Boxcaster News: Adrien Broner is Having Problems… Again.

In today’s news old Adrien Broner is at it again, Katie Taylor gets her first world title crack, And James.

In today’s news old Adrien Broner is at
it again, Katie Taylor
gets her first world title crack, And James DeGale all ready to get back into
the ring. Hey everybody I’m Jason Abelson with your Boxcaster news and before we
begin formality we have to get to, you know, Friday I made my bold predictions,
and I actually got two out of the three fights right. Well if that’s the case why
we mentioning it, well I got it right but the South African judges they screwed up
imagine this South African judges giving the South African fighter in South Africa
the benefit of the doubt, when the neutral judge had Youri Kalenga winning
nine rounds two three, the South African judges both gave the fight to kevin
Lerena I have a two-part question go ahead
A are you kidding me and B seriously are you freaking kidding me? yep thanks a lot South African judges last time I ever predict a fight from
your country this is the treatment I get Guy won nine rounds to three and you
screw up oh yeah, you didn’t help me out either
Chocolatito nice aging before our eyes 70 years My name is Hans drinking has
ruined my life I’m 31 years old Well in case you missed it Adrien The Problem Broner is at it again the man who just can’t stay out of trouble living up to
his nickname one more time apparently footage submitted to TMZ shows Broner in
Las Vegas shoving a woman around on the strip and then cold-cocking somebody
knocking him out cold before he was escorted away by security he was later
let go. Why can’t I be the innocent bystander who gets cold cocked by this
moron. I would sue the bejesus out of him! Let it be me one time problem hit me I
dare you, I double dare you, Shut up old man you are going nowhere well she is one of the fighting prides of Ireland. There’s a lot of them but damn is she good Katie Taylor the 2012 Olympic gold
medals will be getting her first crack at a world title on the undercard of
Anthony Joshua vs. Kubrat Pulev October 28 from Cardiff Wales should be a great
fight she’ll be taking on WBA light weight world champion Anahi Sanchez. Should be a good fight while it lasts, but Sanchez My dear, you’re
going down down down Taylor will just absolutely Rob. She’s a
great fighter there’s no stopping her. I am shocked shocked well not that shocked And reigning IBF super middleweight world champion James DeGale has stated he will be back in the ring by the end of the year, last time we saw DeGale in
the ring was this past January we had a unification bout with Badou Jack, that
was a toe to toe war apparently suffered some injuries in the fight, but
he has used the time away to get back into help. According to DeGale you should be
ready to go by 2018. And starting Wednesday myself and Shawn Gardner my
partner in crime will be going to Vegas to give you all the pre-fight goings on
for Canelo GGG It should be a wild fight and should be a wild
weekend, we’ll be there for you every step of the way giving you the latest
action and gossip from Sin City. For all the best boxing news & features anywhere
on the web you know where to come, come on! right here Boxcaster

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