Dean Ambrose To AEW All Elite Wrestling?! Major WWE Star REVEALS INJURY! | WrestleTalk News May 2019

Thank you for your support on Patreon “The Kessel Run” Dxsolo Jeff Hardy announces he’s injured and The Hardyz vacate.

Thank you for your support on Patreon “The
Kessel Run” Dxsolo Jeff Hardy announces he’s injured and The
Hardyz vacate the tag titles! Shane McMahon is officially feuding with two stars across
two shows – he really is the best in the world – and Kevin Owens goes full Sid and attacks
toys. And what the heckins is going on with Dean Ambrose, I mean Jon Moxley? Click the
timestamps to jump to any of those stories. I am Luke Owen, have yourself a merry little
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SmackTastic, Smack Bang in the Middle, SmackDowner, and A Smack in the Face. This is the 30th
of April 2019 edition of Smackdown Live. Michael Cole was in the ring for the start
of the show to interview WWE Champion Kofi Kingston. Now you’ll remember that Kevin
Owens attacked Kofi last week [6], and his best friend Xavier Woods was powerbombed onto
the apron. So you’d imagine he’ll be a bit upset about all this. Nope, he’s throwing
pancakes like nothing happened. Oddly this then turned into a 10-minute recap of how
Kofi got to the point of winning the WWE Championship. Guys, there are more pressing matters at hand.
Finally they started talking about Kevin Owens, who came out on the stage to say that Kofi
is drowning in the sea of pressure being the Champion. Xavier Woods tried to attack Owens,
but KO superkicked him and left him laying once again. In a series of backstage segments, the Smackdown
Lady Folk in the Women’s Money in the Bank match were revealed. Bayley was announced
via graphic, Sonya Deville told Mandy Rose she should be in the match because she’s
earned this chance – weren’t you two breaking up before Mania? – and Not Renee Young revealed
that Ember Moon and Carmella will fill the final two spots. With Asuka and Sane tied
up with the Tag Team Championships, these four were probably the best choice. As a nice follow-up, Becky Lynch then took
on Money in the Bank entrant Bayley in a decent back and forth match, which Lynch won with
the Disarmer – and was immediately attacked by Charlotte Flair – you know, the exact same
thing that happened last week when Becky beat Alicia Fox and was then attacked by Lacey
Evans. But to WWE’s credit, this was done to put
over the idea that even if Becky wins both her matches at Money in the Bank, there will
be a women with a lunchbox looking to cash in and win her title – further stacking the
odds against The Man – and because of that, I’m going to say this segment was an up.
Wait. Aleister Black cut another spooky promo, and
the The Hardy Boyz came out to announce that Jeff was injured and they were vacating the
championships. Turning a negative into a positive, they credited Lars Sullivan for injuring Jeff
to add some heat onto his character. Lurkin’ Lars then came out and laid out Matt Hardy.
R-Truth tried to make the save with a chair, but Lars is a Chair Type Pokemon and he punched
it out his hand. He then laid out Truth with the Freak Accident and Running Powerbomb.
I’d like to see Lars do some different stuff now. Perhaps more concerning though is the state
of the tag division on Smackdown. With The Hardyz no longer the champs, the only feasible
replacements are Rusev and Shinsuke Nakamura. New Day seem a bit tied up currently, which
only leaves The B-Team, The Colons, Heavy Machinery and – at a push – The Singh Brothers.
That is a diabolically poor line-up of options. Even if they put the belts on Rusev and Nakamura,
they can feud with Heavy Machinery but then what? The Smackdown Bloke Folk for the Men’s Money
in the Bank were announced next, and joining Ricochet, Braun Strowman, Drew McIntyre and
– sigh – Baron Corbin from Raw will be Finn Balor, Ali, Andrade and Randy Orton. Let’s
be honest, it could have been worse. Kinda feels like this would have been a good time
to debut and push Buddy Murphy, though, rather than have Randy Orton in the match. Murphy’s fellow countrywomen The IIconics
were out for commentary next, as Kairi Sane and Asuka – who are clearly a tag team now
as they’ve merged their themes together in the most aggressively pants way possible
– quickly dispatched of two enhancement talents. IIconics were great on commentary, and Sane
and Asuka looked awesome in the ring. This was fun. What was less fun, however, was Roman Reigns
coming out for a promo to continue his feud with THE BEST IN THE WOOOOOOOOOOOORLD Shane
McMahon. He truly is the best in the world. Shane then booked Roman in a handicap match
against one of those teams that could be the next Smackdown Tag Champs, The B-Team. And
boy, I have not missed this act at all. Shane also made Elias the Special Guest Enforcer
for the match, stacking the deck against The Big Dog. Okay, so let’s all play this one at home,
how do you think this match played out? Will Roman quickly dispatch of this jobber team
despite being at the disadvantage? Will be be on top all the time, but struggle because
he’s at a two man disadvantage? Or will be worked over for 90% of the match, do some
Superman Punches OOOHAH hit the spear and win? If you answered C, of course he did.
I’ve got no problem with Roman being booked in matches where he’s massivly at a disadvantage,
and I’ve no problem with him winning those matches either, but there is only so long
you can look at Bo Dallas put Roman in an ineffective and boring headlock before you
tune out. This isn’t an exciting way to book wrestling matches. Sociopath is still the word of the day as
the same Firefly Funhouse sketch from Raw was shown again, and then Finn Balor teamed
with Ali to take on Randy Orton and Andrade. This was sadly mostly ad break, and Ali pinned
Andrade with the 450 splash. Randy then laid out Balor with the RKO, and Ali kicked Randy
out the ring to stand tall. Simple stuff. And the main event segment saw Kevin Owens
host the KO Show with special guest Xavier Woods. However Woods was too injured to come
out, so he set up Woods and Big E action figures to interview instead. This brought out the
super serious Kofi Kingston we should have seen at the start of the show, who charged
the ring for an intense brawl against Owens – and the show ended with both men starring
each other down. Coming off the back of some disastrous ratings
last week, you’d have thought WWE would come out all guns blazing to drum up some
interest in Money in the Bank. Sadly Raw was a very dull show and this was only slightly
better. Nothing on it was terrible, but there was almost nothing to talk about. This week’s
Smackdown Live is a SmackDowner. And now over to Oli Davis with the latest
on Dean Ambrose leaving WWE which I’m sure is all still just a work. Great review, Luke – but before we get onto
today’s massive news about Dean Ambrose. It’s now one week to go until WrestleTalk’s
Live In London screening of the classic WCW movie Ready to Rumble! Me, Luke, Laurie, Chopper
Pete, Housemate Simon and even Randy Andy Datson will all be there doing a meet and
greet before the film, and then a live WrestleRamble podcast afterwards! Get your tickets by clicking
the ‘i’ above my head or the link in the video description below as they’re going
fast! And now… one of the biggest wrestling stories
of the year. Because last night, April 30th, at 12am – the
exact time Dean Ambrose’s WWE contract expired – the former Lunatic Fringe posted this video
from his new Twitter account under the name he made famous before joining WWE, Jon Moxley
[03]: The story appears to be that Dean is finally
breaking out of WWE’s Ambrose Asylum to become Jon Moxley again
– a much more serious character after reportedly being frustrated with WWE’s “hokey s***”
He’s even being chased by a Big Dog Ooo-arrr. The obvious speculation is that this is a
video promoting Moxley to join WWE’s new rival promotion All Elite Wrestling, as the
production values for the promo appear to be very high, and there are two possible AEW
clues in the clip. Firstly are the days counted marks on the
prison wall that open the video, with the lit up ones adding up to the number 25.
AEW’s first official pay-per-view Double or Nothing takes place on Saturday 25th May And secondly the Viper Room’s dice sign
that Ambrose walks past on the street. With dice being a key part of Double or Nothing’s
marketing material, which is set in Las Vegas. Those dice also have the numbers 2 and 5 on
them, again potentially referencing the 25th May date for the event.
And possibly the most telling sign… AEW co-executive vice-president Cody Rhodes has
liked Ambrose’s video on Twitter. Dean Ambrose to AEW confirmed!
It’s a hugely exciting time to be a wrestling fan, just not a WWE one.
And Dean isn’t the only guy who can do video package teases, as we’ve got a new show
starting on WrestleTalk this Sunday, ScreenGrapple! – where El Fakidor Laurie Blake laughs at
all the wacky and wild wrestling stuff on the Internet with his housemate Simon.
Here’s Housemate Simon, tell them to watch the video and tune in this Sunday. Do it.
Get your tickets for WrestleTalk’s Live in London screening of Ready to Rumble by
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  1. OLI: Get your tickets to see us live in London with our screening of Ready 2 Rumble here!

  2. Wonder if Becky retains both her championship then if the mitb winner cashes in then will she get a shot at both the titles in a single match🤔🤔

  3. I think wwe should do a smack down tag team tournament kinda like the dusty roads classic where they throw a few guys together to add a lily toe depth to the tag division

  4. Would they feel the same olly and the other one swapped shows? The other one seems more positive

  5. It's time to admit that Kofi's reign isn't very good. We got the moment at WrestleMania but it was never going to be any good after that.

  6. @3:11 YOOOOOOOO!!! Is that really the tag team division if Shinsuke and Rusev are Smackdown Tag Champs?? Thats like unbelievably horribly bad. Thats REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY BAD. OMG!!!! Oh and your Greg intro was FUCKING AWESOME!!!! @4:25 And the Dean Ambrosia video was great!!! I hope everything goes incredible for him like for reals. His character seems like how he was but way more hardcore and dark. I like it. The outro with Oli was funny as hell too LOL I love these guys!!!!

  7. Smack in the face…I was watching a Deadliest Catch rerun within 2 minutes of SSLive begining

    Vince can give title to Liv Morgan after all she is blonde

  8. I'm super happy for Dean. He finally gets to do what he wants and enjoy doing it rather than being told he "Has to do Vince's heel gimmick they assigned him or else".

    If this is the "Else", I would be glad to accept that latter. Go Dean!! =3

  9. What's wrong with putting the tag belts on Heavy Machinery? I'd much rather watch them

  10. I think the way Kofi came out just underscores how he remains positive and does not let anything dampen his spirits, however he does show that he cares and is passionate about defending his fellow New Day members as well as his title. We just need to get past the "New Champ" smell and start putting some miles on the Kofi title reign.

  11. Worried, as WWE has said goodbye to Ambrose, could mean a hello to Moxley, that said considering the Moxley persona not sure how that lines up with AEWs mainstream push as some of what made the Moxley character is the extreme matches he has, and not sure if that plays on mainstream TV. Though looks awesome

  12. Lars straight up wack I hate when. Wwe make new comers unstoppable force when they first debut then lose a match n become a nobody just like hidenreich and Rusev smh

  13. Plus Lars need a new in ring gear he out there looking like a wrestler from the 1950s doofy as hell lookin🤣

  14. I think Dean leaving is a work. Dean Ambrose has left the WWE but John Moxley will sign. The promo video for JM was made with a bunch of symbolism to make people believe he is going to AEW. One give away is the fact that his name his John Moxley but at the end its says MOX, and we all know WWE doesn't like last names.

  15. Luke,PLEASE go back to wearing a hat!!! That weird line in your forehead makes it look like you have a monobrow and is very distracting!!!!

  16. Personally i think heavy machinery is fun to watch and they deserve a push they're big and fun to watch maybe a darker path for them after people take them lightly?

  17. There is no way Dean isn't going to AEW.. That was a paid for promo, with Actors and a set.. He didn't pay for that himself.. And he definitely wouldn't have done that, if he had no plans to wrestle again..

  18. I feel like they are doing what you guys predicted they’d do for Roman. Lettin ambros “go” so that he can preform somewhere else (AEW) only to return on top again

  19. it could also be 25 days till raw. i think the dice and other symbols could be to throw others off. dont be surprised if he returns to wwe. he didnt like the way the character was going. they could have reached a deal and it wasnt brought to press.

  20. Vince and the WWE SDLive writers are not going to let anyone forget that WWE Champ Kofi is still a comedy act as he is still passing out pancakes…? 👎

  21. Being honest I’m leaning more towards AEW week after week and now that Moxley is joining I’m more than hyped for AEW

  22. Wrestletalk stop bashing the WWE for wanting to build up different talents in the company to me it sounds like all you guys just want to rely on the same old tenant you guys sound like you don't even want the WWE to evolve you guys want to stay in the past living those Attitude Era days but guess what it's done it's over let go me for once I'm happy to see new guys get the push you have to put them on the spotlight to see what they got to bring to the table

  23. MOX to CZW conformed. The next CZW show is 'Tangled Web' and they are known for barbed wire matches.

  24. Whatever u say about Shane Mcmahon . He stole the show in summer slam, royal rumble and wrestlemania. The elbow to the table on Braun Strawman the end to end kick inside the ring and wrestle mania was just awesome . High end maneuvers. This guy is a legend and very underrated

  25. WWE is boring and predictable. The same exact things happen on Raw and Smackdown. The only difference in the shows are different colors. WWE brass is too dumb to realize their product sucks. They need to do better. These shoes shouldn’t be boring!

  26. Just think of the amazing qualifying matches we could have had. How many ppvs give you the chance to have amazing matches between any wrestlers for the sake of amazing matches. Guess WWE wants to have a boring 2 more weeks.

  27. i actually like Roman vs Shane and Elias, at least Roman is not being shoved in our faces or taking Kofi’s belt… YET

  28. I am not okay with Roman going against the odds. Hes been doing that since 2014. Enough is enough . They did this with Miz & B team in 2017 already. Like wtf! Roman 90% of his career is put in rivalries when he goes up against more than 1 person. Its tiresome & just ridiculous. Be more creative like holy shit.

  29. If Moxley really is going to AEW I am 100000% sure he is an agent for Vince McMahon spying for WWE. Jon is loyal and Vince is insane enough to plan something like that.

  30. It's between drew and Andrade for mitb because
    Ricochet – debuted to early to win a mitb ladder match
    Finn – is already IC Champ plus he failed last year (I personally think he shouldn't be in the match)
    Braun – can't win two mitb cases in a row
    Corbin – failed cash in and fans don't want that again
    Ali – chances are slim for him since he's the only cruiserweight in that match and the big men would over power him despite his quickness
    Orton – again has already won mitb like Corbin and Braun plus Ortons career is dying at the moment so if he's lucky enough to win then maybe Randy's career will not be over…yet

    This is just my opinion so no hate please I just think drew and almas should win since the two have been through a lot since coming to wwe.

  31. He's under 90 day no compete clause. Like I wrote elsewhere, he'll be back on WWE going as Jon Moxley fighting the McMahons soon.

  32. BREAKING NEWS!!! Ok, here's the scoop, Dean Ambrose has left the WWE however Jon Moxley will be signed by WWE. The WWE is working the WWE universe. No more lunatic fringe, or shield. Part of new creative deal between J.Good and WWE.


  34. Wwe gave Moxley old Ambrose insta account. He stays with them. Dean Ambrose didnt resign contract, but Jon Moxley did.

  35. Jon is back and looking to kick ass. Reminds me of the opening to a good tv show. I'm in on this.

  36. Hate to say it but Lars is done… the fact that wwe pushed him so hard and then he no showed (regardless of the reason)… people just don’t care anymore…

    Fans boo him at the shows not because he is a heel, but because they’d rather not see him all together… chanting “you can’t wrestle”

    Sorry WWE, but all that hype build up and then Lars no showing because “he was stressed out” has pretty much ruined this character debut. A lot of wrestlers would sacrifice anything to be on wwe and since Lars no showed, the fans don’t feel he’s worthy of their affection. Period.

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