Bullying the Voiceless

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100 thoughts on “Bullying the Voiceless”

  1. Last Chance High takes viewers inside Montefiore's classrooms and into the homes of students who are one mistake away from being locked up or committed to a mental hospital.
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  2. These teachers have a chance to stop the other kids from making fun of spanky…..suspend or something. Taking points off a reading won’t help nothing.

  3. Man…I had the same problem as his from the age of 6 till 13.It's not related to breathing it's related to confidence and self-acceptance.

  4. I really feel like his voice problem has to do with his throat chakra. His dad made him feel like he didn’t have a voice and so did the kids around him and that’s why he lost his voice

  5. You’re being too hard on that poor voiceless kid who sounds like he has a speech impediment or some kind of speech the way.

  6. Bro the kids bullying spanky would literally be in the hospital in my school the football players dont mess around nor does anyone at my hs and ima freshman . Nobody at my hs likes nor does bully

  7. So no one can see his speech has been severely effected by everything he’s going through at home? I’m no professional but it’s changed that dramatically in 6 months yet, they’re saying Spanky is just nervous to talk 🙄

  8. I wish all the best for spanky, anxiety so high he can't even speak. Imagine being afraid your parent will murder you.

  9. Good and bad news. Good news: Spanky graduated highschool in 2016. Bad news: He works at McDonald's and previously worked at Burger King.

  10. Watching these videos made me realize that Martin Luther King Jr message didn't reach the next generation or African American

  11. This whole thing was very difficult to watch. I wanted to beat Joseph’s ass so bad & the teacher was really no help kids really suck 😢 I hope they removed spanky from that toxic ass environment 😭😭

  12. This poor little boy is aware his father went to jail for murder. He seen his father beat his mother and sister, he's afraid his father might murder him!!!! know wonder he has a hard time speaking. These poor children are being raised by destructive reckless bastard ass adults. His mother and father need to be put away just for the safety of this little guy.

  13. I cried so hard. This poor kid. The teacher allowing bullying & telling him to ignore it? He has severe PTSD, he doesn’t need a mental hospital, he needs love, validation & a male figure to talk to regularly.

  14. I feel bad for Mr. Johnson.
    I just hate that he has to put up with this type of mess then go home and and try to be calm as possible

  15. Mate that kid that was taking the piss out of spanky will get into shit when he Is older and will get into lots of fights and could get into the wrong crowd to mess with the wrong people

  16. Litterly if spanky didn’t have that issue then he would be at a normal school cause that’s the reason why he hurts people and that why he got there I feeel bad for him so much and kids can be so mean

  17. America is one of the most toxic nations on the entire planet and I feel bad for this kid the bullying just never ends

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