Arm Wrestling during Dark Hours (Right Hand) – AW #0010

Here so you can relax – You’re not the one who will drink. Go? – Oh it’s starting. He doesn’t.

Here so you can relax – You’re not the one who will drink. Go? – Oh it’s starting. He doesn’t drink. About holding the table… – Now ready? 1, 2, 3. Oh shit ! – Whoa sorry. Straight down? My goodness. Foul if the body will turn around. – You’re so pumped dude. Not like that. – No chair? You gotta foul if… actually there’s no such thing as a foul. Don’t sit. – No sitting. No, there’s a foul. Use your strength first Jie. Let’s see if… Try to use your strength first. Use your strength a little. The water will get hit and fall off. Ok Ready… – Wait let’s move your elbow. Wait, get the water out there first. Ok wait, – Get it, get it. – Ok it’s me who will call it. Just position our arms. – Get the tupper ware. This play is fair. – Game, Game ! Just hold on, here. Here move your elbow here ! Above the table no holding… No you should hold. The other hand should hold in arm wrestling. No don’t hold during arm wrestle. Ok now show me your strength. He can’t do it. My goodness… – uh it’s over now. Uh, Shit that was… His arm is crazy, was clipped before the go. That wasn’t it? – Ok let’s go again. Ok that doesn’t count. He’s holding over there while you aren’t. Just hold, hold. – I said too that you should. Jie is holding over there while you aren’t. Here is very far. There, hold it there first. Ok . – Just hold on tight. See? now it’s on! Because your holding. Let’s see it. Here it is! – Now that’s… Here it is! Aw come on, go! Oh my! you’ve got so many piggery. Jie Ar is really strong. – But he’s really strong too. Unlike the others that i have faced. His hand is too long. Yeah it’s really tall. – Gotta switch now dude! replace. Yeah dude move along. Fuck it dude. At this match, the other hand should be at the back. Your hand should be at the back. Huh? No holding on. Game? This should be fair. 1, 2, 3. Come on, still go! I don’t have the strength dude. Try it one more, you didn’t used it. – This is recorded get serious, just a little. Come dude just use it. Huh? I’ll use it? Hold here – Huh? Hold over here at the table. – Hold at the table. What? no! – It’s ok and allowed. Here? here? – Yeah. Come on. I can feel it, no use. Who’s losing, you or him? He can’t beat me like this. Oh! what? You already know right? Because the chair may break. Break what? that’s already broken. The chair is broken. – Crazy. The chair may break, see this? – Disqualified then? This is already broken though. He’s going to have a difficult time with him. You should fight this instead! This is the only person that’s currently hard for him to deal with. Now try him. – I know his tough. Go over there i’ll smash your right hand. Just to be fair the hand should be at the back. No it’s dangerous, he’s really strong. That’s not right that the hand at the back. But the the table may get destroyed. – He’s really strong. The table will be destroyed from you two holding it. Get that pitcher out of the way first. Ooops wait, wait. Get that pitcher at the back. 1 2 3

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  1. Arms wrestling was very cool and fun with friends. Thank you for sharing. New friend here sublik 🤝🔔🌹👈🏻stay connected

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