BOUNCING IN FIGHTING | 3 Mistakes 1 Exercise — Jesse Enkamp

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64 thoughts on “BOUNCING IN FIGHTING | 3 Mistakes 1 Exercise — Jesse Enkamp”

  1. Thanks for everyone's insightful comments! 🙂 I appreciate your support. You're welcome to visit my website if you want to learn more about Karate:

  2. I would say the bounce depends on the style and stance. JKD we kind of bounce back and forth between our legs

  3. Love your video as usual bro! I didn't know you could do 10 push ups so fast haha. By the way, what does your belt say? I see Japanese words on it kinda like Ryu's belt in Street Fighter.

  4. I’m curious how you feel about bouncing and Tai Chi Chuan? I understand the value in it but I can’t seem to visualize it.

  5. Thank you, Jesse! This exercise seems very good for people like me, who usually get static with the legs movements.

  6. Hi Jesse thanks for the great vids , can you do some on stretching please ? I have recently returned to MA as a nearly 50 yr old , so its been a lot of years off and i want to know how far it is possible to get my splits ?

  7. Great video, especially the dropping concept.

    In my martial art, we are taught to sink to draw power from the ground, and this totally connects the concept of sinking and mobility for me.


  8. Whether you like or not, you're gonna have to go jump up. You can not just drop drop drop until you're in a duck walk position. Well, you can if you are on the top of flight of stairs.

  9. Oss Sensei! Sensei do you have any suggestions on how to practice kicks like( Mawashi giri , ura-mawashi giri, ashi barai or some other moves which puts pressure on one foot while doing) in CONCRETE FLOOR.
    In India 80% people don't have dojo so we practice on road side, fields or a place with concrete floor and we call it our dojo. And as we are practicing bare foot, we peep our foot skin of while doing these trainings.
    I would be very happy if you suggest me any options.
    Thank You Sensei. Oss!

  10. Im 225 muscular build my feet is planted on ground lol i often get hard counter attack because of this, do you have any tips for heavy set guys like me? I do kyokushin tho

  11. When I think about staying in motion during a fight, my motivations are threefold.

    The first is to shift levels. If you have grappling game, you want to be able to attack the upper body, the middle body, and the legs, and by shifting levels, you threaten all three.

    The second is to threaten the opponents flank. It's easier to hit them from behind than it is to hit them head on if you can, so, by rotating around your opponent, you threaten their flank.

    The third is to load your body with kinetic energy that you can channel into strikes, which you achieve by rotating your body. If you're standing still, you need to pull power from your musculature to deliver strikes, but if you're already in motion, you can just reach out at touch them, and channel all the kinetic energy you're already carrying into your opponent.

    I learned these principles through my training in Freestyle Wrestling and Capoeira. Though, I also have training in No-Gi BJJ and Muay Thai.

  12. Despite not having any martial arts training, I still enjoy watching these these videos to learn something interesting if I ever get into a fight. Never got into one (and I plan to avoid it ) but ya never know.

  13. The problem is I am a 85 kg bodybuilder and tire out quickly when bouncing even though I do a lot of cardio

  14. So do people in the point footwork style bounce as well? They probably do as well. Though I'm learning alot from your video. Thx

  15. Great video, excellent exercise for it….. Naturally i do not have an affinity for bouncing around, stationary comes more naturally for me. But i think with this exercise, with practice, will help. Thanks!! Just curious, what dan are you in Karate? and what style of Karate do you teach?

  16. Thanks Jesse, great video as usual! Love the tips and rope exercise, I'll use that one for sure👍

  17. Esse exercício foi uma ótima sugestão!!! Excelente vídeo!!! Parabéns!!! Tenho 1,62 metros e 57 Kg!!! Muito útil esse conteúdo será para mim!!! Obrigado!!!

  18. Hi Jesse. I get what you're saying but I think it's very important that beginners understand that it's not bouncing up and down like a video game character but rather from place to place so you're making use of the fighting space you have or changing the angle of approach to create doubt and uncertainty in your opponent's mind about how you're actually going to attack. Ultimately we want them to hesitate in some way to open up opportunities to strike or taken down etc. In Kendo we avoid bouncing as much as possible because we need to be able to use the full range of motion of our left calf to drive forward, however we still use this dynamic approach to footwork of manipulation of distance, centre line and timing to create clear opportunities to strike. So this kind of 1- 2 timing of the movement is important as opposed to both feet being off the ground at once. Would you agree with that from the perspective of your discipline ?

  19. Lol. Should have watched the full video before my long comment. Apologies I see you've covered these points now. Top job.

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