Episode 62: Serotonin: An Agent of Averageness

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awesome we enjoy but uh but anyway so no hard feelings they were just fucking
around but we want to dive into a I always have to be the nice one yes he’s
he’s a nice one is we’ve taken this objective versus constraints thing that
we established many weeks back and now we’ve kind of been hitting that point
along each step of the way now yes with everything else you’ve been doing it’s
coming up now back objectives were serious this is our biggest problem that
we see in explaining while we talk about so
traffic communities that is the objective based mentality and how much
it’s affecting you were surprised me the most immersive X the medical world yeah
even at the high level yeah because now the more I start to study the high-level
stuff the more I’m like but that’s not how this works
yeah yeah like this or like this or I think maybe it’s an academic stuff
because no one there’s no other system more built on objective and the academic
world you have to give a paper or you have to do this you have to do that you
can and I think yeah admit it you get a score you get a gray exactly right good
and this one and we know the economics flow don’t work mix well right and I
think the the so far removed of the practical application because of that so
I think there is a tremendous flaw in even a high level of the maker world
because of that because of the objective mindset yeah
and we had a conversation of traffic community about brain serotonin that I
think underlines exactly the problem yeah I think there’s a fundamental
problem is how people see brain serotonin and what it means from an
objective versus constrained perspective so that’s what we’re going to talk about
today brain so Tony yeah what is brain serotonin Joey right ok there’s regular
serotonin right start with that these two types of serotonin this is the
serotonin producing the body and no one producing the brain
the reason they on say so 95% of the serotonin is producing the gut in the
Antioch nervous system that is a known set of neurons the reason that certain
in cannot go to the brain is because he cannot pass the blood-brain barrier
yeah right so that means that the brain needs to produce his own serotonin so
what does it in the brain is a node a part of the brain called the RAF no that
that is related to the second rhythms that’s the part of the brain where the
siscaly rhythm takes place that’s where our brain serotonin is being produced so
that’s what serotonin is if you google brain serotonin
what you will see mostly from very interesting website is that it’s a
molecule of happiness you will see serotonin equal
happiness serotonin the happy chemical years is all this is a molecule of a
penis taser I’ve seen their cool designed to pose thou now in these some
of these things that are we were looking up here the other day it was like it was
very interesting to the words that they were using because there’s always this
semantics argument they always hate when but like we talked about with this
convergent mindset when things become objective that’s right words fucking all
of a sudden really matter so everything’s gotta be reduced down
exactly what so let’s talk about that because that’s a very important problem
that’s gonna define the whole podcast is an objective mindset so what are we
talking about public TV assess constraints the podcast we did that
comes out of the novelty search form artificial intelligence and we talked
about a book that is called why greatness cannot be planned that you
should all read it’s actually very easy to read and it’s from computer science
and it’s a very very interesting idea that was showing that a search based on
objective always fails yeah it has to be based on constraints not objectives go
back to the podcast and what happens when you have an objective based search
is you end up with a convergent mindset which means it has to narrow down to one
cause at the end it’s or always works like that
it’s a ridiculous reductionist mentality where you start with a big base and then
every time you one step closer up to the truth whatever the fuck that means
you’re doing good so it’s a good versus bad mentality where the constraint based
is not this is not good and bad is what works what it’s better or worse yeah
right one step closer or not whereas objective mindset there’s one step
closer is good one step further is bad the problem is nothing is life is a
liner you’re saying sometimes you have to take a left before you can really it
doesn’t work like that and so objective based search always end up in a dead end
because it’s a ridiculous mindset that always end up with an oversimplification
of a problem that is more complex than we’re willing to acknowledge and that
leads you into a dead end dead end every single time in this case to what
they were using we reduced the terminology all the way down right so
where they would say exactly a recipe they would say that the
serotonin has been linked with happiness or linked right so they they indicate a
relationship but the scope of the entire thing implies causation exactly my
instead of correlation exactly like I’m like but you’re using word that you have
to fucking use this says they are related right that’s all they’re say
that’s all this yeah and that’s what they should say yes but the way they are
phrasing it implies causation and that’s what the problems and because then the
the next frankly human logical step is well yeah well then I mean anymore brain
serotonin exactly right because that’s so the problem is what we talked about
the good heart slowing of economics when a better measure becomes a target it
ceases to be good measure the way they’re looking at brain cell Tony it’s
a measure of dominance to a large degree and I explained what I mean by that but
if you make it a target then it’s not a measure of dominant you just gaming the
system this is like the bonus for the company well we talked about in a
podcast where suddenly you get a great bonus but it doesn’t benefit the company
huh guess what you’re gonna kill the host it doesn’t work like that that’s
objective based stuff it doesn’t work so that’s something you see in the medical
world and what does it matter because that prediction is mentality has led us
to use we like worlds and the medical world love worlds but the problem is
soldiers for example a pharmaceutical world and what they’ve done with that
that objective based search is they’ve game the system for example what do I
mean by that this is antidepressants right that is
not fucking true like itself to invest a lot of them let’s say Prozac certain
invest is an antidepressant that’s not you
it’s a less depressant like we need to establish that from the beginning just
like they fucking lying to you see but that’s how that’s how the problem
happens is they own you by using words that imply things that are just plain
not true well what if taking or taking bad and turning it into less bad is
going to feel relatively because even if you are some image but relief is not a
happiness yeah so if
bang my head against the wall real hard for five minutes and I stopped I’m gonna
be very happy that I stopped I’m gonna feel awesome why because I have a wave
of relief coming through me that’s not happiness well I mean at that moment it
is but that’s what they are selling you is that it doesn’t hurt as bad that’s
happiness fuck no no no no that’s that’s not that’s not too bad so let’s talk
about in fact a present for cigarette this is a very good podcast on Jorgen
with that dude that English journalist the one that sounds like Draco Malfoy
from high water that British dude like slightly feminine awesome dude he talks
about walls it’s been everywhere it sounds like Draco Malfoy
I have no is a recent last year two years oh you know yes but it’s it’s so
good because he goes into the problem is drugs and then how to treat it so
socialization everything but then he goes into antidepressants so I find it
interesting because that Sofia obviously I’m very close to bit so for example
they say the number as well we’re showing you that people had taken Thai
depressants ad whatever your percent of people say they still depressed they
still feel like shit they just not as bad they went from a 10 to an 8 so
literally there’s a number of for it because this is a graph a questionnaire
that they give you for depression that is go over 52 and taking taking those
antidepressant I see make you go up 4 points on the scale or some shit like
that honestly love 152 yeah whereas it was a
three or four that’s it but like a full week of good sleep was you were going up
by like five or six no it’s the most stupid thing ever it’s the it’s the King
lie it’s that treating symptoms think that you see all but they’re not even
know you know what it reminds me is the cleaning stuff when you were talking
about the addiction clinic you saw her percent success rate that’s what this is
people I go off by the way when people start on antidepressant how long do they
stay on it what happens when they come off how many of them cannot stay off the
oppression without being on the pill can we talk about all this like because
those are not antidepressants so they are less depressed let’s talk a little
bit about what that mechanism can look like as that progresses right so
somebody taking antidepressants what’s happening for being right pacified it’s
a learning system yeah so a lot of this and we’re gonna explain how that works
but a lot of this is a very specific synthesized ation of brain shelter in
the brain that goes through the age whatever if it comes up to the port
where that particular thing is actually treated as a drug because it’s a slight
dip not sick stuff it’s a dampening system that the brain has and we’re
gonna explain all this but it’s a dampening system that all stops so it
makes you go from a 10 to an 8 so it makes allows you to it’s basically makes
you less happy less sad yeah so if you’re depressed and you have a symptom
of where you’re depressed you’re sad you feel like shit it’s gonna make you less
feel like shit yeah just like you’re gonna so instant
it’s not gonna make you stop hitting your head against the wall but it’s
gonna it’s gonna make you hit your head against the wall less hard
so therefore you’ll feel better you’re still fucking hitting your head against
the wall you’re just not doing it as hard as you were before is that progress
and I think well technically yes but why are we having this conversation and and
so with defining that is kind of that generally how that’s gonna trend how
let’s establish then what depression right so the problem right now is what
is called is saying that depression is a chemical imbalance in the brain like
it’s just not producing enough brain serotonin so that’s the problem so if we
give you brain serotonin it fixes depression well as though we know
depression so the more we study this them the more you see that depression
you know Vegas now we talked about this many times it’s a behavioral issue yeah
right so the biggest problem with this is emotional balance right I have a very
very strong feeling because depression can be very strong where you’re like but
as basically it’s not necessarily like the intensity of anxiety but it’s still
a very strong feeling about what it does to your life your self-esteem and all
that stuff because it’s been a while I want to reestablish the emotional
realms like so emotional balances that’s all the intensity of the emotion besides
their own size meaning if something is like casually
frustrating you’re probably not gonna learn that less you know can I spend
that mission tlg on it but the thing that makes you just lose your goddamn
mind well another visually a command to don’t
pick this up yeah right but by the way Ellen so works about the good stuff yes
if you know you know you feel awesome that did you do what I thought did I do
and how do I do that again yeah right that’s well yeah the addictive mentality
comes in and all that stuff like so it makes you look for patterns what do I
need to do to get that and you’re going to learn to be really good at it really
fast this is why addicts to score our geniuses yeah the shit they’ll make work
in order to score is absurd yeah so that’s emotional balance so the
strength of your emotion decide your learning rate if you use something that
is a damp dampening mechanism that means you are reducing your capacity to learn
right so that means that let’s say example you your life is not exactly
what you would like to be so you’re depressed about it you take you find a
way to increase brains out and in pills or food and certainly you feel less
about your life yeah you feel like your life is not as bad as you thought the
problem with that is your life is still the same yeah he hasn’t change it is
just as bad as he was yesterday the only thing that is different is how you look
at it is that a progress is that progress its progress if you can’t
change it yeah but if she could actually act on it and change it for the better
then you’re increasing brain so turning through means like food or pills will
stop you from acting on it mm-hmm because you won’t because the emotion is
not high enough because it’s there specifically to dampen that which is
what drives and people if you don’t always miss under it’s like we talked
about learning rate learn it’s like you know learning that as the concept that
is what progress is that is getting stronger is that is what all of this so
good or bad yeah it’s better or worse so learning is better there’s no good or
bad here there’s only better and that’s what learning is so people will say yeah
but they’re freaking out they just need to lower a little bit the second you
lower a little bit your body knows that if you do more of that you’ll why would
you not go to more like everybody’s always like yeah but let’s
give them a little bit and then that way it will allow allow them to learn on
their feet and from there they’ll be able to work on their lives yeah except
in never fucking works yeah that’s the addicts with methadone yeah no this has
got high on methadone and then it never it the rate is ridiculously low of
success because this the second you open that Pandora’s box the second you say
get a little bit of that you’ll feel better but now go work on the stuff you
don’t like why I can’t just take more that and feel even better why would I
not take more because it’s an objective based mindset and that just fucks you up
and so that’s the problem is that’s where we’re gonna talk on this podcast
is my biggest problem is they are equating brain serotonin and happiness
well it’s not that are all that is not what brain serotonin is and he’s so
fuckin dangerous to mess with it yeah and I think to take it one step
further so we’ve taken this from a antidepressant standpoint right yeah but
that’s only to understand the mechanism of depression and kind of the mechanism
of brain to attack do pharmaceutical yesterday which will take every
opportunity to do every single time you’re lying to you and that’s not
conspiracy Julian Tyler oh yeah plain line to antidepressants alone is not the
correct oh good do you know that they’ve figured that shit out by drowning rats
and actually do not hiya kid you not and then they were giving the
antidepressants to the rats and the one that lasted the longest that starter
should get made I kid you not yeah so 0 why because it’s deputy make
an exam tomorrow freaking out as much so that’s to take that as a water it’s an
external chemical that you’re taking it’s going to do that right you’re going
to ingest a thing right the schillingers right so are we get are we there yeah on
the carbs you want to talk about the new Jess ok so how do we produce
yes okay so let’s target and the system will get into the fuel and nutrition
right all right so like do weeks do we go into dampening our latest explained
brain serotonin hi rule works first and then we can explain the mechanism to
produce it okay right because for example we saw with the brain cells so
let’s explain what brain sultanan is exactly I think we should start with
that what we saw for example is that in alpha
males no chimps but macaques I say the French way we say macaque he’s probably
not the wisest I saw it and I was like I don’t know what this word is I think
it’s a monkey yeah remember the rock what I googled it I just didn’t Google
how to say it it was a trap when the rock was is in Brazil and
chasing like the other dude and he’s facing down with a face that big yeah
anyway baboon dudes I know the macaque anyway I got different kind of monkeys
those were actually worse anyway I know a lot of you say shit macaque the alpha
male macaque has twice as much serotonin as the beta males he’s been tested it
doesn’t work with the female but it works o me standing outside says well
you just need more serotonin I’m an alpha male exactly so they tried that
they took V yeah and there’s a problem with that mentality and I’m gonna
explain that with the lobster they took the better they remove the alpha male
and they tested the beta males the second they became alpha then there’s
not on anyone up so they fought their way to dominance exactly and so this is
a problem with the idea of we add brain serotonin therefore they become stuff
and this is exactly the core of the issue let me use the lobster on that one
that’s something dr. Peterson drawing Peterson talks about all the time
a lobster two lobsters fight when the lobster loses it becomes a loser he has
less say Oh Tony because they have the same neural stem something based in that
sense that we do and he actually exchanges its portion it becomes a loser
you give him serotonin he poor shows up like he worn again like he’s far more
aggressive posturing is a team is it but he didn’t make him a better fighter
exactly you don’t want makes him a better fighter size of his claws he’s
training not in the case of a lobster but his capacity to fight all that stuff
Shelton didn’t change that so now he’s posturing or aggressive guess what is
going to go back up there he’s gonna get his ass kicked again
right so you know what happens if you give sale turning to the beta males he’s
gonna have his dick swinging to the alpha male say hey what’s up and he’s
gonna get even for lunch exactly and then he’s gonna get fucking either
destroyed or killed yeah because bread so – Dean does not
make you a better fighter yeah so you know what produces brain serotonin
dominance yeah dominance so why does a alpha male produce brain serotonin right
because that’s the key why is dominance producing brain certainty because people
are are saying so let me look at it a different way what does bring certain in
also does for example on human it kills territorial aggression mm-hmm right but
so that’s wheel because the alpha male certainly has a substance in him that
kills territorial aggression you would think it’d be the other way but no
because and when you see brain serotonin produced do any acute stress so that’s
weird because you will think being on the in it so that’s how it works what
happens doing acute stress you spending an in 8 amount of energy doing active
stress to fight as the flight mode for humans you produce cortisol which
liquefies everything to give you energy and everything there has to be a way to
stop all that stuff from happening because otherwise you would die from
spending too much energy yeah this is something we talk about all
the time called the freeze mode it’s literally there’s a part of your neural
stem to the dorsal vagus nerve which the cranial nerve that is in charge of not
letting you spend that much energy because this can be destructive to other
functions right the brain serotonin is a dampening of that when IQ stress raises
then you’re gonna have that brain so turning that is right there just to shut
the acute straight off before it reaches levels are so high
burning up a bunch of energy on something that maybe can’t be managed
that exactly so right so you have the beta male there’s a beta male need
aggression hot yeah cause he’s trying to aim for dominance for the top he needs
the aggression to get there so he has less serotonin but what happens when he
gets there life has two phases expansion and consolidation right a beta male is
an expansion phase is looking around going like
need to get to the top yeah so I aggression leave them there better
stronger more cola stuff yeah we spending a lot of energy doing that by
the way it gets to alpha male is that agressivity serving a purpose anymore no
that’s not what good leaders are so what he needs to know now it needs to
consolidate right it needs to become that calm leader and start cause now he
has to lead and all that stuff right to do that that aggression that energy that
is spent to get there is not the right way to go anymore so what does he do it
dampens all that stuff to allow other pathways to be created to become a
leader or an alpha male and that’s when the brain serotonin comes in it’s a
dampening system and that’s what you see being released in acute stress right but
also in the lobster also because it allows you to remove all this there are
moments of some sort of a victory some sort of dominance right it all makes
sense once you have two minutes that means you have which to you know the top
the apex of the stuff that’s complexity to its max expansion is don’t now you
start to enter the consolidation consolidation does not require the same
level of aggressive eg on the contrary a little that stay that aggressive is a
tyrant always get yeah but then it gets removed so that’s what you see alpha
male so you see that in Freud boys the top of the heap has more brain sultanan
at the bottom but you see some monkeys well actually it’s the opposite where
the top of it as as less serotonin why because those are structured or society
that I require more fighting at the top than others yeah it’s almost always
coming for you right it’s not in aggressivity so either so it’s that’s
why it’s fast easy securely right but that’s why I found it fascinating
because I looked at the brain serotonin you could see basically the opposite in
two different types of monkeys yes but then one monkey at the society based on
when you’re at the top everybody’s gunning for you the other
one wants once you’re at the top you are the top fat boys once you’re the top
these rules in place no one touches you yeah so they can have more brains so
turning if you’re in a structure that requires you to have more aggressiveness
at the top because everybody’s gunning for you and you’ll have less brain
serotonin so that shows you that the link correctly brands you’re tuning in
aggressivity but making sound aggressivity as a bad thing
and in making some like the brain serotonin is your savior it depends on
the fucking situation and that’s it is is like I don’t want to say that
territorial agressivity is good but he’s nobody there it’s not bad yeah it’s
efficient there is brain serotonin so so so so to say like certain is good
because it reduces territorial it’s like well depends on what’s needed of me at
that moment because that’s the that’s the stuff they make about depression is
like a Britisher brain sultanan you’ll be less aggressive but what if you
fucking hate your life no you’re not supposed to be like that about you
Morris at that moment you’re with emotional balance is that that intensity
of the emotion should rise and rise and rise and rise around a change yes to
become exactly what we do we dampen that outside of making people compliant in
the system to go back to the factory setting uh you know to cool it you it
you take you back to a factory so the idea that brain serotonin is good
that’s a convergent mind sector that’s a toy that fucking objective mindset
there’s no good or bad is better or worse but there’s never good or bad
brain serotonin is good it depends on the situation like again if he kills
territorial aggression if you chose aggression do I want to kill brain cells
I mean when I trained it because I want my question when I yeah and if you train
hard enough fuck no well of course because that’s going to kill that means
territorial aggression is a definition of the fight mode yeah by the way right
so that means that you kill territorial aggression what would I want that not if
you want to train in the way that we’re talking about we’re working by the way
I’m always studies now whatever you need like we’ve talked about that you need
that fight model you need that need intensity you need a high sympathetic
response to get muscle gain fat loss quality digestion and sleep if that’s
not expressed you know by the way speaking of that these are link between
the fight mode and the production of testosterone right so if brain serotonin
lowers the fight mode then you will have effects on the production of
testosterone as well yeah so who talks about having comes all the time people
they have artificial means of testosterone mm-hmm often yeah and they
look at the guys that when people are taking advice for them exactly right but
maybe they don’t have an issue for example then then I’m gonna explain
why carbs in that case could lead to a dampening of the signals dampening of
the fight mode that could actually lower your testosterone I don’t know about
that cause we have known the studies but I would love to do the studies but the
who tells you Cubs for training is great that’s buddy bullying that already take
testosterone what if for people that are not sure that’s actually a bad idea
Yeah right because the people at defend like the brain sultanan stuff if you
look they either don’t train all they take they take stuff stay on on the side
cause me I testing the difference okay I can totally tell that I don’t want that
and we went into we go into the carbs connection to serotonin okay because you
have to explain how we produce brains Hilton but that was my opponent but it
it’s like so when serotonin act as a dampening agent so when you see it you
see non acute stress you see it for example in a case of dominance but it’s
the same thing there was an article I wasn’t with a worsening like red co2 in
increases increase or two leads you to dominance and like no posturing does not
lead me to domina spot showing it’s me gets me mask actor or the very sort of
get you in the fight that you better have the tools the wind right so but
increasing when filtering does not increases you your skill as a fighter at
all you don’t want increases your toolset behavior training or all that
stuff so that’s the problem is then The idea of that increasing brain
serotonin leads to dominance is the wrong way of looking at causality. It’s
the other way; dominance increases brain serotonin, not the other way around. And I
think that’s the core of the issue right there. An objective mindset means
people think, “All I gotta do is increase brain serotonin,”
No. You’ll be able to posture. You’ll be able to feel better, but the world hasn’t
changed. You know how the world changes? Through behavior. Never through nutrition. You’re just changing the way you
feel. That’s the problem. I think fundamentally, people misunderstand what
brain serotonin is… It’s a dampening agent. It dampens the
signals, so whenever the sympathetic kicks in ___…. it brings it down. And by the way, sometimes it’s necessary. So should you increase your brain serotonin? Sometimes…. Should that be done through nutrition? No.
It should be done through behavior. What kind of behavior
increases brain serotonin? Light, actually has been shown to do that, so light is a powerful mood regulator because it blocks the reuptake, and there’s
numerous reasons for that… There’s sleep, obviously.. So chronic
levels of stress will not have the same effect on brain serotonin that acute
stress does.. How funny is that? Because behavior-wise, acute and chronic stress is not the same. One where you need low serotonin
with chronic stress because you need to fucking change your life.. That’s why it’s
chronic stress, because it’s a pattern that just keeps happening that you
need to change. So the learning rate has to stay high. Acute stress, if it goes
too far you need you need to _____… To me, brain serotonin is an agent of
freeze. It’s an agent of homeostasis. Freeze is being used all the time for homeostasis, when you start to to spend too much energy, shut it down.. Because you’re gonna start taking the
energy away from stuff you NEED. So brain serotonin is an agent of freeze. So does it make you feel better? In certain situations, yes…
But then the question is, “Should you be feeling better?” “Have you earned it?” it’s the amino acid has to cross the
brain the brain the blood-brain barrier in order to get to the brain we’re in
the RAF node it’s going to be turned into brain serotonin the sultanan that
is foolish in the gut cannot go through the brain the brain the blood-brain
barrier to were fuck three words to say actually they could be out in it which
would be worse but still it’s not it’s not easy so the key is a tryptophan
going through the blood-brain barrier right there’s a problem the tryptophan
is a weakest amino acid when it comes to that
if any other amino acids and there’s a lot of them mm-hmm I’m gonna sit I I’m
not really telling um because I don’t remember exactly so eleven I think was
24 I know that I’m putting a room to my 11 I made up no you’re mine too I mean
it was I remember anyway he loses so there’s a small gate all right and
basically all the other amino acids win are gonna pull it away on ya so that’s
why there’s a lot of protein based food that have tryptophan in it but because
like turkey well I said turkey increases brain serotonin efficiently doesn’t
because there’s so many other amino acids in Turkey because it’s a it’s a
protein that when it gets there everybody’s gonna go through before the
tryptophan so it’s not going so that’s why doesn’t increase bracelet earning so
there are only specific situations where that tryptophan could enter it can enter
basically when is the only one at the gate so you couldn’t just purified
tryptophan with nothing else and then you could actually enter because nobody
other gates oh you could have a system that takes all the amino acids away from
the gate to somewhere else that the trip for fun can go through and that happens
to be one which is insulin an insulin spike requires all the amino
acids to go to well the muscle to rebuild the damage that was done for
example or stuff like that right and leaving the tryptophan to go through the
gate by himself and then he can produce brain serotonin but that shows you that
nature found that nutrition is a very very poor way of gaining tryptophan to
the brain yeah that is so that literally it’s just
there’s no easy way there’s no no it’s so we it shows you
like nutrition is not a proper by the way out of all that tryptophan that goes
in a very little percentage actually is transformed into brain serotonin so the
brain serotonin synthesized ation is actually very very efficient and it
needs actually very very small quantity there and then behavior allows for
better synthesis ation of that the idea that you can use nutrition to force feed
the brain tryptophane in order to create a brain serotonin response goes against
what nature is telling you I should be done
has ten different ways to behavior to increase tryptophan sensitization to
brain serotonin and one fuckin pathway to get the fuel there the substrate
there and most of that shift oven is not for that anyway so no matter what if you
shove the tryptophan in you’re gonna have other stuff happening left and
right that doesn’t that never has been taking into consideration one we talked
about brain serotonin so the whole thing is telling in nutrition is is a very
improper way so that’s why carbs even if they don’t have carbs even if they if
they don’t have to toughen in it will increase the the brain serotonin
concentration because the insulin spike that the Cubs create allowed to pull all
the other amino acids away right but first of all there’s a price to pay with
Cubs which means you jack up the sympathetic reaction because in some
sleep it’s essentially but I probably think we’re it’s almost like stimulant
use it’s um it’s a stimulant comes our statement yeah actually affects the
simple thing you have a semi so stimulant but because the brain
serotonin is is program where so I part of the brain to RAF node where the
circadian rhythms associated with certain rhythms always associated I want
to run into causation means you can put someone to sleep like that
remember it’s a dampening system so you’re like all high like you’re here
and then it makes you fall apart so what if that’s the reason you crash after
sugar mm-hmm because you got a massive insulin spike you get tryptophan into
the brains safe kadian rhythm kick in want you to sleep right I will have to
be tested but suddenly maybe it’s not we say it’s a blood sugar crashing may not
be that simple yeah yeah there’s a lot of things right and I always thought
that the the crashing of the sugar was a freeze mode moment I think that’s why I
think brain so Tony is an agent or freeze so anyway you have the Cubs even
without tryptophan and he basically activates it starts with the part of the
brain actually be circling with it it could put you to sleep but that’s not
the question the question is are you not going to sleep the question is do you
have a full night do you have a night of quality sleep did
you have your deep sleep your REM sleep did that’s the true question instead of
we’re just gonna put you to sleep but put you to sleep
I can choke you out I’ll put you to sleep too you wake up probably wait
but even so which way we’re treating brain certainty like it’s a sleeping
pill mm-hmm but why are we always dealing with what is the behavioral
issues with our food or pill we have two stops abstaining nutrition it’s like you
said behavior gets that conversion behavior no convergent mindset yes
exactly immediately has to render service right now which is why you bring
up anything like we’ve noticed you bring up something about maybe you don’t need
to be fucking with this many carbs I know maybe you should try get out all
the and the solutions well what about brain cell and it’s like exactly whoa
what about when soap what about it what about like what are you saying
and and so it just never it never went anywhere because they’re not saying
anything that’s the thing so you know what a coherent mindset does is behavior
is that complex of an issue right but bread serotonin is that small I’m gonna
go to the small island and it gives you much less to be responsible for not to
and it gives you a trick because if also if I tell you you shouldn’t have carbs
for a month and your response is the fucking flip out and argue about how
you’re not it’s like alright well I you you like you said we have this entire
behavioral thing that’s presented in front of you you can’t navigate your way
through your normal behaviors and a month without having right boy but like
if this was out if you remove carbs you would put 100 percent of your problems
on the fact that you weren’t taking carbs that whole time you know and it’s
like and so you’re just looking for that one thing yet so that’s you found one
reason you want to hang on to your carbs which is not the reason because you’ve
never felt you’ve nobody knows what like it feels like to all of a sudden now
it’s oh that’s the serrator you don’t fucking yeah it’s actually so like so
yeah you feel a little I don’t know that the whole thing seems unscientific and
fucking like a big fat excuse an excuse so late but like because look at them
let’s talk about sleep and dominance yeah two important sub
quite let’s say glucids put you to sleep of that but basically to go to sleep
what you’ve done is you fuck with your circadian rhythm so first of all is that
good sleep right with deep inner and second of all you fucking with your
second in rhythm you think there’s no price to pay for that Yeah right
so then third point is why are you not sleeping well in the first place that
might be that big of a problem because your behavior is by the way stimulants
during the day too much coffee too much booze your fucking head your life you’re
stressed out you they’re tricking you into sleeping might work for one night
but that’s all this is it’s a trick and you by the way the price to pay for that
trick as well and but you can’t think oh yeah it worked that’s it I’m done know
that we’re going back to antidepressant well man eight instead of a 10 so I’m
better everything is cool right it’s just there’s a number of beers if you
start to do that thinking like I’m just gonna basically crush myself gomez
freeze myself into sleeping you’re not acknowledging the massive amount of
behavior that needs to change for you to be able to sleep and even if we look at
nutrition that you’re you can ignore the fact that you have carbs that you have
caffeine that you have sugar and Joella because you found a way to crash
yourself that means that now you open the door to do whatever the fuck you
want during the day no and not pay the price for it and think you’re not paying
a price fight after fees are much less severe version of is drinking yourself
to sleep every night but guess what you’re the lobster who’s posturing now
yeah but you’re still gonna get your ass kicked yeah so you what you’re gonna
have comes every night but at some point getting the body doesn’t living like
think – two hours of good sleep less than what you should be getting Oh every
night there’s a fucking storm coming you know what I mean like it’s whatever run
all you want but it’s common and again you’re killing the fight more every time
you do that you think you don’t do you think that’s you’re not gonna pay the
price for that yeah it’s like and again like only shit that you do during the
day that not you you’re kind of getting away with you think you’re not gonna pay
a price for that either it’s a massive complex you sure that
you’re allowing yourself to basically going into a rejection
mine said so they can sell you something plus the risk of having or fight
capacity diminished over that don’t you tell you what to do that alone is bad
but but also talk about what that can do for injury risk for Christ’s sake the
moment when your basic level of arousal if you will into an exercise the what
you are bringing to it is at 100% or whatever and that 100% now is much less
than it was a year ago because of all of this stuff this lack of your coverage by
speaking of that happiness what if you read filtering dampens happiness
remember the only way we’re looking at it is to dysfunction depressed people
are we’re only looking at less dysfunctional right and we view that as
more happy but we look at yeah but because we look at the press people but
what if we were to give antidepressant to really happy people okay what is one
of the problem like going back to testosterone what some of the problem
with Prozac you can’t get your dick up anymore do
you guys know that you can’t get your dick up on Prozac he cuts all yeah that
alone should okay so how how any of this is acceptable either
I am so baffled by all this yeah on Prozac you’re done right so how about we
if it’s antidepressant we give it to very happy people and they should be
even happier right guys perfectly good working normal boners now they don’t
work if you’re very happy and I give you antidepressant but because it’s a
dampener it’s some humans right we don’t talk about because we only look at
depressing is better yeah yeah but babe it’s being a more average it’s not the
same thing as being better I think it’s important to reiterate what you said
about absolutely ever holds back towards homeostasis exactly what what that
happens whether you’re extremely happy or extremely depressed what’s gonna
happen is they’re just we’re just gonna pull it a little back towards this a
mental compliant interesting right yeah that’s but that who wants that yeah
right so that’s the problem so now like I don’t want so that’s my my test that I
did with the nuts and everything well I you know it’s like 10 15 bazillion nuts
and everything and my sea level of energy went down suddenly I was kind of
curious because I was making the argument for the last two days I was
like let me try this I did it yesterday two things first of all my see I I felt
not depressed but less some of my energy level so I was like I don’t like it I
want straight to the gym couldn’t get my heart rate under 120 on the optical
machine at 4 which is nothing then couldn’t get my heart rate on the 100 on
a fucking bicycle at one barely pedaling why because the Cubs acted as the
stimulants so goes to the heart sense of self everything but on top of it burns
out Tony melon me down and I totally want that I’m extremely I’m extremely
high promoting reiki through the roof I don’t want to dampen the motherfucker
yeah I don’t want that I want I’d so that’s what like the Cubs
I’m staying off so that idea that brain serotonin is good it’s complete bullshit
it depends on when mm-hmm talking about dominance dominance
requires what it is such a complex stuff yeah right the idea that brain serotonin
increases dominance is the stupidest idea ever
what fucking metric are using for dominance short of right when we’re
talking about people okay so dominance let’s say you can even if I get brain so
Tony now walk in the cage I’m gonna beat the guy in from a minute certainly these
two forms of the minutes the physical and neurological ones right so you have
one of these expansion and in aggression I need to fight I need to win then this
consolidate consolidation everything when so train can help in consolidation
because it can calm you down so you can think learn better on everything but
when is when emotional balance means you cannot learn without the strong emotion
why would I want to dampen strong emotions since then when the
diminishment learning rate so we really want then essentially like so the
they’re saying dominance servant oh no that’s that’s totally correlation
there’s no causation and that was far worse said no and so causation is the
other way yeah so minutes causes but so that that’s the key right it’s like so
you you’re not gonna get serotonin and achieve dominance whatever that is in
your suppose but if you choose dominance then you’re gonna get win so Tony you
know what the difference is one was that chief behavior
one was behavior the other one was nutrition and that’s the core what I’m
trying to explain is yes you should increase your brain so Tony through
action because behavior because you want more brain serotonin achieve dominance
in your field study move will be good very and dominance means getting better
or not not achieving the top and that’s where we say here when we’re saying that
like you know brain cell phone we’re saying it’s bad I’m not saying it’s good
no but we are saying a misplaced boost in brain serotonin talked me there’s
consequence yes yes and and it’s just like I think I think anything that can
be perceived as a reward if you will you’re gonna be that way you know what I
mean like right like we just buy your kids fuckin whatever they want all the
time and see if your kid grows up to be an asshole they probably will yes like
you need it like a kid a good dog doesn’t just fucking get up and get a
treat that dog wants to do isn’t be on the outside it feels appreciated or gets
to sit it learns to trigger gets what a dog wants to do yeah dog doesn’t just
want to go get the treat and walk away yeah I learned that that she’s
interesting with my dog he likes ice cubes he’ll puke up any other fucking
snack would give up yeah ice cubes he can do and he loves but when my wife was
gone for a few months I just like was like here so fucking ice and I would
give him two three of them well she would do this thing where she would have
him do this whole routine it rested on his nose and he would get excited about
that he loved ice yeah the original a couple months with me he’s got the Ice
Cube I’m like I go away it isn’t over shit well he never gave a fuck about the
ice cube what’s his favorite thing there’s nothing to him because there was
no action exactly there was a this is a thing that I got exactly its behavior
and I think that’s the most dangerous thing we do everything we do now goes to
food uphill like we can not create anything anymore so behavior every time
people talk to Stas their own don’t change you behavior
inject this toaster on but that means that your body won’t produce it to stop
sales so that means now you’re hooked on it forever
guys when they start on TRT they are thought yeah you will take it to rest
your life yeah right because imagine how hard it would be to bring you could but
many gonna be hard it’s gonna take a long
time to so yeah I mean so now you want mob right brain so Tony for what why is
it not there in the first place go ahead she dominates what dominance
just means go get very low it doesn’t mean go dominate someone it just very
learning yeah it could be but not necessarily demeanor just means you’re
getting better that’s what the learning process takes away depression and
anxiety in that sense because you’re watching dominance you’re learning
you’re increasing the complexity of your system which is what life and evolution
really wants you to do anyway but that’s the idea is you just moving the stuff
forward but let’s do it through behavior this we have to stop doing it through
food and peer yeah what you there’s a difference between nutrition and
behavior and I think that that line is being crossed way too much in order to
sell people stuff the pharmaceutical industry sells pills that in that that
that is there instead of behavior and those are already in the field sales
food well instead of the changing behavior so those life hack bullshit
stuff if at least you’re talking about life hack your your life to behavior I’m
with you no I’m with you because those things I think make a difference if we
have to stop doing it through food and pills that’s the key like you’re nowhere
back hurts you take pain killers guess what happens
we know you turn to heroine you died of overdose you were at best your lower
back doesn’t get any better any better it gets worse because and guess what now
you’re moving like there is no problem so imagine if you have a 10 in IDs right
and if I use if I use pain and injury people will understand far more than I’m
gonna use which I find very interesting imagine you have pain because of an
improper movement pattern faulty movement pattern you’re pressing
incorrectly that starts to give you pain in your elbow you start to have with
tendinitis right that the knee is eventually is going to turn into a
rupture of a tendon or something like that right what you need to do you need
to move correctly what if I give you a painkiller right at me that’s going to
allow you to keep moving incorrectly even more often which will result event
a major injury taking away the pain the tendonitis is not taking away the faulty
movement pattern it’s not taking away the injury that is coming yeah right so
the painkiller has been as substituted the stuff that you should get from
behavior the amount of people that I there’s a small town that I’d know who
were to get any injury and they would get basically painkiller injections and
with a back injury it’s like you’re coming back in my fucking gym to train
at this and you’re not right like I kind of want you to have some of those pain
signals because they exist for a reason and let’s work with what does it hurt
and let’s progress those signals away actually until we’ve won this fight
instead you take this shot now from the doctor and you come in all cock strong
and you fucking fuck your back up again and well now whoops now well now so we
have to we have to all agree there’s a difference between you getting a car
accident and you broke a bone you reset the bone you take painkillers well yes
I’m all for it no but you come at me with a faulty movement pattern and
you’re in pain no you can’t take painkillers because then you’ll never
change the problem yeah right so that that approach that I think people
understand you have to understand that the same is being done to you is
nutrition mm-hmm you are using stimulants because you don’t have
passion for for this stuff and on the other side of it is we have you know but
we have what we’ve talked about with medicine pharmaceuticals and health and
fitness industry that is pushing things this specific way with this very
objective based convergent mindset as a solution if you will or to ever for the
betterment but on the other side of it you also have the the food industry the
restaurant yes that is that is very much has a lot at stake and people getting
behavior and food here mixed up because they have a lot at stake for you like
being like I feel happy let’s go eat something let’s go do this or all right
oh I should do this I’ll fuck it let’s just go like so yeah because that means
what that means any insulin spike allows you to feel less shitty about
your life so that means people I have lives they don’t like so let’s say you
have a very repetitive job especially either mentally or physically and
everything you and the other of the day you feel like shit cuz you don’t the
same stuff for eight hours and everything
you would give anything to feel less bad all I got to do is create an insulin
spike yeah here’s some carbs and sugar yeah insulin spike oh I feel better no
you should feel less shitty about your life Yeah right which is can be very
tempting right but and I don’t fault individuals for being tested by that but
when you have an entire system and until your society that now is building a
model where don’t worry we got something for that do you guys understand where
we’re going with this where we’re going is we gonna GMO the fuck out of every
food and put prozac in it no that’s where we going like let’s put prozac in
every food so that no one feels bad that’s where we going with this shit and
that’s where the nature in you know roundabout way that’s where the
nutrition industry is pushing a way to fix your behavior so nutrition all they
are doing they are not giving you the skill to get better they’re just giving
you making you feel better about it and that’s what the sale turning comes in
it’s a dampening system it’s a freeze mode so this this big take away from
today as I look through all this for an application thing I’m having on the
ground thing short of like you need to maybe like be a little more mindful of
what decisions you’re making should be action based and not food based yes that
seems like that seems to be the route or we need to start but and I think that’s
the base of this chunk and I also think it starts with we talked about this a
little bit how when people then start chasing that serotonin first it
essentially with food and anything that’s not behavior it starts to mimic
drug abuse the escalation the secrets all that stuff so I think in this case
you don’t often treat drug addicts while there’s two using and so I think like
we’ve talked about with one of the best directors of Novak’s November is that
like alright so make it worse before it gets better
it may you may get more angry you may be more tired you may be but that’s the
point yeah that’s to throw up the show put the
shit down and I think the biggest thing you can do for your life is separating
nutrition and behavior food pills and behavior like you have to
know where each fit there’s a place for painkillers but it’s not for every pain
is a place for nutrition it’s not for every problem there are certain things
that you need to change through behavior do not let them sell you food or pill
for that stop using food or pills to make you feel better about situation you
are supposed to change what you want drop that like exactly was pretty good
so well I think that’s a good point to wrap up we got through everything I
think I think it’s a mostly hiltonbock and that’s something I’m very passionate
about because I believe it’s the true nature of a lot of ills that I see
that’s been at the basis of it’s actually been it’s it’s been like in the
base of all the nutrition stuff that you’ve been working on anyways it’s
always pointed towards that yeah we brought up food and behavior before and
some people always surprise because they go like but like you’re not adding this
and like actually I’m taking away yeah no need to deprive yourself kind of way
but I’m really what I’m doing is I’m taking I’m taking your nutrition fixes
away yeah yeah so that’s kind of wrapped up today yeah that was good I say what I
wanted to say somehow good this was the most fun perhaps we’ve had to do in
there on one because normally we can actually hit like when you point a point
B and Point C and work away whereas here we had to make there was actually a lot
of points we had to cover right and then the tryptophan and everything because
the reason we cover like this is because there’s so many guys out there that are
covering the brain so turning as a excuse to have carbs yeah and I’m not
talking about the guys on the community I’m talking about top people some of
them are of a famous online newspaper that are using it as a way to promote
carbs as saying like you’ll allow you to sleep at night and stuff like that I
don’t understand why this is a pro cab and pro fat faction going on
people need war for everything everybody needs like I’m not yeah I mean like like
I I’ve told people I’ve caused when you trained by the way if you have comes
when you train you’re gonna have to be careful because if you have too much of
it’s owned in spike when zero turning comes in again and that might not that’s
even a problem so if you train hard enough the insulin spike won’t happen
because acute you know like with the that kind of a stress of a high training
session it will block the insulin spike but if your sugar wins then your
training will be shit so that’s why you see some people have sugar when they
train they still crash yeah so if your fight mode is high enough the insulin
spike won’t cause a massive amount of brain serotonin because you won’t have a
big enough insulin spike to do that but if your training is not good enough then
the insulin spike will win and now you have brain certainty which kills the
fight mode so yeah you’re gonna go either way with the sugar so that’s why
I like carpooling better specially know that I do it anymore but back then
because he was like rice and stuff like that so the insulin spike was less so
with a hot training session it would bring everything down and I will I would
still keep my fight mode so you’re gonna have to be careful about how much sugar
you get in your training session because at some point the initial in spike is
gonna take the fight yeah and it will take the fight mode away yeah and that
doesn’t mean also that that fight mode is not going to be there for you at that
moment either it means it’s just not gonna be you which means then gradually
it becomes less right okay so that’s the second problem too is you by using the
sugar on the carbs you go out trigger in your sympathetic reaction right a fight
mode that can be counter balanced if you have too much of it so it’s about its
but even if it’s a balance as you said it’s not you so that means if it’s not
you that means you’re not producing it but more importantly you’re not learning
to produce it you know progressing and progressing eventually that’s gonna run
into a problem so I think like it I’m not expecting people do it in in 16
weeks but took me 16 months to get there but I think it’s a goal that at some
point you are able to do your life with no stimulants no fixes whatsoever no
carbs no sugar or no caffeine on how you want doing what you want you who you
want to be being who you want to be being you to be you you need to remove
all those outside sources because again it’s not that you’re weak mentally it’s
just they affect for example they affect the heart and the heart goes straight to
the sense of self there is no conscious decision
that you can take that anywhere blocks any of that from happening
those stimulants go straight to the hog hog goes straight to the social brain
and the testing a team network and there’s nothing you can do about that
there is no amount of rational thought that you can have for the mindset growth
stuff and everything that will change that fact so when you start pummeling
the heart your permanent your sense of self and that is separate from the
conscious rational thoughts that you can have so there’s a danger out there I
think the best thing of rap would be to you better check your sense of self
before you wreck yourself I like as soon as I heard those I think I’m like it
alright anyway so you can get everything else is strong calm that’s the post
voice that won’t come how fuck alright like do we get to say before you riggidy
wreck yourself are we gonna connect it okay should shake your sense of self
before you wreck yourself I think it’s awesome strong feet calms got all
seminars so the seminars the workshops coaches weakest are all gonna be there
strong field equipment calm and you sandbags shirts that shirt this is
favorite perfect the this guy here strong foot one on Instagram Tyler F and
so on on Instagram with rare Barracuda okay 32 we’ve got podcast how strong fit
count calm for the podcast support page and this is the community on Facebook
and Julian’s corner calm I’m just trying to get I think there’s only like one
segment of this that involves any way that they can give you money at all for
anything that you do and as soon as I go that Julian’s like we just skip this I’m
just I’m just listen to the jørgen podcast I widow is watching on YouTube
actually listen to it yes fucking four minutes of commercial
at the beginning I did not know that sometimes it’s almost twenty yeah I did
not know that it’s actually as a matter of fact I think that’s changed in the
last year on Rogan because his platform has gotten so big to where he doesn’t
have to do this 15 20 minutes shit in the beginning like he used to because
now for four minutes he can charge what he used to charge for 2015 it’s crazy we
will never do that no no no skip I will if you put you said I’ll
$500,000 in episode you have yeah okay a hundred thousand days you I’ll go is
four minutes four minutes till the big guys to keep them anyway yeah exactly I
don’t get it and then you needs that button the words they’re like this and
the worst thing that podcasts do is the ones that are kind of comedy podcast
they’ll do ad reads in the middle which also no understand which I also
understand from that point but not for us what can’t it but what’s funny when
they do them in the middle when they drop them in if you’re gonna do that you
need to just have a pre-recorded thing that you cut in for 30 seconds and get
out and I’ve seen ones where they sit in there they do an ad read and they kind
of fuck around and try to make it funny but the problem is the whole thing’s
kind of skippable yes I don’t need to care about online gambling websites we
wouldn’t add them then but it’s 20 minutes of an hour podcast them kind of
riffing on it and I’m like there was ruin to do that and no no no like a yeah
you look like that all the way of doing business what I find very interesting is
this is like the commercial in the US where every seven minutes of a movie of
a commercial real that old-school stuff podcast exactly what they told you could
not work exactly it’s two people talking to us we in for three hours yeah one to
three hours everything they told you we never work
it’s not done professionally there’s no studio there’s no CGI though is not
shooting you know like is not coming with the storm did that’s exactly what
they told you will not work and that’s what is the number one like TVs dead its
YouTube because of podcast now and you can see actually what’s happening with
with podcasts that you know Spotify just announced whatever hundreds and hundreds
of million dollars they’re putting towards developing their podcast
platform but you know how they’re doing it their game and they have fucking and
their what their I would describe is one of the innovators in the new space of
how music works right and they’re doing fucking podcasts the old and worst ways
so what they’re doing they’re taking all this huge money and they’re investing at
some like they’re basically just paying celebrities to launch their own podcasts
and doing a ton of money at it in high production it’s not interesting it’s not
good and it’s all short form and it’s expensive and it’s like you give me a
guy who’s fucking like just a funny guy with a dirty mind and an hour of running
his mouth don’t give him any money it’s exam that
fucking shit will be way more funny than I’ll shit on a podcast that I thought
was gonna be good there was a Ron Burgundy podcast they hired Will Ferrell
to do a podcast like I think 30 minutes to an hour I don’t know how often as Ron
Burgundy from anchorman yeah so how can you fuck that up right it’s just not
funny yeah you know maybe that format that character doesn’t work that way but
it’s garbage it’s fucking trash yeah I think he was
know people in for well what it is it’s not a hang and I believe that in
podcasts you can do anything you want you can have character stuff you can do
your narrative stories short long but that’s like but what that is is that’s
like a fucking movie or a one-man yeah it’s just it’s it doesn’t apply to this
and it shows you exactly how cooperation work is like once its objective Minds
you know objective based stuff where they go like the reduction we maybe get
into an outcast space let’s throw some money and what do they do is that look
we we have with we reducted all this we got a formula yeah right we took it’s
like scrambled eggs from Gordon Ramsay yeah this is a recipe let’s just do that
no but that’s that’s the objective search mindset and he never works like
that so now they doing it we spot cast which I find so wheel but and you wait
no there won’t be commercials in the middle that no I don’t care how much
money you’ll never do that no we drew up multi and brought to you by Kentucky
Fried Chicken a lot we’ll see you next week guys that’s it I think I had all
the reeds out I’m pretty sure yes either way everywhere you

2 thoughts on “Episode 62: Serotonin: An Agent of Averageness”

  1. Awsome podcast as usual, one thing is puzzling though, you say the carbs in brazil nuts fucked up your fight mode, but they have a better fat/carb ratio than say greek yogurt… wouldn't that be unsaturated fat then? I get the same feeling with almond butter even though it has a pretty good fat/carb ratio…

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