BizNasty Does Warriors Camp

(upbeat rock music) – Welcome to the Vancouver Warriors training camp. – Thanks pal. (upbeat rock music) (murmurs) – How’s.

(upbeat rock music) – Welcome to the Vancouver
Warriors training camp. – Thanks pal. (upbeat rock music) (murmurs) – How’s it goin’? I’m Matt, captain of Warriors – Pft, Were the captain, were the captain. Look at me, I’m the captain now. – Is that from that movie? – What movie? What you talking about? Where’s my stall? 99 – It’s over here – [Paul] Is this some sort of sick joke? – [Matt] Everyone’s gotta earn their spot – F*ckin beam stall? – 202 NHL Games played,
2 times ECHL All-Star – I’ll earn that spot all right, chief. (murmurs) – Hey, what the f***
you doin’ in my stall? – You know why I just trying
to do a little redecorating around here. I wasn’t really feeling the
feng-shui sort of speaks, so, uh, if you don’t mind f*** off. I’d like a little me time
right now before practice. – We’ll see out there. – Oh, you will, most certainly will. – [Coach Chris] All right fellas, eh? Great to be back out here again. We’ve had a great 3 weeks
lacrosse good training camp, let’s bring it today. Let’s get it everything we’ve got. We’ve got Biz here for PTO,
Biz show us what you got. Hey, let’s all work hard and earn it. – Yeah, let’s bring it in here boys. Let’s give me a BIZ20 promo code on three one, two, three – [All] BIZ20 promo code – Let’s go swipe up.
Let’s go. Come on men. (rock music) – Hey, uh, coach Galley,
I don’t know what kind of Mickey Mouse operation
you’re running here, but pretty sure the trainer
gave me a wrong handed stick. – It’s coach Gilley. There’s no wrong kind of
stick, it’s not hockey Lefty, righty, they’re all the same. Don’t blame your equipment, bud. – Let’s just forget this
conversation happened, alright? – [Coach Chris] Hey! Yup! (upbeat rock music) Hey! Hey! Hey! – (groans) Ugh! What’s the altitude here? Bal, I’m gonna make you
my little bit**, bro (upbeat rock music) You gotta have that – [Coach Chris] We need one
lefty, three righties on O Let’s get five blocks on D. (hits) – Owww Oww What the f*** is that dude? That’s a f***in’ slash. What the f*** is going on over here? (punches) (groans) I don’t know if you’ve heard, but slashing is allowed, sweetheart. Hey, I’m open! (groans) – There’s only one captain here. – (groans) – (blows whistle) – [Paul] Slow down guys Stop being a f***ing hero out there (groans) How many of these do you do? – We’re just getting started. (upbeat music) – (retching) (groans) – [Matt] He didn’t even
come to camp in shape. What a muppet. – Let’s go bring it in fellas [Coach Chris] Hey, great work today. The intensity was high
up and on the floor here. I think it was a few things
that we need to improve on. – [Paul] Actually, yeah. That actually reminds me. Excuse me. I kinda want to say a
few things about that since it’s my first day. You know, unfortunately some
of you losers aren’t gonna make the team this year. You know, for some of you millennials, it’s probably a good thing. It’s gonna be a kick in the nuts. Adversity never hurt anyone, right coach? – [Coach Chris] Uh.. – And, I think with the
addition of me on this team, I think I’m gonna bring you
guys to the promise land. I think all my accomplishments
and my resumes speaks for itself. I mean, 2 time ECHL All-Star. Helped Team Canada to a couple
gold medals, not a big deal. Played in the NHL, is that good? (chuckles) One last thing coach, I
didn’t get my per diem pack before the practice. Just lettin’ you know. So, right back to what you’re sayin’. – Yeah, we’re a team here,
no individuals, okay? Bring it in fellas – Biz, what do you got? – Uh, 1, 2, 3 team, but
only the guys who make it. 1, 2, 3, Team! Oh. You scared me. How do you think I was out there today? – Pretty good – Yeah I thought so too I thought I was buzzin’ out there Thanks buddy. Thanks for the ice bags too! (exhales) – Mr. Bissonnette? – Yeah? – Dan would like to see you in his office. – Okay, sounds good, thanks. (exhales) All that hard work is finally paying off. You guys wanted to see me? – Yeah, come on in. Little bit of ice packs going there, eh? – Oh buddy, I just tryna keep
it fresh for training camp. You know, long season. – Lacrosse is a tough game, eh? – [Paul] Oh yeah, sure is. (groans) Jeez, oh. So, what do you guys want? – How do you think you
did out there today? – I thought I was excellent. Actually, speaking off
that, I was talking to my agent after practice, and uh.. he did a little digging
some of the top guys in the league are making. You know, because of my reputation and my social media following
maybe tack on another 20 grand get a cut of merchandise sales, and maybe even some tickets at the door. – Well, here’s the thing Biz. You’re cut. In all my years of lacrosse,
I have never seen someone with a least amount of skill that you brought to the table today. I got 7-year-old kids in
the Lower Mainland that can cradle a ball much better
than what you showed today. – I think you wouldn’t know
talent if it slapped you in the f***ing face! I come here on a Red Eye, all the way from Phoenix,
and you’re gonna snip me first f***ing day of training camp? (laptop slammed) Take this f***ing laptop and
shove it up your f***ing a**. – Sit down, I’m not finished with you yet. Take a breath. Believe it or not, there’s
people within this organization that like the energy that
you bring to the table. We’ve got something in mind for you, it’s not on the floor. It’s an ambassador role. You got quite the following out there. We wanna bring some of those
people to Rogers Arena, and we think you’re the
person that can do that. – I’m a little ticked off I got snipped first day of training camp. And I feel I have been
disrespected a little bit. But this could be a happy medium. On one condition. – [Dan] What’s that? – I ain’t payin’ for that f***ing laptop. – You’ve got yourself a deal. Welcome to the Vancouver Warriors. (upbeat music)

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