Feminist Wrestlers Are The Modern Day GLOW

EMILY READ: The way they are able to actually unlearn being quiet and small and unlearn that forced ‘ladylike’ behaviour.

EMILY READ: The way they are able to actually
unlearn being quiet and small and unlearn that forced ‘ladylike’ behaviour is so
beautiful to behold. EMILY READ: I have noticed women in wrestling,
people were saying they weren’t as good as the men because they weren’t being given
the platform to perform like the men. They were being given maybe one match a show if
they were lucky and I wanted to provide a platform for them to be able to really reach
their full potential. EMILY READ: Pro Wrestling Eve, we are a feminist
company; we are an all women’s pro wrestling promotion. People have the misconception that
wrestling fans believe it’s real whereas every wrestling fan knows it is a performance
in its own way and it’s a wonderful type of performance to watch live and it’s a
brilliant event. EMILY READ: Well, I started watching wrestling
when I was 6 years old. There were these bright colours and there were these big, larger than
life characters and they were heroes and villains battling it out and it just drew me in. EMILY READ: I started training to be a wrestler
when I was 19. I did a year’s work to see how the industry works, learning it from the
beginning and then I was able to see where my real interest and passion was, being able
to use wrestling as a medium and run events myself. EMILY READ: That’s why I started this. I
wanted you to all have a platform and I wanted you to have the opportunities that the guys
get because it means a lot to me and it means a lot to me for all of you to be important. EMILY READ: I had a breakdown 6 years ago and I was in hospital for 3 months. I always thought I was just a bit quirky and I knew I had big numb
periods in my life and I lied on every single test because I didn’t want to be weak. By
the time I realised that maybe I did need a doctor’s help, it was too late for them
to analyse it was bipolar. Thankfully with the medication I am on, I am still me, I am
still quirky Emily and I do still have ups and downs like any normal person would. But
I don’t ever go that high and I don’t ever go that low. And that’s really helped
me get my life together. EMILY READ: We decided to re-launch Eve to
help give me purpose again because we have been able to establish that we are a brilliant
show in itself. We are now able to talk about women’s rights and we are able to take on
even things like mental health. I think it’s worth pushing and aiming high and going for that. EMILY READ: We just put on Europe’s biggest
ever all women’s wrestling show and it was incredible. Such a great audience, a great
atmosphere who were emotionally involved and connected to these women who were superstars.
They just were the show for once not just a small part of an event. EMILY READ: We began the EVE academy of woman’s
training school in February of this year. The way that everyone has bonded and come
together and the way that the women are able to use their training to just work on their
own self-confidence and their self-belief. The way they are able to actually unlearn
being quiet and small and unlearn forced lady-like behaviour is so beautiful to behold – it
really is. KATE NASH: The first thing that people say
when they hear wrestling is that it’s fake. What I found is it’s like one of the most
real experiences and spaces that I’ve like ever been privileged to be in really and I
think wrestling taught me to be an advocate for myself and how to have like strength and
purpose with my body as a women which I am used to people judging me for the way I look.
So I found it so empowering for me. I am a massive EVE fan, I think they should have their own TV show, I would like. I just believe
in what they do. I think it’s so beautiful and it’s really rare to see so much heart
in something anymore. EMILY READ: Kate was talking about glow coming
up. So I sent her a link to our showreel just saying this is where women’s wrestling is
now and this is what we have got going on. And so immediately she was saying I want to
come along to the show and she loved how finally women had control and it wasn’t stereotypes and that element of sexism with what we were doing was gone. KATE NASH: We need to like just carve out
spaces for women in all areas because we are still fighting for our rights and to be taken
seriously in many ways. EMILY READ: Running EVE helps my mental health
because it’s making me believe in myself again. It’s helping me feel like a stronger
person. I know that in my own way I am fighting to make a difference and that I am helping
to provide strong women as role models, not just through myself but through the product
I am making. EMILY READ: Wrestling is an unusual form of
entertainment and once you have seen it, and once you fall in love with it – it has to
be wrestling, like you get that fix.

81 thoughts on “Feminist Wrestlers Are The Modern Day GLOW”

  1. Barcroft does realized that GLOW, the Netflix series, was based off of a real-life promotion of women's wrestling in the 1980's, right?

    Well, if you're watching this video/reading this comment, now you know lol.

  2. I support and enjoy anything wrestling, so i see this all female promotion as something positive. Female wrestling has improved so much over the years and hopefully continues to get better.

  3. So why can’t they fight a male then? And when the male injures them because they’re physically stronger just remember it’s all in the name of equality.

  4. I'm so confused by the reactions in the comments… I get that there were a couple of cringey things said in this video, and I generally find feminists pretty darn cringey, but I really don't see what's so wrong with a women's wrestling organization. It honestly seems like the anti-feminists in this comment section are hating purely because they said they're feminist. For once I find the anti-feminists cringey here

  5. This really gets too much unnecessary hate. Sure they might have some questionable ideas about oppression but they're having fun with a silly sport. What's wrong with that?

  6. I give a thumbs up to these female wrestlers. But how are these "feminist" wrestlers different from regular female wrestlers though? They are doing the same thing. Except most "feminists" are out of shape and ugly.

  7. carve out spaces for women? sure why not become, roofers, minors, plumbers? oh wait you only want the cushy jobs

  8. I like most of theses girls but don’t call them feminists so many of them are stars in the business already don’t ruin them

  9. This comment section is a lot of non wrestling fans that will never get the business and yes it’s stupid to label yourself as feminist in 2018 but a lot of them women are stars on the indie scene every real wrestling fan respects men’s and women’s wrestling equally because they can be just as good as each other

  10. Speaking as someone who goes to EVE shows regularly, can confirm it's as awesome as the video makes it look. And the wrestling is great. Always a fun time.

    Also, funny how the most butthurt comments in here whinging about feminism and 'women can't wrestle' are all from men, huh?

  11. Not a feminist but this just looks like good fun. I grew up practicing the rock eyebrows, and trying to concentrate on firing kamehameha waves (WWE and DBZ) Eventually got into kickboxing (after determining karate was basically no contact) and did about as good as any girl in my weight class ever could, though i was the only female in the class so i had to work my way up and try to hold my own with the boys. Of course men are generally stronger, that's not sexist it's just basic biology, of course there are always exceptions to the rule. Wound up with a degenerative health issue, and now i cant even work a bag. I miss it but hey at least i can still concentrate on instant transmission?

  12. I remember that show Glow I was a Lil kid back then .. We tha gorgeous ladies of wrestling we all champion s in the ring !

  13. How many feminists does it take to change a light bulb?….ONE. She just holds the bulb to the socket and waits for the world to revolve around her !!!

  14. I'd love to go and see a show. Forget the haters and dickheads ladies, just go for it. Saw some great moves here. I'd love to see half the pencil neck's try and perform them.

  15. even tho it's not real fighting or real like Olympic wrestling, they sure must be in decent shape to do what they do.

  16. Women only? Discrimination, were are the trans People? Like the trans man that identifies as a 6 year girl?

  17. So trying to turn things around with women in wrestling? 25ish years too late. GLOW was a real thing in the 80's and it's where Ivory (WWE) got her start. There have been many female only promotions since then too. Also most Indy promotions treat women as equals.

  18. It’s not real wrestling! Same for the men’s version too! Watch real wrestling! I’m a real wrestler.

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