BOX FORT WAR! Nerf War Batman v Superman w Kid Deadpool Spiderman SuperHero Kids real life movie

(sounds of guns shooting) Open the gates! Oh my head! Sir! There is alot of troups coming in! Just go.

(sounds of guns shooting) Open the gates! Oh my head! Sir! There is alot of troups coming in! Just go through the sniper holes and hold them back for now. What is that? Oh, nothing. Ok so, what on earth is going on? Well, the best way to explain is from the very beginning. The war started with me and Superman. After the first fight it got messy I guess I started it by bringing guns. But Superman brought it to the next level. After the dust cleared, I was almost completely out of Nerf bullets. I got a few friends to help. Together we were able to hold the area. We started building our defenses here but that was the worst decision I’ve made in this whole war. What? How? Because of where we build the fort Superman controls the entrance No one gets in or out without him knowing. Superman knows that he can’t force us out. So he has to trap us in. He called some of his friends. And with their help, the wall between us and our freedom grew bigger and bigger. Then they started hoarding bullets and guns. It’s gotten to the point where you are lucky if you have three or four more shots in your chamber. Superman has been picking off my men one by one. Wolverine! No! No! Wolverine! We are holding out for now but we are not sure how long. Superman’s men haven’t been making much progress. So he decided to build an army! He declared himself king And he is forcing every superhero to immigrate upstairs and to join his army. Next. Passport please. Payment. You’re good to go. Next. Passport please. We fought them off but the west wall is damaged. And we are going to need some repair boxes. Ok, tell Hawkeye to give the signal to the spy. Ok I’ll go back to my post. Wait, you have a spy? Yes, we knew we needed a spy to win the war. What are you doing? We use this window to get things from the spy. For our spy we needed someone sneaky. Someone who could go anywhere and take anything. Next. Passport? Hang on! There’s something off about this. A green bullet? That’s worth more than five blue bullets! There was really only one person for the job. Who dares disturb my presence? Ugh, it is filthy in here! Cleaning lady. She’s been sneaking Nerf bullets and giving us supplies for awhile. She’s an expert. It’s just so dirty, you guys need to…. You! You’re the spy who I’ve been looking for! Guards! Uh, hey Batman! Come here! There’s something wrong with the wall! Batman! Batman! The guns are the walls! The guns are the walls! No! Meeting, right now! The guns are the walls? What does that mean? Maybe they’ve got extra guns we don’t know about? Maybe the walls are made of guns? Maybe they drew the guns on the walls? Wait, what did you say? I said, maybe they drew the guns on the walls. No, not you, deadpool. What, who, me? Uh, I said, maybe the walls are made of guns. That doesn’t make sense. The walls are made out of boxes not guns. What? We have a gun box, maybe they do too. I have a plan. Ok, the coast is clear! Move out! Thor! Knock the gate down. They’ve escaped! Next. You guys go! Drop your gun! Deadpool are you ok? Yeah, I’m good. I’m just going to take a nap. You go check on the guns. Ok Nighty night. Superman! This ends now! Huh? Oh my gosh! The guns are the walls. Cleaning Lady meant the guns are in the walls. Those are my guns! It’s time to end this! The legendary white bullet! Game over. Oh, oh, okay you win! You won’t be needing this anymore. Yeah, sorry. I just got a little power hungry. It’s okay. It happens to everyone. You want to make another next week? Yeah! That’s the story of the great box fort war! Wow! That’s a long story. Did that actually happen? Yup! I don’t know if I believe you. Come on Superman! Let’s go build it again!

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