Cuphead: Cala Maria Boss Fight #16

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100 thoughts on “Cuphead: Cala Maria Boss Fight #16”

  1. Probably my least favorite fight in the game after King Dice. It’s not particularly hard, but man some of those rng mechanics in the first phase are fucking more annoying than fun.

  2. She might be based off of Thessalonike, a Greek mermaid who was said to become a gorgon when enraged

  3. The fact she spits out pirate ghosts during the first part of the fight, tells me she has eaten people, and kept their spirits in her belly.

  4. Wait…her snakes go to the back of her head to grab her eye balls and stretch them out of her she has a hole in the back of her head????

  5. This game was art in motion! I really cant wait for the sequel & then a totally new world these guys can make something truly special. Kind of sad we didnt see anything on the DLC I hope its not in trouble =(

  6. I literally just bought this game after watching this clip from it. The female boss has so much personality and it’s all animated beautifully. Along with that amazing soundtrack! You can never go wrong with jazz, if. Such a charming game. Well done…

  7. And this is what they called "harder than dark souls"? ffs is only metal slug with exta long boss fight hard

  8. Oh man I remember when I went Jesus mode on this WOREgon GoRgOn
    I went to her head and dodged her stone gaze…then I nuked this bitch
    (Insert earrape explosion sound here)

  9. Cala Maria is one of my favorite boss fights in this game. I loved her reactions when the fish squirmed out of her hands and when she got shocked by the eels.

  10. Well done. Some nice early RNG paired with some nice supers. This is the toughest boss in the game for me ATM.

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