Black Women in Fighting Games (Black / Women’s History month contribution)

hey guys this is move legacies and I’m here to give a contribution today as I have now garnered the.

hey guys this is move legacies and I’m
here to give a contribution today as I have now garnered the ability to do so I
would rather not waste it on doing something else I’ll elaborate on this
later but now this piece is born out of an
honest appreciation for the black women that have graced some of our favourite fighting games
over the last 25 to 30 years And why I feel it’s important not to slow down.
Black characters in general are usually an overlooked choice as your front-runner for video games and of most other forms of media You’ll be hard-pressed to think of
a video game with a black character Taking centre stage on a video game cases inlay card. The reason given to me from a colleague on a video game course I undertook a few years back stating that such a move is not marketable from a business standpoint never made sense to me and after the supreme success of the 2018 blockbuster Black Panther, I’m even more doubtful by this thought process.
The implications of this are not exactly too impactful for me right now
because as an adult I have more control over the things that reach my computer
screen. It is however more troubling troubling for me to consider the more vulnerable of our community, namely our younger audience who grow up without a hero that looks like them. This is different than than saying they grow up without a hero at all, as there are many heroes in media and to this day I have no qualms in saying my favourite hero is not the aforementioned Black Panther, Django, Static Shock or the like but rather somebody like Batman or
Monkey D Luffy being a solid second as I’m talking I want you to realise that
this isn’t about hating on other races I’m able to love a character based on
their personalities lifestyle inner strength and convictions. Attributes passed the skin however a younger viewer may not be able to
appreciate such things at such an early age and would more than likely only gain base impressions of a character such as what they look like or what they do
in their respective series. Because blacks tend to be absent from
the central heroic role then from that young viewers perspective can an
opinion be formed on them? Well, yes but it’s captured elsewhere and if
you want to entrust a youngs’ sense of a black person to the music industry
Hollywood or even your neighborhood that you live in and that’s fine. What I hope
to do if God willing I can give a character to the young that they can
hopefully grow up with, who possesses virtuous values and looks like them and
they can emulate and cosplay and extract their belief systems as they see fit
this previous statement is a half answer to what I meant by not wanting to waste my abilities as a new artist. Now moving back to this piece, what I like about the
women in the piece is, and this wasn’t a deliberate action as long as you know
who these characters are not one of them exhibits any of the negative stereotypes that are
usually positioned upon the black women in our society and it’s nice
because it provides an alternative for a young black girl to emulate you could be
like Shaniqua down the road with her hand gesturing as if it was some sort of
karate kata she was practising or you can be like one of the ladies
illustrated in this picture who literally scours the world trying to
befriend anyone & everyone she meets I’ll leave the better choice for you to
decide now if you will I’d like to move on to a little story of a young boy with
in year six which is the American equivalent of being in the fifth grade
incidentally now as part of a Christmas play he was chosen to act as Santa Claus
and in terms of his performance one would say that there was no problems
with the boys portrayal and many would even say that he actually did relatively
well in his execution however was later found out by young boy after running into
his friend that despite his decent presentation their dad had made the
comment “Look it’s Santa with a dirty Face” Now off of this story there may not
be much reason to discuss the issue of cosplaying as your favourite hero who may not share your skin color however I believe it’s far-fetched to say you won’t
release me a passerby who will bring forth the thought of a glaring mismatch if
you decide to dress up as somebody who isn’t a part of your own race. That being
said do whatever you wish to do regardless of anything I say, I just want
to talk to the not so brave amongst us. So as mentioned before I
deeply appreciate these developers that include the black woman in their
games, my only problem is what are we doing and the answer is partly all we can,
there are many comics out there that are trying to make their way to the
forefront of our youths, regardless of colour or more can be done and if you’re black
artists and shy away from this issue I sorely believe you’re part of the
problem and if you’re a comic book reader and don’t support these guys,
don’t be confused as to why there is such a shortage of black characters the
comic book / manga can be thought of the blueprint to which a series can evolve
into something much more but we have to support it else those heroes can
never be truly born. Still will always have the Laquisha and Dunebug to rely on; won’t we… and with that said I’m out. Wait Wait Wait!
yes fighting game specialist I played every single fighting game there is you gotta tell me who dat! Who Dat!? I’m glad you asked, this is Irija and she’s
not actually from a fighting game but rather she’s a character from my new
book called Sown Amongst Thorns which I’m getting ready to submit to several comic
book publishers my own attempt to tackle the problems we detailed in this video
if I could ask anything from anybody who feels sensitive to the problems I’ve
discussed, whether you be black white Chinese Indian or whatever all I’d
ask is to support my new Instagram page or subscribe to my youtube channel so I
might start videoing my creative process when designing comic pages you can think of this as a plea but at the same time I don’t want to hold anyone
hostage. If you think the ideas generally lacking
or whack, you’re entitled to stray away from supporting my new work however if you
see promise let me know as it will encourage me to keep on going as I
really am willing to do all I can to change this reality for the sake of
the young with that said I really appreciate all the help I can get and
for you listening today thank you in advance, I know one day we’ll answer this
question. Thanks a tonne for listening to my truth, and I will see you later

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