FFXIV: Shadowbringers Warrior Job Introduction

Good day, everyone! And welcome to the Shadowbringers Job Introductions, this time featuring the Warrior. The mercenaries of Final Fantasy.

Good day, everyone! And welcome to the
Shadowbringers Job Introductions, this time featuring the Warrior. The mercenaries of Final Fantasy have received
significant changes this expansion, thanks to the overhauling of tanking actions. To start things off, we have the new and streamlined
single-target combo. Starting with Heavy Swing,
and followed by Maim, which no longer applies a slashing penalty. Storm’s Path and Storm’s Eye are now
the only possible combo finishers, as Skull Sunder and Butcher’s Block were
deemed unfit for the new expansion. With regards to AoE actions, the increased enmity of Overpower
is no longer present, making it a more appealing option for
clearing multiple enemies as an off-tank. In addition, Overpower now combos into
the new Mythril Tempest, dealing damage to all nearby enemies, extending the duration of Storm’s Eye, and at Lv. 74,
also increasing your Beast Gauge. But perhaps one of the biggest
changes to Warrior is the overhauling of their stances. For starters,
Deliverance no longer exists, and Defiance now lives on as a simple toggle
to increase enmity generation. The mitigation previously provided
by Defiance is now present as the new
Tank Mastery trait, starting from Lv. 1. To accommodate this change, stance requirements across
all actions were lifted, and their effects changed accordingly. Equilibrium, for instance,
now only provides its healing effect, while Unchained has been
outright removed, as the damage penalty of Defiance
is no longer present. With regards to their offensive abilities, Inner Beast has lost its
mitigation components in favor of becoming
the predecessor to Fell Cleave, being automatically upgraded at Lv. 54. In a similar fashion, Steel Cyclone now automatically upgrades
into Decimate at Lv. 60, streamlining a significant amount of
separate actions that were previously available. The job-defining Infuriate is still present, now holding up to two charges at a time, and starting at Lv. 72,
also granting the new Nascent Chaos effect. Nascent Chaos further upgrades
the next Fell Cleave into Inner Chaos, a powerful 900 potency attack
guaranteed to be a critical direct hit, or Decimate into Chaotic Cyclone, damaging all nearby enemies for
an impressive 400 base potency. This is, however,
not a permanent change, and these actions will revert back
to Fell Cleave and Decimate once Nascent Chaos is consumed. And, while relatively minor, Upheaval’s potency no longer scales
with the Warrior’s current health, likely due to all the changes made
to Defiance. In terms of mitigation and party utility, we have the new Raw Intuition, now reshaped into a flat
20% damage reduction and given a much shorter,
20-second cooldown. However, it does share a recast time
with the new Nascent Flash ability, restoring health to the Warrior
with every attack, and half of that amount to
a targeted party member while also reducing the damage they take. The abilities Vengeance, Holmgang and
Shake It Off remain largely unchanged, in addition to the role action
Rampart for added mitigation. On the other hand, Anticipation, Awareness, Ultimatum and
Convalescence were not so lucky. But to compensate, Thrill of Battle now also increases
all healing received by 20%. Despite their overhaul, the Warrior continues to be
the powerhouse of tanks. Fell Cleaving first
and asking questions later. But how do you feel about these changes? Let me know in the comments below. But until then…
I hope to see you on the next job introduction!

87 thoughts on “FFXIV: Shadowbringers Warrior Job Introduction”

  1. I'm down with tanks having a more streamlined, easier DPS rotation, since they have to worry about boss mechanics as well (more so than DPS and healers, imo).

  2. Love the presentation as usual! Exciting changes for Warrior albeit less engaging than previous iteration.

  3. I wonder what kind of domino affects some of these changes are going to have on class quests and Hall of the Novice. Some of them are built around requiring you to use specific skills, or combos, that are now gone.

  4. Great video! Not to nitpick, but at 1:19 it says that the mitigation from defiance is now provided by tank mastery, however, warriors lost their unique HP increase and healing increase, and gained the flat 20% mitigation that the other two tanks had while in tank stance. A slight difference but it means that there's no more differentiation in regards to functional performance.

  5. Warrior still looks to be king of the tanks at least for me. I didn't know about all the Overpower changes so whoot I can help kill adds without getting a surprise punch in the face.

  6. As so many other commenters have said, these videos are great! Super polished, well narrated, and a great breakdown of the changes. I cant wait to see the rest of the Changes videos! Well done!

  7. I quite liked the options warriors had, like changing into defiance and using inner beast for a tankbuster if your big cds were down

  8. Cool, WARs will have a 4850 potency DHC burst combo in a 16-18 seconds window. The power of Christ compels you!

  9. One thing to note is that the tooltip for Nascent Flash is incorrect in regards to in duration. It only lasts about 5-6 seconds, a couple guys (mainly Xeno) have confirmed this fact or else a warrior could easily have a permanent 10% mitigation up for a raid member as well as hp leech going on for both of them.

    This 6 second duration not only mimics Raw Intuition as a short duration but short cooldown skill, but also falls in line with the other jobs abilities and decision making as well (Sheltron/Intervention, The Blackest Night for the dark knight himself or used on someone else, GNB’s Heart of Stone on himself or an ally.)

  10. Okay, god I was still kinda like confused on all the changes and took me like a few days to grasp how this new system is going to work but this guide gives so much information and precise detail
    Thank you so much for doing these!

  11. Don't even like warrior but I definitely watched this guide becuase of how articulate, fresh and clean i knew it was gonna be.

  12. I really love how you display ability combos, especially ones that get upgraded/changed due to traits. It really helps people like me visualize how my hotbars are going to change. Thank you for taking the time and effort into making these Shadowbringer introduction videos.

  13. I already know all the details. I just come for the great presentation
    It baffles me why you weren't part of the media tour.

  14. Just dropping by to voice the same comments that have been already made: your editing and style are some of the best. Everything looks so clean and polished, it makes understanding each job's toolkit a much easier experience. Definitely appreciate all of the work you put into your videos, and can't wait to see more!

  15. This progression of warrior seems right to me. The only thing I'm gonna miss is the heal on Steel cyclone. It was really fun to pop IR in dungeons and spam steel cyclone on huge mobs and see all the ridiculous healing you got from it. One thing I didn't know about was the change to raw intuition and its shared timer with nascent flash.

  16. I think warrior is going to become super burring after this changes with the stances and ill propably need to lv up paladin cause without inner beast is going to be hard to solo trials

  17. I'm sad that we no longer have hp increase actions, love my 94k hp warrior but I love the aoe changes.

  18. I actually am going to miss Skull Sunder and Butcher's Block.
    They are actually pretty good in animation and the sound effect is satisfying.

  19. Wow ive watched preview vids from all the "big name" streamers….but this puts them all to shame….great job not just on the presentation but getting the info on the changes across simply and concisely. Keep up the good work!

  20. Thank you for these videos. Your job videos are the perfect example of quality vs quantity. I learn so much more in your 4 minutes than the 30 minutes from the bigger channels. Keep up the good work.

  21. Fantastic reviews, keep up the good work!
    I will forward your channel through discord, so much easier to understand than other guides.

  22. So what I'm gathering now is that even though tanks seem generally streamlined across the board ; PLD has strong, *steady defenses and OGCDs with strong magic damage, WAR has the best *burst physical damage and OGCDs and DRK has *steady phys/magic damage with decent OGCDs all around as long as Darkside is maintained? I only played DRK as a tank and even then was always nervous to do so without my friends but this expansion is really shaping up to enable to to go further out of my comfort zone! Your explanations of the changes help me wrap my head around classes I couldn't wrap my head around before! Thank you!

  23. The way you present information is SO clear and yet SO concise. I don't know how you do it but keep up the great work! I've been using your guides for a long time, I'm happy to see you so active again!

  24. This looks so professional, I legit thought SE released it. Awesome job man.

    One little thing though Defiance didn't offer any damage reduction. It offered increased enmity, higher max HP, and higher healing received.

    I wonder if WAR will still have the highest HP in the game

  25. I started a healer (been healing in most MMOs) but I want to relive my short FFXI nin tanking experience as i quite like it. Is ffxiv ok for new tankers? Or should i do a dps to know the encounters first before doing a tanking class?

  26. but the animation of Buther's block was cool, at least better than Storm's path. The 3 explosive vertical slashes from Buther's Block are better than, whatever that game of tag we play with the handle of the axe when using Storm's Path. Just saying

  27. New subscriber as of roughly a month ago. Your content is so informative and well produced. Keep it up and I hope to see you as part of the media tour next time!!!

  28. As much as I am sad for warriors to lose their +25% hp boost from tank stance … I can see how that will become a problem later on as we gain more HP. RIP … it was a fun ride.

  29. Gonna be weird having one stance and not two, but looking forward to the changes. Gonna be interesting. Great video btw!

  30. So it looks like we lose a little bit of bulk to gain a little bit of DPS and have a much simpler set of abilities to manage. I wonder if you could condense this job down to two hotbars now?

  31. I wonder if they will asjust Diabolos Hollow since Awareness is gone. Man does that guy hit hard without it while the shield is active.

  32. Did you mention the level 70 action from stormblood, inner release? It can combo with nascent chaos like you did fell cleaves.

  33. To be honest, I was really scared about what was gonna happen to my favorite DPS class, but it thankfully seems like I can still go ham on enemies except now I can do it without stance swapping.

  34. So warrior now no longer has self heals. Got it. Nothing unique about any of these tanks now they all feel the same but just look different.

  35. I like having the AoE combo on GCD. It's going to be much better for me to assist in downing large mobs I pull.
    Also being able to help heal a party member with Nascent Flash will be great in keeping healers alive during intense phases, and it's another major utility that benefits the party in some way other than Shake It Off.

    I don't mind losing the enmity combo with the changes being done for tanks, and I think the loss of some of those defensive cooldown abilities will actually make it easier to manage and utilize what ones stay for mitigating large amounts of damage.

    If anything the Warrior changes feel more like a needed cleanup of abilities to make for better management ingame. I see the core playstyle is still mostly unchanged by this, and I can still see myself enjoying the job in Shadowbringers this weekend.

  36. Your content is extremely high quality and gets an instant sub from me – I hope the launch of Shadowbringers brings you a bigger audience over time.

  37. Thank you very much for this video! This helped me a lot just now. I was completely lost at first but this video helped a lot. 🙂

  38. Love your voice and guide videos and now all these intro's, Fantastic i hope you do much more in the future.
    As a new ff14 player i really enjoyed all your recent ShB stuff.

  39. the stance dance was what made it fun to play , now they removed it to make it simpler seems underwhelming and easy…

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