Dovewing VS Ivypool VS Hollyleaf. Epic Rap Battles of Warriors #12

Epic Rap Battle- ~ahem~ Uhh… Could I… help you? Hi! yes, actually I thought maybe I could take over for.

Epic Rap Battle- ~ahem~ Uhh… Could I… help you? Hi! yes, actually I thought maybe I could take over for this one? Oh. Uhh… I-it’s sort of my thing to go. Epic Ra- Take a break my friend, It’ll be fine. Ladies and Gentlemen You could’ve been anywhere in the world tonight, But you’re here with us in Silverpelt. Are you ready for a clan meeting? The issue on the table. Which cat truly deserved to hold the power of the stars in their paws. Our first contender, Dovewing. You have the floor. I’m flyin’ in Over the heads of my kin! Thought the two of you could stand up to me? How embarrasing! I took my situation, obligation and fufilled it. If seclusion’s your solution, then you both fricking killed it! Now, this might be hard to swallow If you struggle, Here’s some mallow, I can show you, if you’ll follow all the reasons that it’s ME, Not Ivy, or Holly, ya see… First of all, Let’s stop and take a listen Cause clearly, There has to be something here that you’re missing There’s the sharp eyed jay, And there’s the lion’s roar. And I believe that’ll leave a spot For only one more Oh! And here it is At the very end of this whole thing Peace will come flying in upon a gentle Dove’s wing Oh Holly and Ivy I think of both of you highly But if you think i’ll go lightly I dare you both to try me It’s called the power of three no? I’ll let you read it and weep If you thought you had it in you Let me spell out your defeat You’re one part trouble Part two buried in the rubble Everything you touch crumbles While you struggle and stumble And with the light of my paws I’ll walk amongst all the stars Let you swallow all the shadows written into your memoirs! I would advise for you to rise and start to apologize, To all the cats in our clan the pair of you two traumatized Listen up folks, I ain’t fooling around, I’m a warrior-rapper and my rhymes are sound! I’m a fighter and a writer and my lines are on fire! I’m your resident badass, and I’m up for hire! Sis I love you, But! I gotta confess There ain’t one cat here who wouldn’t call you a mess, How many toms do you feel like you gotta impress, Thats the first thing about you that I gotta adress, And here is number two, I wish you’d get a clue, Not every single thing in the world is about you, The entire friken fandom thinks you’re a Mary Sue So here is my review: The book is overdue For a change of pace, a change of heart, I should’ve been the one To get the powers from the very start, Should have been in the three! Should have been Hollyleaf! Should have saved my own brothers from this cataclysmic grief The Omen needs a cat who’s not clinically insane, and it’d be nice if she could also think with her brain, This ain’t the time to kill for your personal gain So forgive me if I’m not exactly Backing your campaign. The savior of this plot could’ve have you all fooled, She’s a clever lil two-timer named Ivypool Didn’t have no powers, didn’t care bout no rules, Still she saved the day and put you back in school. Is there a rule in the code about exploding mad flows? Two kin sit and spin strings of sin Between them Causing havok ’bout a magic problematic pile of nonsense! and useless clueless rhymes and riddles It’s time I introduced us to who’s stuck in the middle! Of one side, Ivy, I get your life’s tough You’re a sister that is pissed off that she’s never been enough! Paws are bloody ’cause of dovey? Nawh! I’m calling your bluff. You messed up. Flip side! You switch eyes, just like you changed minds, “I love him, I hate him, I can’t decide!” You’re so boring to the readers, they had to bring in some beavers! If I had to choose between you two… I’d pick neither! Shush! I don’t need to say no more, I had more in store than Erin Hunter could ask for! I’m called wasted potential wanna see my credentials? My loyalty is evidential my presence? Quintessential! Yeah I walk alone on these stone-cold roads, There aren’t many cats left who get my moral code! It’s my job alone! It’s my duty to uphold! Doing the right thing is the only thing I know! Yet dying for you two turned out to be a huge waste! If Dove’s kits are half-clan Then I will truly be disgraced, Can you quit the selfish act for just once in your life? ‘Cause I’m the shining example of REAL sacrifice! *Clapping* Oh! Wow! That was a really great performance by our three contestants. StarClan has reached a decision. The third cat of the prophecy will be… Revealed in the next series! *Incoherent squabbling* Thank you and goodnight! and Hollyleaf won jk idk who won but Hollyleaf should

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  1. Something a little crazy happened with the endslate. In case you guys can't read it, Ivypool was voiced by the talented, Cascayd! Make sure you check the description for the links to all of the actors channels and stop by their channels and say hi! And don't forget to subscribe to them! They're all amazing!

    And again, huge thank you to GinjaNinjaOwO for once again being the season finale master! She is always such a dream to work with! If you haven't already subscribed to her brilliant work, make sure you check her channel out!!

    Until next time guys! Thanks for watching!!~ <3

  2. I actually HATE DoveWing!!! When I found out she was in the three I was like,”Ughhhhhhh!” But it HollyLeaf was in the three I would be like exploding. And if IvyPool was in the three, I think I would be in the middle.

  3. Ivypool & hollyleaf won in my opinion but they all did great and what ivypool said was really great i think ivypool & hollyleaf won!!!


  4. “If dove’s kits are half clan, then I will truly be disgraced”
    Tigerheart’s shadow: Dovewing has halfclan kits with tigerheart
    Hollyleaf: GOD DANG IT DOVE

  5. And I love all three of them out of all the cats, dovewing is my favorite, then ivypool, then hollyleaf, but hollyleaf DOMINATED this battle

  6. Hollyleaf wins and not just cause shes my fav. She made valid points on everybody, even herself. Ivy and Dove only bragged or shamed the other sister.

  7. Hollyleaf: Its time I introduced us to who's stuck in the middle of one side, Ivy,
    Me: pauses
    Me again: Uhh I think you are 'cause your in the middle and Dovewing and Ivypool are kin
    Hollyleaf: oop

  8. Holly leaf won to me…. she is my favorite character and she is real sacrifice and I dont see why she didnt get the hearing and seeing powers, dovewing doesnt make sense. Cause she is firestar kin kin kin, in not the prophecy. Holly leaf should have been it she makes sense for it, in the books or not

  9. Okay. Despite Ivypool being 10/10. I have to admit Holly DESTROYED this, like jesus Hollyleaf did you spend all those moons in the tunnels just raping?

  10. My friend:I love him!!
    next day
    My friend:I hate him!
    next day
    My friend:I cant de-
    My friend:Yes

  11. Fire star acts completely normal
    Holly leaf, dovewing and ivypool roast each other
    LionTail and jayfeather be like : What the actual…..F

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