Dogfighting – Civilian Air Combat School

Fighter pilots are trained to fly themselves and their machines to the limit. In combat lives are at risk, on.

Fighter pilots are trained to fly themselves
and their machines to the limit. In combat lives are at risk, on the ground,
and in the air. The dogfight is the ultimate flying challenge. The pilots need skill and raw nerve. In real life only one will survive. At Sky Warriors anyone can learn to dogfight in 1950s fighter planes. Even if you’ve never flown before you can
come here and fly like an ace. INSTRUCTOR: So one of the first indications of g-force is you’ll start to grey-out in your eyes, and the first thing that goes is colour. Today a police woman, Donna, is about to battle with Jeff, a musician. Neither are flyers, they’re here to live
out their fantasies in the skies. INSTRUCTOR: Okay, let’s talk a little bit
about why you’re here, that’s dogfighting! Dogfighting is basically a game of angles
and energy management. Sky Warriors take no chances, the instructors are ex-military air combat veterans. These guys know how to fly! INSTRUCTOR: … guy in the back is trying
to solve angles so he can come right in behind and take a shot. What we have is a T-34A fighter trainer, fully aerobatic, high performance airplane. The only difference is we have a laser on board, and not the real gun. You know you’ve been hit because the laser will turn on 1 of 11 sensors on the airplane, and smoke will pour out of your opponent’s airplane, so it’s as close to reality as you can get. JEFF: Well it’s going to be a tough fight,
there’s egos involved. DONNA: I’m excited, nervous, extremely nervous, going to go out and kick butt! Once clear of the airfield the instructors
hand over the controls. It’s time to fly or die! INSTRUCTOR: Okay you got the airplane, you’re flying. In the next hour, Donna will graduate from
novice pilot to flying ace. Executing 4G turns and aerobatic manoeuvres. Donna and Jeff are encouraged to explore the
limits of the aircraft. INSTRUCTOR: We can see trouble coming in the airplane well before the customer can, and usually when we see them starting to get into trouble i.e. running into the other airplane, or diving too close to the ground, we can
intercept that long before it happens, and usually we tell them by voice, and if that doesn’t work then we call it “inputs from God”, the stick magically moves in the right direction and we make it happen. Here you can fly the airplane in its max performance envelope. You can fly it at what we call corner velocity, that is the quickest tightest turn that allows the airplane to fly at its maximum G, right before it stalls. Training over, the fight begins! INSTRUCTOR: A dog fight is, it’s like two
dogs chasing each other in a circle, you get two guys trying to get on each other’s tail. It’s not about straight forward level speed, bottom line for dogfighting is you want the quickest tightest turn. Whether they’re a pilot or non-pilot, here it really doesn’t make any difference, it’s the person that can stay focused and not let their fears overwhelm them. The dogfight demands the planes and pilots are pushed to the limit. Jeff pushes his T-34 too hard. Donna moves in for the kill. DONNA: It’s just so incredible, words can’t
explain. And to come in here off the street and be able to do it was just really really wonderful. JEFF: This was a fantasy, and to do it this
way where you really get the feeling of what it was like back there, when there is a Zero or Messerschmitt on your tail, it’s quite an experience. Any even though it’s lasers
and just smoke, and it’s all fun and games, it’s so real when you’re out there, it
really is.

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  1. This is bullshit…edited up the ass so "woman" feel better about themselves…9 times out of 10 the woman gets f*cked up….lets discuss


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  3. I have got to do this. I am a former Marine and National Guardsman, I have always been an LPC driver (Leather Personnel Carrier)… time for me to fly!!! Now to save my pennies or write a Best Seller.

  4. I did this in 1996 with another company out of Southern California. It was a total kick in the butt! AND I got sick as shit because I forgot to tighten up my stomach as we started pulling Gs….still, I couldn't get enough!

  5. I never imagined there was such an opportunity! I’m 72 now and probably couldn’t take a 2g turn, but I was thrilled 😄. Used to make plastic models and read books 📚 from the library. This takes me back.

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