Eight Year Old Boxing Prodigy Throws 100 Punches A Minute

COMM: Eight-year-old boxing prodigy Evnika Saadvakass from Kazakhstan can throw one hundred punches in less than a minute. COMM: And.

COMM: Eight-year-old boxing prodigy Evnika Saadvakass from Kazakhstan can throw one hundred
punches in less than
a minute. COMM: And her sparring skills are all thanks to her father – professional boxing coach Rustram,
who’s been training his daughter in the sport since she was just three-years-old. COMM: After a video of Evnika’s incredible skills went viral, Rustram says he was inundated
by messages from people all over the world who admire his methods. COMM: The training which takes place five days a week
is a family affair. Rustram and his wife Ania have seven children, all of whom can pack
a punch. COMM: Big brother Rush is thirteen, and proving a champion in the ring. COMM: And Rustram has even developed his own training tool. COMM: Despite their impressive skills none of the younger children compete in fights,
and mum Ania isn’t concerned about Evnika training in a contact sport. COMM: Rustram hopes that his daughter’s natural ability will one day make her a champion.

100 thoughts on “Eight Year Old Boxing Prodigy Throws 100 Punches A Minute”

  1. من می توانم تو را شکست بدم فقط یک مسباقه دورست بکن تا بینی من اسم JAVADاست

  2. How are y’all critiquing this girl? she’s sooooo young and she amazing, power? She has speed… imagine her 10 years from now with more strength

  3. boi I only started at 13 and dis girl throws my personal record of 112 a min(close to 100 i guess) which I did at age 15
    while SHE WAS 9

  4. The reason why it seems like shes quick is because they are these little half punches. She doesnt fully extend her arm unless its for power.

  5. This kid is the new Bruce lee but a girl It it is still good thro THOESE people that rob her well You gonna get it

  6. Thats all fine and well but she has never been in a match therefore never taken a punch meaning in this case it's not about hard she can hit, its about hard she can get hit and still keep going…

  7. Eu já fiz todo tipo de luta sou um parkuor e malhador e lutador do Brasil e sou louco para te conhecer e te enfrentar e tirar seu amigo, sou o seu fã melhor garota do mundo

  8. she may throw one 100 punches but no power,and she seams that she has a little mental problems,sorry but that's the way I see it,,just look punching a tree,

  9. It takes white people years to train what black and Hispanics are born with..natural fighting skills n speed.lol...sad..

  10. Yesterday i punched with 2×1 kilo Dumbbell 122 times in a minute.
    Today i punched 84 times with 2×1,5 kilo Dumbbell in a minute and i punched
    with 2×2 kilo dumbbell 75 times in a minute.

  11. Why is creating little girl dynamos that grow up and can whip and emasculate an average guy empowering to women kind? Why do women now want to try to crush a man's masculinity into the dirt? As a weak heterosexual man, why do I have to prove this masculinity thing or be strong at all just to get laid and satisfy that need? It's not as though I can just cut off my balls and get rid of the need, once and for all, or can i?

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