Boxcaster News: One Day Away!!!

in today’s news what the hell else do you think we’re gonna talk about Hey everybody I’m Jason Abelson with.

in today’s news what the hell else do
you think we’re gonna talk about Hey everybody I’m Jason Abelson with your Boxcaster
news and it’s all about Vegas baby Mayweather McGregor it is going off all
the money coming in right now on Floyd that number that look like such a
bargain at four and a half probably around five and a half or six right now
and probably make it as high as seven that’s minus seven hundred on Floyd so
really the deals that these guys are getting or thinking they’re getting may
not be there come the opening bell all of Mayweather money is coming in right
now you can probably end up getting a decent
price on Conor if you’re patient enough and not impulsive and stupid and drunk
enough to bet on a whim like a lot of people are doing when it comes to Conor well Floyd seniors getting in on the
action too is if he doesn’t have enough to worry about his son fighting a guy
who’s never fought before he’s basically saying telling the media Connor is a
dead man he’s basically a dead man boy is gonna do what he wants to him he’s
a dead man of course I’m paraphrasing he said the
same sentence and just took him around 17 minutes to get out of his mouth nice to see you too what recap of stories of Mayweather McGregor would it
be if we didn’t talk about Paulie Malignaggi, Malignaggi again popping up like
herpes showed up at the Mayweather boxing club last night looked into the
camera and said suckers and then went off and he said he was gonna tell Floyd
all the strategy that he were ha ha ha funny Paulie oh so funny laugh until
the lawyer calls and says uh you had a confidentiality agreement schmuck that
you broke mr. loud mouth mr. Malignaggi mr. douchebag
oh by the way Paulie this was released today you did look good! I know guys not a lot of action today
it’s all taking place tomorrow so the news is a little dry and I know you love
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