Fight at Dave & Buster’s in Maryland Heights leads to evacuation, large police response

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27 thoughts on “Fight at Dave & Buster’s in Maryland Heights leads to evacuation, large police response”

  1. Ohhhhhhhhh shit this and popeyes chicken bringing enough action and black friday hasn't even started yet OHHH MYYY that is gonna be November 29th i got it marked on my calendar.
    I'm not going but i never been this excited.

  2. Those dang Asians rioting again! No? Those darn Hispanics! No? Those darn white people! No? I know! It's only black people that cannot control their emotions, react violently at the drop of a hat, and then damn and blame other races for their constant violent dysfunctions! I wonder why the news media never tells the truth about black mob violence??

  3. My race is embarrassing, no we get treated like second class citizens at times. Nobody wants to be around y'all dumb, retarded ass

  4. Not   sure   Where  Channel   5  got  their  Info  but   They   did   NOT    Evacuate    and  Shut   down.    The   Event   happened   at   8:30 pm   I   left  the   Building   at   10pm    the   People    Involved     were   Escorted   out   and  some    left  on  their  own   when  they  saw   all  the  Police   already    Standing  by ,  Someone   had   giving  them   a  Tip  ahead  of  Time    this    was   going  to   Happen.    The   Whole   Scene   took   Place    at   Dave  and  Buster's  and   Stretched   all   the  way   down    from  the  Parking  Lot  to  the   Local       Gas   Station   and   Hotel.   It   was  a  LARGE    Crowd  of  High   School   Kids   possibly    3   or   4   different   Schools ,   it    looked   like  a   Scene   from   the   Fergusson   Riot   only   nothing   was   Burning   yet.     It   was    Horrible   and  I   hope   nobody   was   Hurt   except  the   Idiots   Involved.

  5. This place used to be clean, safe and nice for everyone. Then these creatures started showing up. Time to move white people.

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