Carmella Makes EMOTIONAL Reveal About Her Health & Why She Is No Longer Wrestling for WWE

Hey guys, welcome back to Wrestling World! Carmella recently opened up about her serious health scare that kept her away.

Hey guys, welcome back to Wrestling World! Carmella recently opened up about her serious
health scare that kept her away from WWE She has quietly gone missing for over a month
now and no one knew why until now Carmella had missed a few raw and Smackdown
episodes a few weeks back because of her vacation with Corey Graves, but when Corey returned
and Carmella was still missing, WWE Fans started to worry and wonder where she was at Carmella has been quiet on social media as
well, so it was hard to find answers on the whereabouts of the former Smackdown Live women’s
champion However, Carmella did return to social media
later on to explain that she had a serious health scare recently which kept her away
from wwe and really made her open her eyes on many topics She had this to say on Instagram: “I recently had a health scare that shook
my world. I was super apprehensive (still am) to post
about it because I’m not looking for any sort of sympathy…” “…Instead, I wanted to share what this
past month has taught me. You might find my perception to be trivial
and unimportant, but these are my thoughts…” Carmella went on to say that for the first
time in 6 years she was forced to take this break and just slow down for the first time
in her career She said that over this past month, she put
down social media and really took notice of the world around her that she had previously
been ignoring since she was so involved with social media She said that harsh comments on her posts
used to get to her, but she now realized that social media isn’t real and that none of
the trolls will be there to help her when she’s down She explained that she was grateful for all
this time that she got to spend with her sister, parents, and her boyfriend, who she called
the most supportive man Carmella wrapped up her post with this comment: “Let’s all try to be a little better as
humans. Everyone we meet is going through SOMETHING. Be nice. Life is short. Hug your family, laugh more, let the little
things go, buy the shoes and drink the wine.” So that was an amazing post by Carmella and
everything she says is true Social media is okay in moderation, but no
one should just devote themselves to it because there’s a whole other world out there to
explore We wish Carmella a speedy recovery from what
she is going through and we can’t wait to see her back out there in the ring What are your thoughts on what Carmella had
to say about her health scare and social media? Leave your comments, don’t forget to subscribe,
and leave a like if you enjoyed! Thanks for watching guys and we’ll see you
in the next one!

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