Fight highlights: Billy Joe Saunders vs. David Lemieux (HBO World Championship Boxing)


♪ (TENSE MUSIC PLAYING) ♪ God bless you both.
And still WBO middleweight
champion of the worldBilly Joe…Saunders!

100 thoughts on “Fight highlights: Billy Joe Saunders vs. David Lemieux (HBO World Championship Boxing)”

  1. When you first seen this highlight it was ok then. After a while you come back and watch again BJ looking like Roy Jones

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  3. this was a match made in heaven for David but at the same time not taking anything away from bj but let's see how he does against the top 3 in the 160 div canelo ggg charlo maybe not in that order but ya get the point

  4. Many fans want to see big punchers, but I watched this entire fight, after stumbling across it, just because I was mesmerized by his footwork and defensive skills. Wow. Lemieux was absolutely flummoxed. He just couldn't hit him. Amazing.

  5. Is BJS considered a runner? I mean Mayweather, Lara, Rigo and Ward were always called runner's while demonstrating the sweet science of boxing.

  6. Wtf!..its like d spirit of Ali came back in a white guy! Spectacular defense n ring movement…..i think this guy may beat triple g …not by knock outbut by decision

  7. These dudes are both sloppy, please tell me these guys are just middle of the pack guys? I always see boxing guys shitting on mma stand up, and then I see shit like this and I'm like what in the actual fuck is this shit? These are elite boxers? Come on.

  8. "BJS will beat GGG." have you not seen what G did with Lemieux? G landed like 2x as many punches in only 8 rounds and traded toe to toe

  9. Lemiux was that nieve thought all he had to do was turn up and it would be an easy win, hahaha got schooled and humiliated in his home town

  10. Dammm, lemiuex has to literally run to get to Saunders.
    Saunders vs Mayweather next…..
    Track/boxing Race.
    Canelo, wooped this dudes ass already….

  11. Lemieux is still crying and slurring his words. Exposed Humiliated, limited ability ideal opponent for Eubank the plank. They can knock ten bells out of each other and still be as shit as each other .

  12. If he can be as active by the 12th round…he can beat (outpoint) atleast ageing Golovkin (though Golovkin is a tricky fighter and not as easy he looks…his moves are defensive with a piston like jab simultaneously), but can't win against cenelo( even though canelo lost both fights against golvkin) , one punch from canelo and its night out for Billy…canelo and GGG both have the best Chin in boxing I have ever seen..

  13. Good performance but some of his punches (BJS) are very loopy and outside shoulder width. Canelo could exploit those looping shots inside with tighter quicker punches. And both probably would be juiced to the gills for the fight. Hope it happens !

  14. Jesus Christ.. and billy wants a canelo fight 🤦🏻‍♂️ I hope he gets it so he can get a ass whooping 😂

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