Dance Moms: Ashlee Sparks ONE LAST FIGHT with the Irreplaceables (Season 7 Flashback) | Lifetime

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100 thoughts on “Dance Moms: Ashlee Sparks ONE LAST FIGHT with the Irreplaceables (Season 7 Flashback) | Lifetime”

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  2. Brynn and her mother are so weak compared to the orginal cast of dance moms infact brynn compared to maddie is a horrible dancer

  3. Ashlee : You moms are disgusting
    Ashlee: What is wrong with you ?

  4. Okay I’m sorry I know some people have thing against abbey but she would have made sure the girls won their last dance.

  5. Brynn is so annoying, she is a good dancer but not good at anything else. She acts like her mother and is all cocky like she is good at everything, LIKE CHILLL BRYNN YOU AINT THAT GOOOODDDZ

  6. I might be one of the only ones who rlly likes Ashlee. She speaks the truth, one thing is that she was a bit pushy with Bryn being the star. Other than she rlly ain’t that bad guys chill😂

  7. The thing is Christi couldn’t take it when Abby said things about Chole and now she’s doing it to Bryn like no matter how rude or mean she is you don’t say that to someone else kid when you didn’t like it when someone did it to your child

  8. Honestly what those girls wear is their mothers choices and Ashley shouldn’t have made that comment because it’s not up to her to judge anybody else’s appearance

  9. I don't like brynn because she is acting like a brat and a 35 years old.she is literally so annoying btw she didn't even won on the competition. What is up with that? Little more rude,annoying,just like the rudest mom ever

  10. Brynn turns turns around and says and I quote “ we bet you “
    Actually you little spoiled brat you didn’t be anyone you didn’t place

  11. You all are saying brynns annoying but honestly she is tired of getting stepped on by the other mothers Christy said to brynn your never be in Broadway like who says that to a kids face

  12. Bryan was out there dancing and doing stuff while the mother where fighting Ashley is making her daughter like her and it is unexplainable

  13. I mean there teenager's in bras dancing on a chair and males in the audience watching but the producers decided for this dance

  14. I used to like brynn.and I think she is amazing dancer,but after this video I have a change of mind.she was really disrespectful towards her mom and the other moms.and constantly respond to the mom's fight.

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