Boxcaster News: David Haye MAY Face Tony Bellew!!!!

In today’s news David Haye, may or may not face Tony Bellew. Jeff horn looking for a dance partner and.

In today’s news David Haye, may or may
not face Tony Bellew. Jeff horn looking for a dance partner and Oscar De La
Hoya’s still can’t stop talking about Mayweather McGregor. Hey everybody I’m Jason
Abelson with your Boxcaster news former cruiserweight and heavyweight
champion David Hayemaker Haye is set to announce his opponent for his comeback
fight that’s slated for either November or December the leading candidate is the
man who shockingly stopped Haye this past March Toni Bellew. Bellew didn’t really stop
Haye. Haye is achilles tendon stopped Haye. But anyway apparently Haye and Bellew were talking
but according to Haye they’re not really agreeing on much Haye is saying the
likelihood of that revenge fight really pretty remote because they just can’t
agree on term A, B, C, or D but Haye not too devastated if that fight doesn’t happen
he said revenge fights have come and gone some have been made and some
haven’t so I’ll be able to live with whatever comes to fruition. Very mature
David. WBO welterweight champion Jeff Warren is looking for a dance partner as
well he was supposed to face of course Manny Pacquiao in early November but
Pacquiao’s duties as a senator apparently curtailed that fight, that
fight may happen in 2018 again depending on Pacquiao’s schedule as a senator but
Horn is scrambling to find a replacement Jesse Vargas the former champion at the
WBO apparently fell out as a possible
opponent the man they’re talking about right now
Bradley skeete! from the window Skeete! To the Wall From the Window to the wall that bitch Jeff Horn gonna fall. To all skeet skeet motherfucker, all skeet skeet God damn Ah That is hip, im fly, rad! And Oscar De La Hoya you know the big time for motor who’s got that
super bout coming up you know the one with Gennady Golovkin and Canelo
Alvarez well he’s talking about that fight he also can’t stop talking about
the Mayweather McGregor fight he loves to say how that fight was a
disgrace for boxing meanwhile they had four million people watch it, he could have
used it as a means of selling your fight but Oscar was you know complaining
anyway he’s still saying that Mayweather McGregor was a farce and that McGregor
wasn’t a viable opponent and that if he was in the ring with McGregor he’d be
able to stop him inside of two rounds great talk Oscar.
Is that uh is that a fight promise is that a proposal is that a pitch. I know
you’re in an interview and you’ll probably ask the question but really
take the time to promote fights that matter to you
not fights that will never happen. Speaking of Canelo triple GGG. We will be
there beginning Wednesday of next week with wall-to-wall coverage of everything
going on leading up to the big fight will be streaming live will put up fresh
content if it’s going on there you’ll hear about it here first on Boxcaster,
we can’t wait to bring it to you again tune in to Boxcaster next week for
special coverage direct from Vegas for Canelo triple GGG. And for all the best
boxing news features and opinions anywhere on the web when it comes to the
sweet science you know where to come right here the Boxcaster

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