(Attack on Titan) Reiner & Bertholdt || Warriors

Eren. You got a minute? We need to talk. Five years ago, we demolished the wall and began our attack.

Eren. You got a minute? We need to talk. Five years ago, we demolished the wall and began our attack on humanity. Did you see the Colossal Titan? Yeah, I saw it. I’m the Armored Titan and he’s the Colossal Titan. What about the Armored Titan that broke Wall Maria? They call it that, but it looked like a normal Titan for me. Our primary goal was to ensure all of humanity was wiped out, The outer gate was destroyed. Titans have encroached upon the city! but now there’s no need for that. Eren. If you agree to come with us, we won’t have to destroy any more of the walls. As their comrade, I’d find it hard to believe. Bertholdt. Set aside Bertholdt, who doesn’t say much. Reiner. Reiner is like everyone’s big brother, and he’s not devious enough to deceive all of us. I’m saying… Why don’t you just come with us? What will it be, Eren? Hey… You’re kidding, right?
Bertholdt? Reiner? This whole time…you kept quiet and deceived us? That’s so cruel! You guys… What were you guys thinking this this whole time? I’m going back to my abandoned homeland.. That’s all I care about. I’ll do it, no matter what. That’s it. I’ve been here too long for my own good. We were just kids… We didn’t know anything. If only I never knew that there were people like this… Wait! Thank you… Ymir. I… wouldn’t have become… Reiner! …such a half-assed piece of shit! It’s too late now. – Let’s go.
– Yeah. I don’t know what’s right anymore. Reiner used to be… a warrior. I made the decision to become a soldier on my own, but it sure as hell isn’t easy. – But… the only choice for me now…
– Reiner! – Are we doing it?!
– …is to face the consequences of my actions… – Now?! Right here?!
– …and as a warrior… …fulfill my duty to the better end! You guys… neither soldiers nor warriors. You’re mass murderers who kiled countless innocent people in cold blood! You think I don’t know what?! I don’t need you to point that out to me! Tell me who… who the hell would want to kill people by their own choice?! I’m sorry. People hate and despise us… We’ve done such terrible things, we deserve to die. But.. we just… couldn’t come to terms with our sins. – Do you want us to apologize?!
– Neither of us have any right to even apologize. The people you thought we were don’t exist! But… someone, please.. Someone find us! We’ve been searching for a clue these past five years and we finally found it. We’ve made it this far. We have to bring Eren back with us. Back to our hometown. – I’ve told you a bunch of times, but…
– Reiner! You and I will be in separate positions. -So try thinking on your own for once.
– Yeah. That’s right. We’re gonna win and end this. My brave warriors. It’s time to settle this here and finish our mission once and for all. See ya. I’m counting on you, buddy. Leave it to me. It’s been a while since Reiner transformed… No signal yet? Reiner… Are you okay out there? There it was! The signal! Brace yourself, Bertholdt. Almost there.. I’m almost free! Where are you, Reiner?! I’m coming! REINER! Our hometown is waiting! Let’s go back! Hasn’t it been long enough? When you think of everything we’ve been through already, it would be so simple! You’re right. We’ve come so far. it’s just one final hurdle away. Bertholdt, we’ll get though this and go back home! We’re going to see our hometown again. Yeah… Let’s go home! Annie! Reiner! Reiner… You were incredibly lucky.

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  2. Reiner and Berotoroto went from side characters with little to no screen time to one of the most interesting antagonists. Honestly, I never expected that, specially Reiner’s depth with the split personality and all. Berthold wasn’t as interesting as Reiner but at least he got a little more depth at Part 2, at least made me simpatize with him

  3. Warriors or soldiers? There is no moral problem bigger than this for Reiner and Berthold. For my opinion they deserve so much better.

  4. Your attack on titan videos are really really top notch. I love the fact you gave perspective on both warriors.

    Should have included bertolts ultimate nuke transformation, but great video.

  5. This video is kinda POV that the warriors are heroes. They have no choice but to retrieve the founding titan to save marley

  6. This is the most beautiful thing I've ever seen! You deserve wayyyy moreeee likes and subscribers!!! Your work is outstanding and beyond perfection!😁💖✨💫

  7. Congratulations! A great video about the height of a great character! "The only choice for me now… is to face the consequences of my actions and as a warrior… fulfill my duty to the better end." (best Reiner talk).

  8. This is why i love this show: the so called villians in this show arent one sided like in other Animes – for example Aizen from Bleach – but people one can really feel into. The warriors are simply people who were indoctrinated from the beginning and have to obey their orders, otherwise it would harm their families. They have doubts about their actions and feel remorse – or in Reiners case get traumatized.

    The same goes for the so called heros: they also do "bad" stuff but they do it in order to save their friends. But they even sometimes show signs of sadism and joy of killing. Also, after finding the ocean, Eren and Co. could have strengthen their islands defend but they instead decide to attack the territory of their enemies, where many innocent civilizians live.

    For the reader its difficult to decide whose "side they are on". This is just like reality. There is no clear good and evil. Everyone has their point of view and interests.


    Eren: You guys are neither soldiers nor warriors. You're mass murderers who killed countless innocent people in cold blood!
    Also Eren: Kills lots of innocent people in cold blood on Liberio

  10. Ya know it just dawned on me, eren actually got his revenge for his mother because Bertholdt was the one who kicked in the wall causing the boulder to crash on the house and his mom. So I mean hey respect to eren the guy got vengeance I got nothing but respect for that. Sucks for Bertholdt, dude was a well written character.

  11. You did an amazing job with the sound! Please, if you have some free time, could you do a rip of You See Big Girl / T:T from their scene? You'd do a lot better job than the ones already on youtube.

  12. I wish i know you in person and shake hand with you and tell you i can't thank you enough for such art ♥️🔥

    شكراً للمترجم

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