Family members attacked: WWE Top 10, Nov. 6, 2019

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100 thoughts on “Family members attacked: WWE Top 10, Nov. 6, 2019”

  1. :08 – Undertaker attacking Kurt's Brother shouldn't count – he was part of the plan the night before Survivor Series.

    2:04 – Lothario doesn't count – he wasn't an official wrestler.

    3:40 – Boss Man on Big Show is questionable?

    3:44 – Bob Orton shouldn't be on there – he was part of Randy's Plan.

    4:19 – Randy Orton punts Cena's father in 2007 should have been #1

    What about McMahons?

  2. Kevin Owens: hits Elias gets banned and fined

    Brock lesnar: viciously attacks Dominick, who spent real life dollars to watch a match and gave the company money do upgrade their wrestling and items vince doesn’t really care

  3. I can't believe that they did not include the time when Stone Cold gave a stunner every every member of the McMahon family.

  4. The one with the bigshow is the dumbest he runs on top of the car and he falls of it crying the car was
    Going 1inch an hour speed

  5. What about when Ted Dibiase attacked Dustin Rhodes… oh yeah their going to delete the Rhodes from history because of AEW

  6. There could be a Top 10 list of how many times Cena’s Dad has been attacked, that would be a delight to watch

  7. I like how Brock was going for the f5 but changed it to a ring post back breaker and a body slam (probably thought if he’d f5 Dominick he’d probably killed him

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