Father Time vs Adrian Choyce | Stupid Robot Fighting League | SO MANY LIMBS RIPPED OFF!!!

Welcome to Stupid Robot Fighting League I’m John Espin your host. Today’s fight is at Jubilee Park in Te Puke.

Welcome to Stupid Robot Fighting League
I’m John Espin your host. Today’s fight is at Jubilee Park in Te Puke during
an outreach my church was part of. Today’s fight will pit New Zealand
versus the USA. On the Left we have Kung Pow Chicken piloting veteran Stupid
Robot Father Time representing New Zealand. Father Time boasts an upside-down kettle for a head and upside-down moo-coo clock. For a body and a flip-flop for a foot the other is a mouthful. On the right we
have Hollywood fighting with a relative newcomer to the sport,
Adrian Choyce. Adrian Choyce was designed in part by Adrian Choy from the USA
representing Robot Riot. Adrian Choyce is a poor cyborg replica of Adrian Choy
and even features chest hair. Adrian Choyce is sponsored by our
friends at Captain Groom if you’re in the market for some male grooming
products check out the link in the description let’s go to the taunts…
Hey hot stuff! What’s up cutie!? Round one! Okay the fight is underway Kung Pow Chicken with Father Time on the left representing New Zealand and Hollywood
with Adrian Choyce on the right representing the USA. Did you see that
first punch into the face of Adrian Choyce? It just reworked his face into a
different shape it was amazing. sent him flying back and that’s what I love to
see absolutely love to see. Keep an eye on the graphics on the bottom left
and right at the screen that will keep you up to date on what has been ripped
off with the Stupid Robots. Okay they are working each end look okay. So look at
the graphics bottom left bottom right. Looks like Father Time and Adrian Choyce
have both lost and arm. So that’s that’s a great start but did not a good start
for… Okay Kung Pow Chicken, Father Time on the Left have just lost another limb. So
if we look at the graphic oh it’s just he’s just lost a leg! So he’s down to one
leg already we can’t be too far into the fight. See the camera get booted there
and now it’s… I’ve only just noticed and we’ll stop the fight and we can see that
the jandal (flip flop) on the left hand leg is not attached to
anything so he’s just getting instruction to yep get rid of that. You
can’t use that anymore mate. So New Zealand is currently losing and the
limb count is looking really dodgy for New Zealand. But if you look at Adrian Choyce he’s still got three limbs left so he has a fantastic opportunity to
work the face of Father Time. Maybe the beard can’t help him so he’s lining up
for that beautiful shot into the beard. Smiling a bit there Hollywood but I’m
sure you’ve you’re gonna build up all the violence that you can. So 56 seconds
to go on the fight and there we go, so Hollywood’s trying to get that good shot
into the face of Father Time but hitting a jiggly… Oh that was a good shot right
there into the schnoz of Father Time. So how is poor old Kung Pow Chicken is
really sort of lost on what to do with one leg left. All the glory of being able
to our punch Adrian Choyce in the face is gone and now he’s just sort of yeah
New Zealand is not looking in good shape here. So if you look at Hollywood he’s
trying to get leverage on the neck there try and get the old metal fatigue going
with the wide joints and yes yes two good shots there and Father Time’s beard
has started to fall off and oh no! Look at the graphic at the bottom right of the
screen and Adrian Choyce has now lost two limbs almost at the exact same time
the lightning is flashing on the really cool two-dimensional animations
that I made for that to let you know what’s going on. So it is currently a
draw this is quite dramatic really you don’t get this sort of destruction every
day with Stupid Robot fighting. And so this is going to be a put in the boot
competition who’s got to put in the best boot. Now looking Adrian Choyce’s only got
a hand foot which is quite light and he should be able to get better
speed on the boots and so there’s a few seconds left the camera just got booted
again and you can see Kung Pow Chicken has a heavier foot at the end of his at
the end of his pole there so that means that it’s a lot heavier to hold up. And
quite uncomfortable on the leg and that is the end of the fight ladies and
gentlemen I’m going to do a limb count. And Father Time is missing three, That’s
for New Zealand and Adrian Choyce the USA has missing three limbs as well so
that’s a one to one limb so that is a draw and that’s quite disappointing I
should have really gone for sudden death. Hey thanks so much for watching till the
end. You know you can grab yourself a Stupid Robot Fighting League t-shirt
like this one really nice pretty look at the pretty t-shirt you can grab
one of those for yourself if you’d like to support the channel at stupidrobotfightingleague.com then that will link you through to our merch store. Hey I
hope you have a really nice Christmas or a Happy Hanukkah or a really nice
holiday and thanks so much for watching and keep safe out there and have a
really good new year. As always thank you so much for watching.

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