Are the winds of war beginning to blow between US and Iran?

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100 thoughts on “Are the winds of war beginning to blow between US and Iran?”

  1. No the best way to avoid war is to not be there but the real reason behind this does not fit a pc culture .

  2. Iran has an economical crisis through all the sanctions imposed on her that logically makes her incapable of initiating war or warring, period. The US NATO and its allies are the war machine that had proved itself destructively time and time again in the region,so everything else more than this seems a hard fact to grasp launched by mass media!
    The regional threat in the Persian Gulf isn't Iran but those countries and their allies that will gain much for their interests. There's many militia groups in the Arabian continent and Israeli government has some of the most effective militant groups. Nobody wants wars or likes to cause wars because war is very expensive unless it's for reasons to test weapons (like was done in Iraq war by the Anglo-American war machine and maybe Israeli government connection), or to invade and control another country's resources, land etc. for wealth gain.
    How could poor nations in the Middle East that can't afford to buy and food and medicine afford to buy guns and ammo. Why is USA, UK giving so much aid money to Israel? Iran can't afford to spend money on wars elsewhere because of all the sanctions imposed on her,logically makes her incapable for funding wars! Only countries that have extra money lying around can afford something like wars. As far as funding is involved, war for a country in Iran's situation isn't capable to initiate or fund a war, logically speaking…

  3. I wish all our soldiers would say NO! Then start firing shots and missles at the White House and Presidents and Politicians so we can START OVER with new leadership and happy country.

  4. Believe me or not, everyone in Iran misses their hope utterly and under the sanctions and shadow of war, life is getting harder and harder everyday. Nobody minds us and it seems we are forgotten in this brutal world.

  5. Imagine if iran put bombers and carriers in the gulf of mexico..and can't sell your oil.

  6. I realy hope the mighty USA does bomb iran then WW3 does happen ..then we can use our nukes on all our enemies. Let get the party started … Yup

  7. The irony! They didn't care about India VS Pakistan war! That's why I love seeing world suffer from wars!

  8. What is wrong with America, the whole world had enough with your unjustified wars and genocides, just stop with these nonsense wars.

  9. We dont want to fight many of peoples are poor because usa but we still love usa people we hope the day who we can be friends,,🌹 why usa want to get all the world

  10. Shame on war mongers…STOP weapon business, better to beg and run the country instead of selling war material,willing to happen wars.

  11. Trump should kick out Bolton immediately. Bolton is making the USA very unpopular all over the world.

  12. Some of you won't understand this, and we all are going through different walks of life, as I type this comment, but for me, this is kind of painful. My eyes are literally welling up with tears. It's almost hard to breathe. Just the thought of it burns my chest. I'm sitting here crying right now, but before you judge me, understand that I'm cutting an onion.

  13. Stop drumming up war, and stop making war seem inevitable. I am so sick of the mockingbird press, mindlessly repeating the Pentagon's talking points.

  14. I am not confused about US policy on Iran. US's been trying to push Iran around, hasn't worked. so now the US is pushing for war. That's all. How about the US gets out of the Middle East. The unbearable overbearing US, a pest and a menace

  15. The US weapons manufacturers need constant war calamities for them to profit , so this situation is also induced by the powers inside the US not by anybody outside.. The whole game is to fool the people to take wrong step .. everything steps in the media , new films everything just to get an agreement… Same which happened wid Iraq , Syria, Lybia ..

  16. The market is expecting a war. military stocks are going up. Several parts of the country are recruiting! I expect a war in 2020, about the same time when we’ll go through a recession

  17. Israelites are people who need a homeland for their race, culture, and values just like every other group of people. Every Christian is indebted to the Israelites who gave Jesus and the modern ideology to the world to be a better place. I think Israel should defend itself and not surrender. Consider the facts:

     About the chosen people:
    I have some thoughts about this important issue of God only saving the "chosen people". Its disturbing because most people are not Jewish, and is it then hopeless for others not born in the Jewish race? I recognized that they were actually chosen to be purified as a united group of people on behalf of all humanity, so as Jesus could then come through them, their purified vessel, to be offered to all of mankind as the "Son of man". If we to purify ourselves with Jesus and his Way, we will be chosen to be saved. Also consider the example that only the high priest, and not just any Israelite was allowed near the arc of the covenant in the holy temple, so as to break bread and commune with God. If we have Jesus as part of us, and expell the seed of sin, and are reborn, we have the bread and wine so the Spirit of God can come and commune with us in our living temple.

    Any principality that prevents Gods offering of Jesus, is a synagogue of the devil.

  18. Long live the Iranian people, you have survived Alexander the Great, Arab hordes, Genhgis Khan and European colonists.

    Zendabad Iran
    Love from your neighbour Pakistan

  19. I'm iranian and now i live in iran – i want to say the regime of iran wants to fight with us ( not the people ) – Iranian people need to a new revolution in country for start again and make communication to the world – I hate the mullas , We hate this regime , They made a prison of our country ( iran ) for us and threat for Us and all countries. f–k politic and viva peace. good bye


  21. Gotta protect "American Interests" (Petro-Dollar).
    There won't be war… Until the first barrel is sold outside the Petro-Dollar system.
    Heck, I bet it doesn't even get delivered.

  22. what trump is doing with iran should have been done 20 years ago….yet the democrats still want to baby sit iran with appeasement and being nice….iran is a major threat and trump is doing what is necessary….the only thing Russia, china, nkorea and iran….understands is power and strength…..exactly what trump is showing.

  23. They're getting ready to attack us ?? I don't see Iranian Warships along our borders. What do we expect when we attack them with sanctions and surround them with our military. ANY COUNTRY in their position while being threatened would prepare to defend themselves.

  24. Liston to these blasted bobbleheads ……. saying how Iran tactics is this n that " sounded exactly like what killery laughed about – lybia – cadafi " and go further to speak on showing of force ( who n when will back down ) jackass 😠 …….back in the 80's obumer did'nt unfreeze a billion + dollars and GIVE then a blasted drone n schematics 😠 , even Fox is on that garbage …,…check this out f ox …..not all of us have short term memory 😕 .

  25. Bloody war mongers , blood thirsty nation, they can NEVER ATTACK Iran , reason is Iran can bite back

  26. Why are the US forces at the Iranian border in the first place? US is thousands of miles away from Iran but still is threatened by it!? Smh.

  27. I do hope war can be avoided, the tragedies and casualties around the world is bad enough as it is. Also, I urge people not to get provoked by certain extreme comments, we can do better than that. Don't fall to the same level.

  28. We iranians don't want the f*king WAR. We want only regime change. We are mostly educated and openminded nation and want to have relationship with the whole world

  29. Never thought I would see Fox News comment section filled with anti-war americans. I dont really know what else to say but thank you.

  30. you just sell your wepeans to sudi arabia and what about jemal khashokchi?trump answer this question?but sudi arabia pay money and tell be quiet ,ashamed of you trump and your governement

  31. Read Jeremiah 49 – Iran will be destroyed. But read further in Jeremiah 50 + 51 and see how the USA will be destroyed by the King of the North ( Russia ).

  32. Iran is not Iraq or Afghanistan. They were exist 2000 years before usa was born. Usa is newborn baby in world family. They will not bow their head just in a second. The question should not be "what usa wants". Instead ask " what Israel wants" . Usa is body but the brain is Israel. Usa can not do anything without a command of Israel . Their whole economy depends on Israeli lobbies. Banks insurance companies stock markets everything. Americans think that they are best in the world . It's true because Israel wants this . Imagine a country educating it's own kids by lending them thousands of dollars. Imagine a country selling a medicine for 2000$ which is sold for 8$ in Australia. Americans are modern slaves of Israel . By saying all these things believe me I don't feel any hatred against Americans. Quite the opposite I like them. I lived in usa and I see that citizens are totally different from politicians. Last but not least I never blame Americans because of what's going on right now. I m just sorry for American people because their kids will be the one dying at the end of all these ridiculous wars

  33. The U.S. ENTERED the Middle East To SHOW OFF the U.S. Force, n NOT!!! the Forces of the Middle East entered U.S. territory!

  34. You keep on strangling Iran with military bases and then economic sanctions and you are talking of these credible threats.

  35. The US has got a breaking record in failing interventions and mess creation: somalia, afghanistan, iraq after heavy sanctions and disarmement ,syria, lybia, yemen and shamefull run and leave without trousers on from vietnam, late coward intervention in world war I and II after all belligerant exausted without omitting yougoslavia after collapse of soviet union. Not brilliant record for a tiger from paper don t you?

  36. Trump has been and always be an orange puppet for the military industrial complex. All neocons and neo libs along with the American propaganda machine. Fox cnn msnbc abc cbs will get behind this.

  37. when peace is on trump and Bolton's mind we'll know it or we would know it……..disarmament of our own stockpiles first even as a gesture without any strings attatched, offering to help them with financial assistance and in other ways if they agree to a drawdown of nuclear stockpiles. this really should be the case with the u.s and Russia and china…..countries like iran and north korea might want some things to happen their way before they ever would but they would eventually. so trump moving this country in a good direction by way of taking steps towards peace really doesn't seem at all possible for him somehow, but then……he is a businessman, he knows how a business can succeed as in our country is as a business to him, but if other businesses in the world normally had the option of real war that would make sense, trump thereby can never have real leadership smarts in a situation of escalating tensions along the lines of war with any real foe the u.s has, so this cannot and will not end good for the u.s or its foe. war is not ending a business's trademark, its ending the people and structured living that they had, its pure destruction blindness that trump shows……and that's dangerous!

  38. Why does'nt Trump leave his number for the American citizens to call to see what they think about the situation .

  39. Propaganda from left and the right! The US has been planning to invade Iran since 2007, it's a fact. Funny how all coorperate news will never be against war….

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  41. Just like Fox showing Iranian space shuttle program being launched and then showing Iranian military. To try to scare you..

  42. The majority of people on this planet do not want any more wars. Listen to the majority or pay the consequences. Listen well.

  43. We should all vote on war with Iran here in America. And anyone who votes yes should immediately be inducted into the armed forces. We will then see just how much war support there really is. We will see hawks turn into doves quickly!!! More like turn into the sissies they truly are!!!

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