Front contact ! Front Contact ! Front contact ! Hide on flanks ! This way. Can you shoot or not.

Front contact ! Front Contact ! Front contact ! Hide on flanks ! This way. Can you shoot or not ? No, There’s not… What an asshole, we hit him first… Hide yourself ! We don’t go further, do we ? Cause there’s nobody ahead… At least 10 meters ahead ? So he gets cover in case of… Yeah, we have no choice. Luigi is with us. Fabrice, Is the vehicle gone frontward ?
Where it is relative to us ? [radio] We need more informations.
Where are you at the moment? [Radio] We are at the sandy hills. [radio] We are directly in front of sandy hills. Left flank, thank you. [radio] Twillight Sparkle from Jane, coming. Drive forward and wait in front of the hills. So that he can shoot over the hills. [radio] … [radio] … No enemy contact until now. [radio] [I don’t understand this dialect] Try it again with more speed. Ok, stay there. Ok, Loud and clear. 0-0-1 Skirmish formation.
All on left. We’re taking previous formation :
Middle, Romain and Casey
Right side and you come with me on left side. There ! They are moving behind the mound.
– I know. Stay here until… There’s ennemies upon the crest. Three. for observation… You’ve got one behind the small mound and one on the right… saw ! … On sniper spot. Shit on the wall… Derpy Hooves. My day ends here. … at least 80 meters, easy. Behind us is clear. There is one just above. Too far… too far… – Don’t waste munitions guys.
– Hey, they move.
– Yeah, saw it.
– This way ! this way ! Contact !
– Go ! Go ! Go ! – We stay here on covert fire. – Go guys ! we move our asses ! – We stay on covert fire. – There, above the hill. Above the hill on right. – Get out of your hole ! Get out ! Climb the next hill; we push forward. – You ! Squad leader ! You climb the hill !
GER: NICHT ZUR MAUER, ZUM HEIZHAUS! – You must go down when you’re hit. – Well done sergeant! – Ok ! Clean this chicks ! – Fall back to the second. – Beware, we have a tank Away from here! Fuck, we are wrong here. I don’t have the range Do we run ? Reloading ! I’m taking fire ! don’t know from where. Right ? – Whoaa ! Asshole ! – He has been hit. It’s clear. – First of the day.
– There is still one. – Beware on left.
– Up right ! – Reloading ! – reloading ! Give me a magazin! This one is empty! It is out of ammo! [Reloading like a boss] It is ok! Hey, check this site please! Where is our position? Don’t know. We must check the position, we are at the end of sandy hills. This car need to be repared by me? Where is the driver? We have a mechanic, over. Stay behind the car. Enemys are behind the hills, yes? Yes, there we are. This is our position. There are some enemys. In this direction. We must move forward and cover there. French translation was done from Babtiste Jouen, special thanks to him!


  1. Jeez… everyones trying to act all serious like real soldiers and keep standing in the open fields to seek their prey…

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