Episode 49 War Room: Impeachment

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51 thoughts on “Episode 49 War Room: Impeachment”

  1. If supporters of President Trump can be called members of a cult. Then count me in twice. CNN talking about truth is like saying water isent wet. 2+2dose not equal 4. What a sad joke.

  2. Projection projecting is what the lefty does… there is a very fine line between the deplorables and the elite. ‘I once was Snow White and then I drifted…’

  3. Trump supporters are the least cult-like people around.  Trump supporters are usually very down to earth.  There needs to be an agreed-upon definition of cults.  I know what I believe they are.  From my experience of having been in a cult myself, I identified four core characteristics of cults:  practice of altered states of consciousness (ie, meditation, chanting that changes brain waves to shift people into a hypnotically receptive state), submission to a charismatic leader, siege mentality, and ritual conducted while cult followers are in a hypnotically receptive state (predominance of alpha and theta brain wave patterns and suppression of beta waves).  In addition to these "four core cult characteristics," some cults move on to adopt two other practices, which I call "hard core cult characteristics," these are possession and the use of blood during ritual.  In addition, some cults go on to incorporate large numbers of people combined with military and political resources.  I call these latter types of cults "mega cults."  Islam would be an example of a mega cult.  The Nazi regime in WWII Germany was a mega cult.  At times, off and on, Buddhism has slipped into mega cult status–I'm thinking of the genocides that occurred in the "Killing Fields" of Cambodia in the '70s and of the current genocide occurring in Burma initiated by Buddhists (against Muslims–another mega cult).  Genocide is another characteristic of the mega cults, and I would put genocide under the "hard core" cult characteristic of the use of blood sacrifice.  I got the idea of the mega cult from listening to historian William Federer, who describes these big groups such as Islam as "RPM"s, standing for religious, political and military groups, that is, groups claiming to be religions, but who really have a military and political agenda.  He also mentions the "sing song" sound characteristics of the Arab language in talking about Islam.  Cults always claim to be religions.  Or cults might also "hide" behind legitimate religions.  This happens with indigenous populations that follow "folk" cult practices and often claim to be Catholic and that the claim that the demons these populations worship are actually the saints of the Catholic Church.  So these perversions of Catholicism by occult forces include VooDoo and the like.  So Trump doesn't fit any of these characteristics.  He doesn't practice altered states of consciousness/hypnosis.  He doesn't even drink or smoke.  Trump is not charismatic.  He tells it like it is and often alienates people.  He doesn't have a siege mentality and doesn't conduct formal rituals using symbolism after followers are placed in altered states of consciousness.  He is not possessed by demonic forces.  And he doesn't conduct rituals using blood.  He has not declared himself or his administration to be a religion.  This cult charge is ridiculous.  Jake is a fake.  Fake News.

  4. Complete lack of self awareness,…….Remember the CULT members repeating like Big Brother…. " YES WE CAN " Yes THEY did DESTROY AMERICA.

  5. The firewall is cracking.


    The communists are loading up.

  6. If the IG Report indicts ONLY one insignificant little FBI agent who nobody knows, I will NEVER vote in a Federal election again and will NOT vote for Trump and his patty cake "drain the swamp" scam!!!!

  7. They are projecting. The religion of Woke is a cult. The Fabian Socialist Cult. Who else sacrifices children to pedophiles other than the religion of woke?

  8. Hi folks, Great job on the initiative. Please adjust the menu header on the website. The menu header looks wonky at 100% magnification, and only appears normal at 80% mag.

  9. Steve if its your birthday-Happy Birthday from a grateful deplorable–please help Salvini & Italy my ancestors home–
    and best of luck on the school in Italy may it be a huge success!

  10. Name calling, what bullies, this is the example they show the next generation. They should be ashamed of themselves. We are a free country, with free choices.

  11. These Democratic morons are so blinded by hate they can't see reality through the cloud of hate. It's a pathological condition. These morons need professional help.

  12. I'm not working class and I voted for Trump and will vote again for him in 2020. I like him more and more as time goes by.

  13. Just sayin…there is a huge palaeo conservative and Bernie voting middle ground waiting for Trump to slap down Israel and it's continuing technology theft handing to China and Russia. The Evangelical vote is falling for Israel. The real backing for Trump and a return of US high technology jobs awaits.

    Jeremy & Greg of "The Antedote" pod cast and You Tube channel ambush Democratic presidential hopefuls in Iowa, June 2019 on massive national security issues no one wants to deal with – Israel's complete penetration of the US high technology sector.

  14. Mr. Steve Bannon, Sir, YOU ARE A TRUE AMERICAN PATRIOT!
    Thank You for Standing with our Beloved President Trump, fighting and supporting him, not abandoning him, not letting him blowing in the wind by himself…. as many shameless spineless GOP has done.

  15. We are PATRIOTS supporting President Trump and these absurd lies and insults by the Democrats actually harms themselves, not us. We will forever support President Trump and the First Lady no matter how many insults they throw. Only yesterday more and more paedophiles and child traffickers were arrested, and the Democrats don't like this clearly – are they themselves PAEDOPHILES ?????

  16. House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam 'Pencil Neck' Schiff is probably the greatest oxymoron in history of this country.

  17. Mr. Bannon…thank you for all your great works in red pilling the stupid and low info people in this country. You are a great man, a great patriot, and have the coolest head of hair I’ve seen on any guy! Are you married?🥰🇺🇸❤️

  18. Why is this man working for such an evil, destructive, fake news channel…is he ever-on to defend the president?

  19. Who is the skinny John Goodman look alike….weird how much he looks like Goodman. Except the hair. But he’s no lefty.

  20. 1938 WAR OF THE WORLDS hysteria was also a print media myth. Shiff's reading of the fabricated presidential call was co-ordinated with the paid off

  21. The left attack anyone who doesn't agree with the lies. They lost and they will again. This used to work . Smearing anyone who tried to break away. They loved Trump until he beat them hands down. Fear drives their narrative. He has destroyed their status Quo. They are furious and going insane. 2020 will finish them off.

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