Cyberpunk 2077 News Rewind 2019

The year has almost come to an end, so its time for the Cyberpunk 2077 News Rewind 2019, with all.

The year has almost come to an end, so its
time for the Cyberpunk 2077 News Rewind 2019, with all the information you need heading
into 2020. V will pick from Nomad, Corpo, or Street Kid
lifepaths which will heavily influence dialogue options and quest branches. Dialogue options
will be influenced by V’s Techie, Solo and NetRunner skills, cyberware and attributes.
For example, as a street kid, if someone’s trying to scam you, you might be able to see
through their lies having swindled plenty yourself.
Players can mix and match body types, facial features, hairstyles, and voices to create
exactly the kind of V they want to play. You can give a female character a male voice for
example. The dialogue options will be flexible for
a variety of playstyles. For those who just want to complete 2077 as quickly as possible,
you can ask questions that get straight to the point.
V’s interactions with Johnny Silverhand will significantly change their relationship.
V’s body will be divided into slots for Cyberware. When they are filled, her humanity
levels are at a point where it cannot install more. This prevents V from experiencing cyberpsychosis.
V can travel on boats and Aerodynes, but she will not control them. There will also be
water-related sections which involve swimming. V can participate in activities’ such as
car racing, a shooting range, boxing and martial art fights.
The 2013 cinematic teaser trailer involved Katarzyna Danysz as the Cyberpsycho lady with
mantis blades. When asked whether she might appear in 2077, Mateusz Tomaszkiewicz commented
that he did not want to spoil it. In terms of game over states, this will only
happen if V dies, not if she does not finish a quest or lets someone die.
The Badlands outside of Night City, are where the Wraiths, Raffen Shiv and Aldecaldo Nomads
reside. It will be fully explorable. V’s apartment is critical to the story line
as many events will take place inside it. There will be special collectable items to
find throughout the game, which can be stored in the apartment. Cyberware will be available
that will allow V to search for secrets. V can have a relationship with multiple NPC’s
at the same time. A few of these might not be happy if they find out you are cheating
on them. At the end of the Fourth Corporate War, Rache
Bartmoss and his Data Krash virus plunged Cyberspace into chaos. In 2077 a BlackWall
created by NetWatch, separates the old Cyberspace from the local networks. Rogue AI’s have
been hiding in Cyberspace behind the BlackWall and no one knows what has been going on in
there. Many Netrunners have tried to penetrate the wall, but none have returned. This might
be where Alt Cunningham resides. There will be situations in 2077, where for
narrative purposes, V must wear specific clothing to progress through the scenario.
2077 will have multiple endings. There will be no Gwent style card game.
V can silently grab enemies, then use them as human shields.
Dealing with Johnny Silverhand touches upon the topic of transgression. Citizens of Night
City cross different borders in terms of what’s ethical and what should be done and where
technology should tread in the world. The immortality problem and the dilemma of the
construct will be properly treated in 2077. Mike Pondsmith joked he would not advise being
Johnny Silverhand’s girlfriend. V’s motorcycle is the Yaiba Kusanagi. A
direct reference to the Major from Ghost in the Shell.
The life paths alter the feel of 2077 to such an extent that you will need to play the game
a minimum of three times to experience all the content on offer.
Almost all weapons and cyberware will have a nonlethal option. Some weapons are so destructive,
it’s just not physically possible to make them non-lethal, such as the Bazooka.
Topics such as religion will be covered in a respectable and sensitive manner. It will
be an actual reflection of philosophical thinking on religion and not just done for shock value.
The no-tell motel where V meets Dexter Deshawn, is the place to go for shady deals. It is
run by an AI. The AI Delimane runs Armoured Cabs in Night
City. V can develop a relationship with Delimane. The Cool stat influences gameplay by determining
how contained you are under pressure and how well you can aim certain weapons, so impacting
upon accuracy. V can install cannon type of cyberware weapons
in her cyberarm. If V wants to improve her shooting abilities,
she can visit a gun trainer or to improve fist-fighting, visit a gym and train with
robots. Mike Pondsmith confirmed he will be in the
game. V cannot attack children or NPC’s that are
directly connected to the critical path narrative. There will be a mechanic in the game that
allows V to wait, like the Witcher 3. V can upgrade most of her body with cyberware,
legs, spine, arms etc. however you cannot go as far as the Maelstrom. CDPR joked it
would interfere with the sex scenes. Kiroshi Optics have real time translation
features. When you look at other languages, it will auto translate for you on screen.
Many languages will be spoken in Night City. Netrunning and Hacking is not a binary thing.
It is not about success or failure, rather how well you do it. The more skilful you are
at hacking, the more control you will receive over certain things within the network.
V’s Engineering abilities will allow a Techie style character to use Bots such as the Flathead
MTOD12 Spider Bot for a myriad of activities. Marcin Przybylowicz hinted that a Priscilla
style concert from the Witcher 3: Wild Hunt will be in 2077.
V has the choice between executing a lethal or non-lethal takedown. A third option is
an environmental takedown, such as throwing an enemy into a garbage chute.
Transhumanism and the theme of uploading a human consciousness into machines to attain
immortality will feature prominently in 2077. Some NPCs will have very rich in-depth relationships
for V, others will be available for one-night stands or you can also just exchange money
for sexual activities. V will be able to explore the desert of California,
power plants, abandoned highways and other items of interest.
When unlocking rare outfits due to high street cred, CDPR want to make sure that you can
see that. V can modify her weapons significantly, with things like a suppressor or a scope or
shoot thermal bullets, which light on fire. V can start a conversation with an NPC without
leaving their bike or car. Merchants will offer unique items and discounts
only for a specified period. As V advances her hacking skills, the options
will expand from a simple door opening to controlling cameras or turrets and more.
Mini-games related to hacking will differ depending on the installation you hack.
Increases in performance can only be obtained via a specialist but minor changes will be
possible through use, such as improving mantis blades by adding poison.
The scarcity of objects corresponds to its availability rate in stores. The rarer an
object is, the more street cred it requires for a seller to offer it to V.
V cannot experience Cyberpsychosis, but through quests or scripted events, the impact of Cyberpsychosis
will be on display. 2077 will embrace the concepts of Entropism,
Kitsch, Neomilitarism and Neokitsch. Vehicles are equipped with AI, V can summon
them to drive to her location. 2077 will cover topics for more mature gamers
who want games to make them think. Pawel Sasko feels there is currently a trend of believing
that games should not offend anyone, or that game developers should be afraid of covering
topics that some individuals might disagree with. 2077 will not shy away from these subjects.
There will be heterosexual, homosexual and bisexual romances in the game. On the topic
of demisexuality, Mateusz Tomaszkiewicz commented that it will be up to the players interpretation
when playing and dependent upon on a specific character.
2077 has a New Game Plus mode and a hardcore mode that hides the game’s UI. Enhancing your weapon skill through use will
affect weapon handling and animations, so you’ll see character reloading more smoothly
as you become more skilled. The gameplay is also affected by how skills and cyberware
mix. Nano-wire can be used as a laser-whip or a
physical hacking cable V can throw at enemies at close range to jack into their brains,
or causing them to attack themselves or their friends if you have purchased the right software.
2077 does not treat romances as something stat-based that you need to level up to unlock.
Rather it is a narrative situation where who V is and how she interacts with the NPCs determines
whether they like her or not. Some NPCs can form long-lasting romances with
V under the right circumstances. Other NPCs can be seduced or can seduce V into one-night
stands. V will encounter many characters with their
own goals and motivations. Sometimes those goals align with what V is trying to achieve.
Depending on the player’s decisions, it may spark interest on the side of the NPC. When
something is not right, they may choose friendship over a romantic relationship.
Adam Badowski, stated that nudity will be an important theme in 2077. The body is no
longer sacrum it’s profanum. As people modify everything, they are losing their connection
to the body, to the meat. And that is why nudity will be shown in many situations. Any
censorship, would remove the severity and realism to the situation.
Stanislaw Swiecicki thinks confronting issues of the real world is inherent to the genre,
allowing for greater exploration of social inequality, brutality, decadence, greed & sexual
endeavours. Night City features six districts. The City
Centre where the corporations do their business. Westbrook, the home to the financial elite.
Pacifica is a haven for those of a criminal disposition, while Santa Domingo is an Industrial
Zone. Heywood and Watson are residential areas that feature strong cultural influences from
Latin America and Asia. An aphorism from Mike Pondsmith: In 2077 it
is not possible to save the world, it’s only possible to save yourself.
V will have temporary companions at specific points of the narrative. In some quests V
will be by themselves, in others, V will have one person like Jackie or even a whole group
depending on the choices the player made. The aim is to have a companion at points in
the story where CDPR believes it adds something of value.
In order to use smart guns V will need a specific connection to the gun via a piece of cyberware.
This will unlock the ability to use the targeting system that will multi-highlight the enemies.
Gun modules, Tech, Smart or Power will allow V to customize weapons.
Kyle Rowley stated that V can be played like Major Motoko Kusanagi, which he described
as a cyber-ninja. The theme of objectification will feature
prominently in 2077. Many times, people turn themselves into objects in order to rebel
or fit in. The inhabitants of Night City will respond to the V’s attire, tattoos, hairstyles
and physical appearance. 2077 will not use procedural elements in its
environment or quests. Every side-quest aims to be a complete experience on par with the
main quest. Night City is a dark, dangerous world and
some people are not able to make it to the megacorps or simply do not want to join a
corporation. It’s a human need to seek identity and some people just gravitate towards the
gangs. It touches upon a universal feeling we all have, the need to belong to a group.
2077 has a huge library of facial animations, significantly increasing subtle details in
NPC faces. When you first see a street vendor, they will try and sell you something, calling
you over to look at their merchandise. The player should be able to see enthusiasm in
the vendors face and body language. If it makes sense for the player to solve
a problem in a certain way, CDPR wants to cater for it. There is room for emergence.
CDPR aim to make the production values of side quests as close as possible to the critical
path. There should be something unique and cool about all of them.
Bathrooms will work. V can turn on the water, flush the toilet or use the shower.
Dynamic environments will react to V’s presence to assist in enhancing the players immersion.
CDPR are determined to make environments in 2077 as visually impressive when they are
untouched as when they are getting blown up, without sacrificing performance.
The NCPD might respond to any lawbreaking done by V. The police have high end cyberware,
as well as advanced weaponry making them formidable opponents. This includes cybersquads such
as C-SWAT and MAX-TAC. When there is no future, many people will
deal with that not through lethargy, but through more and more excess. If you see these individuals
in Night City for just a few seconds, there outward appearance may seem jovial. Just scratch
off the metaphorical paint, and all the sunshine and palm trees in Night City will suddenly
look completely different. There will not be an arbitrary morality meter
in 2077. It will be handled more organically, by tracking the choices V makes.
V cannot kill all NPCs. 2077 has a character-driven narrative. Killing all NPCs would break it,
or CDPR would have to spend a significant amount of resources just securing each character’s
death. The collar on the Samurai jacket acts as a
protection against hacking. The jacket’s shoulder protrusions contain digital fabric
that can provide a variety of functions. Miles Tost, explained that while 2077 can
be completed without killing anyone, V will still need to engage in violence. V cannot
simply talk their way out of all situations. On the topic of animals and pets, Miles joked
that food is difficult to come by in Night City, so it’s unlikely you will see many.
Players who attempt to think outside of the box when attempting to find solutions will
be rewarded for their endeavours, particularly in the Night City underground. CDPR believe
that the players should never be wrong, so if something should logically work in the
game, it’s important to try and cater for it, even if the choice could be perceived
as stupid by some. If V does make such choices though, NPC’s will comment accordingly.
V’s ability to Climb, Double Jump and Charge Jump amongst other things, will greatly enhance
the players ability to interact with the environment. In terms of climbing using the Mantis Blades,
it will be specific to certain areas. V will encounter many full borg characters
in the game, many of whom will look human in reference to the Cyberspsycho lady from
the original teaser trailer, which appears to have undergone full conversion. Patrick
Mills has previously hinted she is a cool character.
You can call your vehicle Roach. Lifepaths will determine where V starts in
Night City, she will start the game knowing different people as well.
The Cold Blood perk allows V to survive situations when they have received a lot of damage to
boost your damage output. Athletics allows V to move objects such as
dead bodies. Normally this act would slow V down, but with special perks you can run
with the dead body. V can throw knives.
V can customize weapons, in terms of visuals such as paint jobs.
Philipp Weber explained that Street Stories are the bread and butter of a street merc
like V, similar to monster hunting for a Witcher like Geralt. These are the jobs that V gets
from fixers like Dexter DeShawn, and doing these jobs gives V more street cred, so she
gets a reputation around Night City. Braindance will be an important part of gathering
information. CDPR confirmed that you will literally get
the opportunity to burn Night City. The main story of Cyberpunk 2077 will be shorter
than the Witcher 3, but will have far more replayability. This only considers the critical
path and does not take into consideration the side quests.
In terms of loot, there will be a myriad of items that the player might find useless,
but will be important to NPC’s. Once the player has completed the game, there
will be a cool way for V to continue playing. If you wait too long before picking a dialogue
option, there might be substantial consequences during a conversation.
Side quests will have a far greater impact on the critical path than what you experienced
in Witcher 3. In terms of car customization, it is currently
under consideration. V’s apartment will look different based
upon what lifepath you choose, and will also change over the course of the game. There
will be specific gameplay mechanics tied to the apartment.
Car physics should feel more realistic than that seen in GTA.
The Day-Night Cycle will have an important impact on gameplay, and can significantly
change certain scenes in the game. Police will not intervene if you commit a
small crime, for instance starting a fist fight, as this is considered normal in Night
City. Dynamic weather will impact how some NPC’s
respond such as using umbrellas or looking for shelter.
The car racing minigame will have an extra Cyberpunk touch to it.
In terms of Environment interaction around 70% can be destroyed or damaged.
CDPR have done a lot of motion capture for sex scenes and strongly believe everyone will
be satisfied by what is on offer. While V needs a Ripperdoc to install certain
cyberware, afterwards she can modify it herself. For example, replacing the mantis blades with
new types of blade. V can use Sandevistan.
V starts with basic cyberware, including a translator for the most common languages,
but you will need to buy additional software for less common ones.
That concludes the Cyberpunk 2077 News Rewind for 2019. I hope you all have an awesome 2020.

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