Erin Hunter Introduces WARRIORS: Omen of the Stars #1: The Fourth Apprentice

[MUSIC] Do I have a favorite Warriors book of mine? I think The Darkest Hour, which is book six in.

[MUSIC] Do I have a favorite
Warriors book of mine? I think The Darkest Hour,
which is book six in the main series, is my favorite book. Cherith wrote that one for me,
and it’s absolutely brilliant. Every word is perfect,
the story is perfect. It has my favorite death scene in it, and
also it has the scene in which Firestar receives his nine lives, and
Cherith just brought that to life. In terms of personal favorite, that
would be probably Warriors book three, Forest of Secrets. Because in it,
when I was writing the prologue for it, I wrote about a cat who’d given up her
children for the sake of her ambition. And there was so
much real emotion there and so much adult sadness that I thought if I
can write a series with themes as big as this in them, then this series
is going to be extraordinary. And it turned out to be true. Do I have trouble writing the scenes
in which characters are hurt or killed? Never, [LAUGH] never, ever, ever. They’re the best bits. ‘Cause really,
I’m not actually killing cats. No, I don’t have to practice on real cats. And death is such a great source of drama
and such a great source of emotion. And all my deaths,
they happen for a reason. They serve the story. And also, you must not forget that I
have StarClan, so when a cat dies, they’re not gone forever. I can still use them in stories,
they’ll just be on a different plane. What do I think is
the saddest Warriors scene? I think it has to be Cinderpelt’s
death in the New Prophecy series. At the very start of the book, we see that
one cat is told that she is going to die. StarClan have a very sad conversation
with her in which they say, we’re powerless to help you,
but we will be here for you. And that really struck home with me, because I wrote that when I was
diagnosed with something quite serious. And I was able to put all the feelings
I had, that the doctors were actually helpless and that so much of it was
just down to my personal integrity, and how much I was prepared to fight and
put in. And so
I’ve put all of that into the writing. And fortunately, I got better. Unlucky for Cinderpelt, she lived the whole book with this
knowledge that she was going to die. She didn’t tell a single other cat. She’s very private. And then, of course, she did die, having
known all along what was going to happen. So although though I do enjoy a good
death, Cinderpelt’s did touch me. What is next for Warriors? Warriors goes on and on. As you all know, I’ve already started the fourth series,
which is called Omen of the Stars. And in fact, books one and
two are finished already. I always write way ahead of
the books that you guys get to read, which can make it
difficult when I’m on tour. Because I’m promoting a book that
I finished maybe 18 months ago, and I always forget what happened. So in Omen of the Stars,
we’ve moved forward half a generation. We still have Jayfeather, Lionblaze, and
Hollyleaf featuring as main characters. But this time, we’re using slightly
younger cats again as well. So the gap between the two series is
not as long as the other gaps between the series because there were still
a lot of questions unanswered. [MUSIC]

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  1. Ok so you sit here and tell me there is a reason for why cats die well tell me why did Spottedleaf Yellowfang Bluestar Stonefur Feathertail Tallstar Mousefur Longtail Ferncloud Dustpelt Honeyfern Hollyleaf Seedpaw Firestar Sorreltail and Cinderpelt have to die :I I bet you cant tell me because THERE WAS NO REASON!! Although I kinda get why Cinderpelt died ALTHOUGH it was VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY SAD I MEAN LIKE VERY SAD WHO ELSE CRIED WHEN THIS HAPPENED I MEAN LIKE RLLY PPL.. But she always wanted to be a warrior so i kind of get it. But not really :L

  2. I just thought of something while I was eating a banana… Ok so what if she made a book with Tigerclan Lionclan and Leopardclan like if u agree 😀

  3. omg my kitten was called cinderpelt and he got a heart infection and had to be put down 🙁 any ways my question is; is it hard to be a good story writer? as I really want to be one…. thanks from aaliyah

  4. To me the saddest death (spoiler in Bluestars Prophecy and Forest of secrets beware ) Will be Moonflowers, Snowfure, and/or silverstream… The reason not Cinderpelt (spoiler) is because she was reborn and we knew she was going to be noticed.

  5. Can you say this for Erin? Shouldn't there be a group of cats that would keep star clan and dark forest at bay?

  6. Dear Erin Hunter,
    Me and my two friends created our own story and we want to ask you if we can publish it when its finished.
    Your friend Lindsey

  7. Erin hunter, one question………………….. is there REALLY gonna be a warrior movie? Please answer, I will wait forever for the warriors movie and I still don't know if it's gonna happen, but, why is tigerstar evil? Does he want revenge?

  8. yeah really is there??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  9. Erin Hunter I just finishing reading HawkWings Journey and His mate, PebbleShine, was caring kits. When they where passing the ThunderPath it said that the Monster took her away. Does that mean that they Killed her or the Twolegs took her? Please tell as soon as you can. Thank you!

  10. This isn't erin hunter btw erin hunter is a colabalation of Four writers Tui sutherland this writer and other writers but great video

  11. My opinions on some death CATegorys

    Death scene-TigerStars .
    Saddest death scene-Silverstream, mosskit and yellowFang
    Cat most deserved to die- TigerStar, or brokenstar

    Death I didn't really care about-RedTails

  12. Erin you are the best but i have had a jealousy problem of Brambleclaw becoming Bramblestar, Hollyleaf killing Ashfur, Brambleclaw having kits with Squirrelflight, Squirrelflight choosing Brambleclaw as a mate over ashfur, and squirrelpaw meeting brambleclaw, for the last 3 years, I have read fanfics where ashfur is squirrelflights mate, but I still get the jealous feeling, plus, Sandstorm and Firestar being mates ( which made Ashfur squirrelflights half uncle). When I didn't even know what warriors was, i saw a Squirrelflight, Ashfur, and Brambleclaw video. And even though I didn't know the story to them, I rooted for Ashfur the very start.

  13. I actually never read the books all the way, like none of them, i just want to read the pages with Graystripe, firestar, brambleclaw, tigerstar, lionblaze, hollyleaf, jayfeeather, squirrelflight, hawkfrost, and ashfur

  14. Everyone- calm down.

    If you keep on moaning how you want a Warrior's movie, why should you if you're going to be impatient?

    It would take a while to develop. Let's say this movie is an animation movie. Animation takes a lot of time, even for professionals. Including breaks, it would take almost one year only to create fifteen minutes. So it would take long time.

    Another thing is how much money this would all cost. It would cost a hefty budget to hire, get the art, time probably adds more money. I'm bad at estimates, but this won't be cheap.

    The next point is the gore. Let me give Tigerstar's death as an example. In the books, it's kind of gory, buy y'know, okay. But as a scene? Not unless they want this to be 13+, they would have to cut out a lot of scenes! The added problem makes this harder to hire the animator.

    The final point is, what point of books would this be set, or would it be like a series? More money needed if so. If not, would it be the first series? Second? Power of Three? Omen of the Stars? You get the point.

    So now do you see? You never know, they might be making one now.

  15. I know this video was put on here 9 years ago lmao but why would it excite you to kill cats in these books?
    I'm a huge Warriors fan, I first read these books in middle school and I have recently graduated from college and I just re-read all of the books in the main series (minus the Vision of Shadows arc, though I did read The Apprentice's Quest for the first time last week)
    So…I love these books and I love the characters, please don't kill them anymore lol

  16. My favourite out of the ones I've read so far has to be The Sight.
    The most tragic part for me is Hollyleaf's death because I read the Last Hope on a PDF and my friend was reading it with me and we both teared up when she died. Because we have known her since kit-hood. Cinderpelt's death I read at school with a friend and we both just rage and I shut the book and hit myself in the head with it because it was the second saddest deaths.
    Having a cat die of Feline stomatitis would really hit me at the heartstrings because my lizard died of something similar called Mouth rot. Maybe having blood clog their throat and the medicine-cat having to rinse their mouth out and keep their head and throat tipped down and one day they go to check on them and their dead. When they check they see a big infection in the gum under the lip.

  17. Please in the last book make fire star meet half Fox half cat named star which is all orange with black tips on her ears Orange bushy tail with white in the tip and four black Paws with green eyes

  18. May I point out a few things?
    1. Sandstorm is Brindleface's kit. So is Ashfur. Sandstorm's kit is Squirrelflight. This means Ashfur attempted murder of Firestar, Jayfeather, Lionblaze and Hollyleaf because his own niece didn't love him back.
    2. Cherrytail and Sparrowpelt are siblings. This makes their kits, Hawkwing and Pebbleshine, cousins. And guess what? They had kits.
    3. Please explain why Spottedleaf's Heart exists.
    Thank you.

  19. Its like Harry potter, one movie for one book. There are so many series and books to make 1 big movie out of warrior cats. There can be a show (maybe) but remember, it would cost so much money. You would need voice actors animators, editors, etc. I can see a show, not a movie.


  21. Jesus Christ. I reacted with "wait what!? oh my god noo!" 10 seconds after she said that cinderpelt died. idk why I didn't realize who she was talking about. Mannn, too much spoiler and barely halfway the video. Gonna watch it in the far future xD

  22. I got a oc i really want it to be real if Erin even reads this put my oc in books that's my biggest dream!!!

  23. Erin Hunter, you should write a story of horses called Travelers. I made a character that is a white mare with a pretty white mane and has a pretty blue rose in her mane. Hear name is Sarah. (Like this comment if you agree)

  24. As real fans of the Warriors books know, Erin Hunter is not a person, it’s a pen name taken up by 6 women collectively. The woman in this video is actually Victoria Holmes.

  25. I wish she could make a book about the adventures of grey wing up in in stars with the other cats because every time I read it I cry and it kills meee!!😭

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