Beyond Scared Straight: You Look at Me Wrong, Imma Fight You (Season 9 Flashback) | A&E

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100 thoughts on “Beyond Scared Straight: You Look at Me Wrong, Imma Fight You (Season 9 Flashback) | A&E”

  1. Why is it that most of the bad Girls are over weight an not living a healthy life😂😂 an dirty like a garbage truck

  2. Brittany:If you look at me wrong Ima fight you
    Me:Ok boomer
    Brittany:Enough PUNCH
    Me: Jokes on you I am a martial artist, *Makes Brittany punch herself somehow
    Brittany: Ultimate kick move hi ya
    Me:I will also use my ultimate skill. ZA WARUDO,MUDA MUDA MUDA!!
    Brittany: NANI!

  3. Cats are cute and my cat was purring on my shoulder last night i know This is the wrong video to say that on but my cats are the cutest

  4. Lets be honest here. Everyone looking at her funny. We're just the lucky ones tucked in our bed eating hot cheetos while roasting this obese girl.😂😂

  5. 0:30 what do u think fighting really means to u? I bet you gonna sit on them don’t fight someone when they can cuss u out. Probably no one will like u because you’re in jail.

  6. Bruh her hair looks like Patrick armpit hair that’s sad if I went out with that hair in public especially tv then my life over😂🤣

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