hey yo what’s going on guys papa JQ from t epiphany and we are back with a brand new video.

hey yo what’s going on guys papa JQ from
t epiphany and we are back with a brand new video and today we are back in box
for high school that is right we are continuing our adventures in box for
high school Logan what are your great so far I don’t think my grades are too good
as of now I don’t think so either I mean we had art class I made a cat teacher
didn’t like that very much although we were really good at music class
I mean we’ve learnt a lot at this school so far that is true we actually have
learned a lot so far guys at the school but for as much as we learned we’ve also
learned some disturbing facts that is that the school’s principal is up to
some no good and if you guys have been following the series you know we are on
a mission to figure out what the school’s principal has been up to and in
order to do that we have had to join the school’s nerf team to go on a nerf field
trip and figure out just what he’s doing with all of the school’s money and if
you guys like these videos which I think you guys have been liking you guys are
finding them so awesome let’s crush our leg ghoul today let’s try and crush 50
eggs and likes on this video and we will continue box for high school and of
course guys if you’re brand new to the Pappa Jake family don’t forget to hit
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but we have a mission today guys and in order to find out what the principal has
been up to we have to go on this nerf tournament that the school’s doing so we
joined the nerf team and we’re going on the tournament where actually we’re
gonna be late for our bus dude the bus is leaving pretty soon that’s true okay
we should get going hello everyone oh hey what’s up I was able to look into
the files and have found some fairly disturbing information it seems as
though our principal is funneling money to create robot armor what what is he
talking about I don’t know but what I do know is I’m quite fond of dancing I like
to dance Wow he really knows how to dance not
fine for dancing this is serious we gotta figure out what’s going on here we are going on a nerve tournament I
expect nothing less this win I want all your boys ready with
your nerf guns and equipment we have never lost the nerve tournament in the
history of this school’s existence and we will not be losing it today the bus
is waiting outside and miss Claire negs ready to take you all to the tournament
itself who is this oh that that’s his motor he’s our robot friend
a robot you said well we are missing a man and we need three members of this
nerve team welcome to the nerve t-shirt gizmo did you want to join the nerve to
you well I’ve never actually fired a nerf gun before but I’m quite excited to
try team sports I guess I’m in as you would say all right recruits roll out
perfect all right welcome to the team buddy okay we need to get to the bus
quickly before the coach gets mad you don’t wanna be like this battle on this
one that’s the most fun I’ve had all day
that’s that’s one way to put it whoa dude holy never seen anything like this
before looks like this is where we’ll be
battling Oh shouting machine gun what are you take you on definitely grabbing
a sniper what do you want on second thought I think I might just sit on the
sidelines and watch you guys yeah I mean it might be a little hard to grab a nerf
gun with this okay hopefully on the sidelines all right I just have to get
geared up you’re ready finis well the rounds are pretty simple it’s a
one versus one if we can both win our rounds will easily get this trophy looks
like I’m up against mr. magillicuddy school in there I don’t know how they’re
gonna have against me but hopefully my training comes in hand ready one fights
okay looks like it’s starting time to do this gotta win this for the school and
more importantly Gizmodo then we can move I gotta get out of here you guys Rock keep going all right you’re up route alright Jake
will in the first match I got a little wonder up against oh okay I’m just gonna
go inside here for a sec okay I’ll just set up a nice little sniper position
that member can’t be too strong okay we’re gonna try hey take a look over
here what I see weak spot on his back okay here we go all right okay here we go all right well
we’re doing this okay we’re doing this that’s true we won we won we won but
dude wait we hate me for a reason the principles meaning we almost got
distracted it’s really going on right now we gotta
figure out what he’s up to I saw a new room next door what you heard me catch
this meeting share you’re telling me that the robots are out of production
and this here advanced technology is what you’ve been building it out of I’m
giving you every ounce of money as a school head and I expect this robot army
to be one of the biggest and best a great evils coming as much as I see my
spending hurt in this school and my need to deceive everyone and not tell them
what I’m really doing hurts them more I understand that in order to protect this
school against the evil that’s coming I have to build this army take can you
make out what he’s saying someone’s hair oh no we have to go let’s go we have to
go right now boys I need to know what you heard we’ve
heard everything sir but why didn’t you tell us you’re preparing a robot army to
protect the school against a great evil well to be honest with you I I didn’t
want to scare you the great evils coming I thought the only way to protect this
school was to build a massive robot army but Sir were the best box we’re builders
in the world me and Logan could build our own
defenses to protect the school you’re saying you two know how to build robots
and find out for great evil that’s more than I could ever ask of a student boys
I’ll give you two options right now you can go back to school go back to your
classes and live on your lives of students or you can work with me to
build a robot army and take down this evil they’ll have to make that decision
for yourselves all right should we do well I guess it’s up to you guys guys do
we go back to school and live our lives as regular students or do we take on the
great evil and build the fences against them leave a comment down below put a
hashtag Studies if you want us to go back to our regular classes or if what a
hashtag battle if you want us to go to war against the great evil we’ll see you
guys next time in another awesome

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  5. Maybe in the office you can put a quiet security camera because it make the noise the principal know you’re spying probably he might know your spine I’m just letting you know

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