Boxcaster News: Mikey Garcia Calls Out Miguel Cotto!?!

In today’s news Cyborg gets her boxing license. Nicola Adams set for her North American debut. The WBC’s got another.

In today’s news
Cyborg gets her boxing license. Nicola Adams set for her North American debut.
The WBC’s got another pretty new belt. And Mikey wants Miguel but does Miguel
want Mikey. Hey everybody I’m Jason Abelson with your Boxcaster news well you can
add Chris Cyborg Santos to the list of MMA fighters who might be trying their
hands at the sweet science. Apparently Santos the reigning UFC
female featherweight champion a little tired of having to make those crazy
weights that she’s got to do with the UFC so she’s gonna try her hands as a
junior middleweight in boxing you know what judging by some shape she just may be
pretty damn good. Speaking of hard-hitting games Nicola Adams the
two-time Olympic gold medalist will be making her North American debut on the
undercard of Golovkin Canelo that of course taking place September 16th at
the T-Mobile Arena so you too can get to see what all the fuss is about,
apparently she’s taking on Hungary’s Alexandra Vlajk.
Sorry Vlajk that will be the sound of your head hitting the canvas. Watch her
watch her watch her watch her watch her watch her watch her watch her watch
her Well the WBC has got a pretty new belt it
is beautiful apparently it’s full of macrame really macrame, what couldn’t get
any macaroni and glitter on it it’s wonderful this is going right up on the fridge
really the fridge Well they made it for the winner of next week’s fight between Canelo and triple GGG but win or lose we all know it ain’t going around the waist
of Canelo. And unfortunately this one doesn’t have any Italian alligator in it. Way to pop you get off talking to people about me behind my back going over my
head. And after watching Miguel Cotto knock around Yoshihiro Kamegai, Mikey
Garcia yes little Mikey Garcia he of the man who
just moved up to 140 pounds, apparently he wants a piece
of the new WBO junior middleweight champion Miguel Cotto. Alright let’s just stay calm here, Do not get all crazy on me. But Cotto’s people do not seem too keen on the idea saying we’re gonna wait to see what
happens with Canelo Golovkin and then speak to Miguel Cotto about his options
going forward but apparently Mikey G not one of them. I dream to dream and time gone by For all the best news
features and everything else connections to the sweet science you know where to
come right here Boxcaster.

3 thoughts on “Boxcaster News: Mikey Garcia Calls Out Miguel Cotto!?!”

  1. So cotto wants Canelo pretty much cause they're waiting until the winner and when cotto was asked he said no he never said that so pretty much if Canelo wins cotto wants him If Canelo losses cotto wants him or someone else not gonna make anything in the 40s pound wise so no Garcia Canelo or margarito I'm guessing

  2. make a video about the top 5 possible next Miguel cotto opponents plz !!!!!
    cotto vs Lemieux or cotto vs Thurman , cotto vs canelo , ggg winner , cotto vs trout or even Mathysse or Danny Garcia .
    I hope he fights lemieux .
    please god , make that happen !!!

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