EXCLUSIVE Chase Center Tour (Golden State Warriors NEW Arena) 4K

Alright, what’s going on YouTube! It’s your boi Gillynova and welcome back to my channel! I’m here with Kevin and.

Alright, what’s going on YouTube! It’s
your boi Gillynova and welcome back to my channel! I’m here with Kevin and
we’re going to go to Chase Center in San Francisco. It’s gonna be the first time
that it’s open to the public so I want to make a video out of it and hopefully you
guys enjoy. So this is actual where you can sit and look at it. Wow, that’s cool. I can hella dig watching game right
here. We have a voucher for food! You do?! Yoo we f*cking made it with the camera
guys! What’s up guys! What’s up YouTube! Where the hell did this guy go? He’s wearing Kings. I can’t miss him. This is hella sick guys. Hopefully you guys experience this soon. Oh my god look at this right here. People are laughing at me. Come over here we’re
gonna check out the concourse! This the 100’s. So we’re at the 100 club and let’s see. There’s a lot of bars and right now then it also says we’re gonna
get free food so I’m pretty excited for that. We’re hungry, we didn’t eat yet.
Damn, alright guys if you come here wine is $12 and beer is $14. This is mind
blowing right now! Okay sodas have free refills just the guys let you know
what the prices nachos are nine bucks popcorn is seven bucks, chicken tenders
and fries is fourteen bucks hot dogs is nine dollars. What else is here? Beer 14 bucks, wine is 12, sodas 10 bucks But it’s free refills though. Check out the 2000s I feel like this is going to be a Kevin Patterson vlog honestly. It’s mostly of him. Is it? Basically, I’ve been following
you the whole time so… hey Kevin wait Kevin but we’ve got free food and drink
vouchers and we’re about it’s now we’re going to be able to check
out the Oracle Suites check out the places that we can afford.
yeah while we can. nice bathroom let’s go check out the bathroom guys all right so
this is the suite level bathrooms there’s no one here so I’m pretty sure I
can record this is hella nice. Alright guys.
This is pretty nice pretty I’ll never like experience this because this is too
expensive but hopefully one day I can Don Nelson when he was skinny Alright, we’re here in the suite level. Kevin is in the other side. 16 seats in the suite and yeah, this is
the view Yooo, the theater luxury boxes/
This is this is super nice this is probably really expensive like all the
celebrities are gonna go here all their rich billionaires in the Bay Area whoa. This is super nice guys Yo, forreal. Where am I? This is a super rich area like Wow haha all this free food Whaaat? These are expensive ass seats. I think these are more expensive than the seats down below nah dude for sure this is this is where
all the celebrities and billionaires will go to I’m shook YouTube. This is
super nice. There’s not that many people here so I don’t know if they experienced
it. But you know what? I got that YouTube exclusive for you guys We’re going to the upper level right now. Hey, it’s all food up here too We’re trying to find Kevin’s seats. You’re in what section? Section 211, row 2 Honestly the food selection is fairly priced. There’s Mango Cart in the fridge. Oh my god. Yeah, there’s Mango cart here. But if they
have White Claw here then they’re in the times. Yeah, upper levels pretty cool. It’s
very spacious compared to Oracle. What, is this you? The day when we walk down! But these are Kevin seats in Section 211
row two Seats one and two. If you want to say
what’s up to him. I don’t know if he want to be bothered. Should we put that up YouTube? Yeah and this is a nice Kevin’s pretty lucky. Kevin’s this is
nice. and we’re just following you So you’re new? I’ve been doing restaurants Is that a microphone? Yeah. Hey! How’re you doing? Peace! We just got a free drink we met one of Kevin’s season ticket-holder neighbors and they
offered us a shot but we didn’t take it because we had a voucher and shout outs to that
guy, I forgot your name Alan. I forgot your girl’s name. It starts with an M. We’re
gonna get food right now. Where do you want to go I got the Golden State this is 18
bucks normally. Phew, but this is pretty good so we’re now chilling. We only used one to
food voucher and we got the chicken tenders and fries as you can see earlier and
shout outs to the lady that gave us free food and you know So the pizza is 11 bucks if you guys are
interested it’s pretty big I think it’s worth it if you guys are
interested in considering a game

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