Dexter’s Laboratory: Dexter Fights Mandark 😂 (FILNOBEP)

“In Dexter’s Lab!” (Alarm rings) Yes! Time to bust out my new outfit for school! ♫ Pack in the mail,.

“In Dexter’s Lab!” (Alarm rings) Yes! Time to bust out my new outfit for school! ♫ Pack in the mail, it’s gone. She like how I smell, cologne. Just signed a deal, I’m on. Yeah, yeah. I go where I – ♫ Hmm – hmm – hmmm – My nigga, I am going to be crispy creme today. I got the Tom Ford with the Gucci shoes! Mmmmm. I’m Bae! Girl 1: Damn, Dexter looking fine as hell!
Girl 2: Hell yeah, girl! Well damn, you too baby! Boy: Ain’t nobody fucking with you, bro! For sure, my g! Boy 1: One hunnit, bro! Mandark: Them shit’s fake!
Dexter: What? Them shoes is fake, pussy ass nigga! First off, back the fuck up. I ain’t on no gay shit. How I’m gay, when I fucked your sister? Pussy ass lil boy. Bitch! Crowd: Ooo!
Boy: Oh damn. Nigga snuck Dexter lil dumb ass! What are you doing? You’re going to let this goofy ass nigga hit you like that? This nigga got on booty shorts, bro! You can not get your ass beat by a nigga that’s still in the closet. I see you over there thinking about swinging, but you don’t really want these hands, little nigga. Biiitch!!! Boy: I ain’t know Dexter had hands like that. I don’t want to fight anymore. Man, this nigga trying to pick me up. I ain’t trying to wrestle and shit. I’m telling! Don’t worry, I won’t say a thing. Go and hit him back. Mmm mmm.
I’m Tekashi69! (Clock ticking) Your daddy gonna whoop your ass!
I’m gonna whoop your ass! They called me up – to this school.
We gonna whoop your ass! Your daddy gonna whoop your ass!
I’m gonna whoop your ass! Mom: They called me up –
Dexter: Call Child Services! What the hell you done did now, Dexter? Uh, Ma’am! I had to take off of work to come to this school because you don’t know how to act? Imma whoop your ass! Oh lordy! You really shouldn’t discipline your son with physical abuse. It causes mental stress, and can lead to social problems later on – Shut the fuck up! Oh lordy! I done already took off from work and came up to this school four times this year! Three! How many times it’s been, Mr. School Principal? Ten. Ooohh! See, I done been up here so many times, I can’t even keep count. Dumb ass! Oh lordy! I feel sorry for you having to deal with that bitch. As soon as your mom stops popping those pain pills, I’ll let you back in school, son. I heard you got your ass beat, but damn! Aw, shut up bitch. Life beat you up. That’s why you’re driving this bus! Dexter whooped that boy ass! Boy! Mandark lame as fuck. He told everybody I let him fuck when all he did was eat me out. I can’t stand a lying ass little boys. I don’t lie. I can beat my meat with both hands. I’m ambidextrous. Me too. I can slap your duck ass with either hand, bitch. Son, why you let Dexter whoop your ass? He didn’t whoop my ass. It was a draw! I hit him more times than he hit me. Look at my face. You don’t see no bruises. Yeah, but you still got whooped. And he broke your arm and your leg. I fight hoes, too. Bus Driver: Y’all gonna get the fuck off of my bus with all of that fighting bullshit!
Mandark: Aw, shut up, bitch! Mandark was on the bus talking about he was going to shoot you. Girl, that’s the boy that beat up Mandark yesterday. Let us go and talk to him. Hold up, Dexter. We heard Mandark had you scared to come outside yesterday. Yeah, that boy said you don’t want no smoke. Awww! (Girls laughing) Hmm. Well, shit. It really sounds like Mandark’s going to air this bitch out today. Ya heard me! (School bell rings) Dexter! Say, Dexter! Say, Dexter! Kids: Oooh, he got a gun! (Kids screaming!) Spread the message. Stop the violence. But if you keep running your mouth, your pussy ass gonna get dealt with. That’s for real, bitch. Fuck all of that other shit, nigga stop running your mouth before you get whacked! Hoe ass bitch!

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  1. 🎵 I'ma whoop yo ass, yo daddy gonna whoop yo ass, they call me up to the school, I'm gonna whoop yo ass 🎵
    Dexter: Call Child Services

  2. Dexter mom turnt into every black mother in the world 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂✔️

  3. This is so true in a lot of ways used to people throw hands and that’s it . The beef is squashed now in 2019 if you take a L people take a life man that’s sad . Used to people fight and live to see another day and move on with life win or lose . Man times have changed

  4. #GOAT!!

  5. Damn. Now that was the most Original, creative shit I've ever saw. I mean where do you find the time to come up with this, this creative genius. Boy y'all done fell off. We aren't that funny.

  6. Super Original! بظيمخخىميظظه You don't know what all that means do you?? Neither do i – I just added a random language 2 my Android keyboard. But anyway – GOOD STUFF BRO! 👏

  7. 0:58, so how in the whole 90s childhood did we not notice that bs in the middle. Whole dick joke right there.

  8. “Shut up bitch life beatin you up that’s why you drivin this bus” I’m deaddd 😂😂😂

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