Yeah. ♪♪ This was an awesome
experience. Um, you know… we couldn’t have done it
with everyone, and this is such a cool,
cool thing to see, you know, in real life. Thank you, guys,
for supporting me. I probably wouldn’t be
doing this without you guys
’cause, uh,it’s entertainment
for you guys.
If I had to do this
and nobody was watching, I’d say “screw that,
I’m out.” It was what I expected.
It was fun. Thank you, guys,
so much for watching. I love you, I love all
the teammates. I love the fans. Thank you, villains. Thanks
for supporting me. Gameplay was so real. It was like they
were really there in that situation and
how you would react to it in a real-life situation.The whole set-up
was delivered.
That experience is,
like, awesome.
I hope they bring me
back in to help, maybe, produce one or bring me back in
as, like, the lead zombie, like, the top zombie guy. Or come in and, like,
help me, let me help put my
creative in on, like, messing with the
contestants’ heads. I need a shower,
some Sudafed, a doctor’s office,
and the Lord, in that order–Well, no,
the Lord first. I’m sorry, Jesus. [moaning] ♪♪

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