Bruce Lee Fight Scene – ONCE UPON A TIME IN HOLLYWOOD (2019)

Now I admire Cassius Clay I do What I admire is in his sport. There’s an element of true combat.

Now I admire Cassius Clay I do What I admire is in his sport. There’s an element of true combat When Cassius Clay meets Sonny Liston in the ring, that’s not two athletes posturing. That’s combat Two men trying to kill each other right now If you don’t beat him He kills you That’s beyond athletics That’s beyond Wide World of Sports, you know That’s two warriors engaged in combat. That’s what I admire In martial arts tournaments. They won’t let you fight like that. It’s very frustrating You stand in front of a guy you just want to let him have it But you can’t So you got to do this play-acting pattycake version? Cassius Clay Sonny Liston Joe Lewis The colored box are not that white kickboxing asshole They do what they need to do to win they unleash as much punishment as they have to to defeat the other guy, but In martial arts tournaments I do to win what they do to win. I unleash all my power. I kill people Well, if you fight Cassius Clay who would win well, that would never happen But if you did, what do you think would happen? I’d make him a cripple Hey you what’s your name? Hey, yeah you My name is cliff I’m Rick dong stunt double it’s done man Yeah You know, you’re kind of pretty for a stunt man. That’s what they tell me So did I say something funny stunt man? Yeah, you kind of did what’s so funny Look, man. I don’t want any trouble. I’m just here to do a job You’re laughing at what I’m saying, but I’m not saying anything funny. So what do you think? It’s so funny? What I think is You’re a little man with a big mouth and a big chip And I think you should be embarrassed to suggest you’d be anything more than a stain on the seat of Cassius Clay’s trunks father You’re the one with the big mouth and I would really enjoy closing it, especially in front of all my friends But my hands are registered as lethal weapon That means we get into a fight. I accidentally kill you I go to jail Anybody accidentally kills anybody in a fight that go to jail? It’s called manslaughter And I think all that lethal weapon horseshit is just an excuse so you dancers never have to get in a real fight, okay? How about a friendly contest No punching in the face two out of three Who puts who on the ground first? nobody tries to hurt nobody just Who ends up on their buck? That’s a great idea Kato You know Bruce I gotta find a famous that guy For what? killed his wife and got away with it that guy Not bad Kaito try that again Oh You

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  1. Clip Description: Cliff Booth (Brad Pitt) takes on Bruce Lee (Mike Moh) in a hilarious fight scene from Quentin Tarantino's ONCE UPON A TIME IN HOLLYWOOD.

  2. Tarantino imiated Bruce Lee's style for his block buster movie Kill Bill, and now he belittles and insults the man with this vain character. Tarantino!! what an ungrateful brat.

  3. if bruce lee still alive. he is probably most big star than the rock. do not know how he die? kill by bastard? accident? disease?

  4. Never have I seen a fictional portrayal on real life events been taken so seriously. Like if once upon a time in hollywood was a documentary on the life of bruce lee. OK I get the outrage for his portrayal. But jesus christ people it's a fictional movie with shit ton of fictional events. Just because his likeness was used doesnt mean his legacy was stained.

  5. Seriously man I mean seriously…….if you just want to glorify Hollywood…..then name it as glorifying Hollywood…..but what is it?….have you ever seen what you have made..

  6. bruce lee , the one of the powerful human , gets beaten by a Hollywood stunt devil!!! 🤣🤣🤣 this means kung fu , karate , all martial arts is no match against stunt devils …. wtf

  7. heres a Chinese American actor. Chinese americans are famous to be shameless. low social status all their lives, they will take on any role that is demeaning to the Chinese race just for a buck or so

  8. Forget about dissing Bruce Lee and getting Cliff Booth over as a bad ass in this scene, someone PLEASE teach the extra (leaning on the blue car) how to look natural smoking a cigarette! 🙂

  9. It doesn't matter how good Bruce Lee in combat in real life, yet I believe he is good, what matters it's his image is created to be a martial art master. Now this scene saying a random stunt man can easily take him down? What is the matter with the scriptwriter?? it is where the confusion comes from.
    Just like T-Rex, no one ever knows it is that big and feared by other species but this is the image in everyone 's mind. Will you find it confusing if a movie scene saying a cobra bite it to death?

  10. Waw what a bad actor and acting failed to iimmitate bruce lee.. his speed, stance and movement does not even match bruc3 lee …….. brad pitt would be Ko if he fought bruce in real life

  11. They made Bruce Lee lose in this fight. His first kick looks stupid + He was thrown harder to the ground + the last punch was from Cliff.

  12. Idc what anyone says here, this scene is great and Cliff would've destroyed Bruce had the fight been allowed to continue.

  13. Thankfully this scene has the 45 minutes of this dude going on about some nonsense because it gave me time to go out for a walk. Wtf

  14. Comment ce connard de Tarentino à pu faire un truc pareil.
    Non mais à part vouloir salir la mémoire de Bruce Lee, je ne vois pas bordel.
    Le combat est mou, sans technique.
    On dirait deux mecs sous antidépresseurs.
    Dans la réalité, Bruce Lee,et tout le monde le sait, n aurait pas fait toutes ces singeries(qu il réservait aux films) .

  15. Everyone needs to calm down. The title of the film is called “once upon a time in Hollywood “ . Which means means you can take it all with a grain of salt 🧂.
    1). Did Bruce lee have people who disliked him? Yes
    2). Did Bruce and people get into fights? Yes
    3). Was Bruce lee god like and never got hit or hurt during fights? Of course not.
    4). Are stuntman weak? No they are not.

  16. …let me read that over Bruce Lee.. vs Brad Pitt… what is this stunt doubles vs stunt doubles because Bruce Lee would have won this.. vs ''cliff''

  17. At the end bruce was a good man despite this fight, you could notice by the fact that he taught Sharon Tate some movements… it reminds me of Pai Mei from Kill Bill, a benevolent man whose good impresion is not seen but it is felt.

  18. Brilliant marketing ploy by Tarantino. Even Shannon Lee agrees the actor portraying Bruce did a good job on his mannerism's and voice. I like his flying side kick form too. And, yes it is a fantasy fight. But, it is akin to L. Ron Hubbard's lunacy. He took the main character out of another Sci-fi writer's story and killed him off in his novel. Bruce Lee's persona was cocky. And, he did issue challenges and was known to kick the crap out of a few stunt men. But, in real life he humbly said Ali would crush him. Linda Lee's book says Bruce thought he could beat Ali. Either way it is irrelevant. Noone can predict the outcome of an imagined situation. Neither Bruce nor Ali were invincible. Bruce probably had more street fighting experience. Elvis swept Ali's feet out from under him catching him off guard when they met. Then, Ali got up and put Elvis down easily. Ali was a black belt in Tae Kwon Do under GM Jhoon Rhee. At any rate the depiction of the Once Upon A Time In Hollywood fight lacks credibility. Bruce never would have done a flying kick in a real fight. He sure as hell wouldn't have done it twice so his opponent would know what to expect. And, Bruce did not yell when sparring in a high pitched voice like he did in the movies. It is both entertaining and disturbing. I like that Brad Pitt challenges Tarantino's point of view when they are being interviewed together. Tarantino admits he was having fun at Bruce's expense. So, it is all good.

  19. Brad Pitt moves pretty fast for a guy his age. Always wonder why he never did any hand to hand fight scenes in movies (besides Fight Club).

  20. Bruce Lee would never do a jumping side kick twice in a row. This is a guy who says to be formless. He'd probably fake into a low kick

  21. The funny thing is Bruce Lee really was a cocky sum a bitch. He was also a bully in his younger years. But he backed it up. He would never have lost a fight like this. NEVER

  22. ffs everyone knows this isn't what Bruce Lee was like. The same way Hitler wasnt blown up in France in real life. It's called a Tarentino film

  23. I can see why Shannon Lee was upset with this portrayal of her father. Bruce Lee did not act like that at all. If anything, people challenged him. Plus, his fighting style was all wrong. Bruce would usually initiate with his fists instead of starting out with a flying kick. Most of his kicks were low… he just did the high kicks for the movies because the looked flashy

  24. This is a disgrace to Bruce Lee legacy ! He was never that arrogant! In real life Brad Pitt would not be able land one lick on Bruce Lee!

  25. Nah, this does not insult Lee's legacy. His legacy is all the films he made in real life, which are amazing. This is a movie, it's fiction, it's entertainment. It's not meant to be taken seriously, it's meant to be fun. Simple as that. Grow up.

  26. What a fukn disgrace to portray Bruce Lee in this negative ignorant way. Picking a fight with a white stuntman would be beneath him. The actor who portrayed him in this scene should be ashamed! Tarantino just proved he is a rich racist white jerk. I had though better of brad pitt, if he had any balls he would of protested this stupid poorly directed scene!!

  27. Just like Bruce Lee had been saying when he was alive, Hollywood NEEDS to make the WHITE MAN the HERO! Bruce Lee would have killed Brad THE SHIT Pitt in real life, no doubt about that!

  28. BOOOOO! This so called spoof gives ppl that don't know better the wrong idea of Bruce. As a martial arts lover I can't believe he did this to Bruce. I wonder what Quentin T. would think about his pics of him hooking up with very young under age girls got out? I mean those are actually real. How he would feel to have his persona attacked?

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