Boxcaster News: Lomachenko vs. Rigondeaux Dec. 9th? **ONION EDITION**

in today’s news Saunders calls out Jacobs and Lemieux the jackal parts ways with McGuigan and boxing gigs get ready.

in today’s news Saunders calls out
Jacobs and Lemieux the jackal parts ways with McGuigan and boxing gigs get ready
Lomo Rigo looks like it might happen Hey everybody I’m Jason Abelson with
your Boxcaster news and before we get underway today we’ve got a little
housecleaning to take care of you know Fridays we do our bold predictions I’ve
got to get to this rewrite or I face some dire consequences this AB enero
pepper will go down to this throat I gotta eat this goddamn 11:00
god dammit sting whoo well I got 2 out Well i got 2 out of 3 wrong so it’s time for the onion no I’m not talking about the funniest source of news on the web talking about
this goddamn onion down this throat while I read this goddamn news I’m beating WBO middleweight champion
Billy Joe Saunders says he jump at the chance to fight Danny Jacob
jump at the chance or jump at the thought Billy Joe off a building perhaps
are you gonna bark all day little doggie or are you gonna bite Don go off and cool late I’ve been
drinking for a month those bad fire one’s called Belfast
Ireland style the jackal you know it’s a good name so fast
Ireland Carl and the jackal Frampton apparently parting ways with longtime
promoter Barry McGuigan apparently they weren’t too happy about how to play with
Andres Gutierrez broke apart cramping going his separate ways and you enjoy
your time but oh it’s time to move on i know that feeling! this is the worst And Boxing geeks get ready the fight you’ve been masturbating over for months seems like it might be go Bob Arum saying December 9th is a date and Rigondeaux and lomachenko will likely go at it at the theater at New York’s massive square garden ya laugh. That’ll take place
the summer night on ESPN what, so is a lot of boxing geeks happy out there today Can i just, can i try something, ya WOO Yay, can’t wait for that Wow, wow, wow if you liked our videos check out the other projects
we’ve got going on here including boxing world weekly which is available for our
fans in the US Japan and Germany on Amazon Prime I know you’ll like it and
for all the best boxing news & features anywhere in the web, you know where to come Boxcaster

7 thoughts on “Boxcaster News: Lomachenko vs. Rigondeaux Dec. 9th? **ONION EDITION**”

  1. I big Rigo fan but I'm a boxing fan in general so I'm just going to say I hope it happens I hope it's a great match and either way I loma or Rigo I don't mind.

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