Boxcaster News: Canelo Will Fight in May… Not GGG?!

In today’s news. Canelo is back in May but against who? Adelaide Byrd has flown the coop bye Adelaide. And.

In today’s news. Canelo is back in May but
against who? Adelaide Byrd has flown the coop bye Adelaide. And Wilder Ortiz all
set. Hey everybody Jason Abelson back from Vegas with your Boxcaster news and it
was a blast check out all the fruit of our labors through the site you will
love it, we had a great time bringing you everything going during the most crazy fight
week. Speaking of that fight Saul Canelo Alvarez telling fans he will
indeed be back next year in May, but he’s not committing to an immediate rematch
with GGG, aah horseshit Why Canelo don’t you think you could win
a rematch? don’t you think you won the first fight?
don’t you? or do you think you got your head pounded in? Well one person who
definitely doesn’t think you got your head pounded in is Adelaide Byrd. She
thought you won the fight going away it was a romp, ten rounds to two not even
close! no you are blind! wow that insane score cards on the Nevada State Athletic Commission told Adelaide Byrd, Adelaide take a break for a bit. you are tired, why don’t you relax, take a
couple of judging seminars and test it ever those eyes of
yours And according to keith Idec at
we have got a huge heavyweight title bout set for November 4th possibly
at the Barclays. Luis Ortiz the big slugging Cuban leftie the challenge
WBC champion Deontay Wilder Wow Wow Wow Wow Wow Wow Big fight also that’s going to be part of a big triple header according to Idec,
possibly including former two-time middleweight champion Danny Jacobs and a
man trying for a title at 140 pounds Sergey Lipinets alright alright alright And remember
guys we busted our humps in Vegas getting you some of the best
content you’re gonna find anywhere on the web for fight week and still up
there check it out it is fly as can be. And for all the best boxing news & features anywhere on the web you know where to
come goddamn it Boxcaster

8 thoughts on “Boxcaster News: Canelo Will Fight in May… Not GGG?!”

  1. Canelos a bitch.
    He gassed out and ran like a little girl and now he doesn't want no piece of GGG.
    BUT if he fights Jacobs or Lemieux, then I ain't bitching.

  2. Lets not kid ourself,3g had 2 month extra rest got a Canelo literally 2 minutes after the Chavez Jr fight,Canelo look fatigue witch understandable after 2 big camps 2 big promotions 2 trips around the world 2thousand interviews..That sh#t will wear anybody out,next time no Chavez Jr cushioning the 3g fight,a nice rest and main focus only 3g..

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