Arcade1Up Star Wars Arcade Cabinet – Pre-Orders Are Now Live!

Impressive…..most impressive today’s finally the day, and the moment we’ve all been patiently waiting for the Star Wars arcade 1up.

Impressive…..most impressive today’s finally the day, and the moment
we’ve all been patiently waiting for the Star Wars arcade 1up cabinet from Atari
is finally here ever since they’ve pulled back that black cloth at e3 and
showed us the secret surprise reveal we’ve all been chomping at the bit to
absolutely get this and now today’s the day you can go ahead and preorder it
down below I’ve got the store links set up for you so if you want to go ahead
and get that but let’s go ahead take a closer look at just what we’re getting
for our hard earned money that does it for today’s video I just
want to make sure everybody was up to date and the know knowing that you go
ahead and pre-order this cabinet today thanks for watching this video make sure
you subscribe to the channel if you enjoy the content and as always thanks
for watching oh yeah and guess what and force be with

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  1. So I'm guessing you can't even it order it when you're in the store? cuz I just tried like an hr ago before I saw this video and before I knew it was actually even out for pre-order

  2. $499 is a hefty price considering that Marvel released yesterday…but that's the price we have to pay for Star Wars licensing. I loved Star Wars arcade games growing up and are my all time favorite but I'm just not sure yet

  3. Cooltoy,

    Dude, you're the greatest! But what an adventure that was… Here is my frustrating experience trying to pre-order one of these:

    – I used your link to pre-order and it sent me right to Game Stop's pre-order page. As soon as I added the cabinet to my cart, a message popped up saying, "Your shopping cart is empty!" I thought, "This Is Not Happening!" I took a breath and continued…

    – I decided to go directly to Game Stop's website and tried to order it there. I was able to add it to the cart, but as I went through the checkout process, TWICE, it wouldn't let me complete the purchase, with either Credit Card or Paypal. It wouldn't ever bring up a "Place Order" button, so I couldn't continue. I thought, "Is This REALLY happening?!" It shouldn't be this hard…

    – Driven by wanting to own this glorious piece of my childhood, I started to troubleshoot further. Could it be the browser I was using? I use Firefox with a bunch of plug-ins, so I thought that might be the issue. So I shut down Firefox and pulled up ye' old Internet Explorer, which is clean and stock. Trying several times, no matter if I used your link, or went directly through Game Stop's site itself, every time I added it to cart, It would return the message, "Your shopping cart is empty!" So using Internet Explorer wouldn't even get me to the payment process.

    – I got a bit worried at this point, so I called up a Game Stop store, HOPING that an employee there could help me with my pre-order. Well, that went about just as well as you can imagine (sarcasm in full effect). After putting me on hold several times, not knowing what the heck I was talking about, continually asking me what console it was on, which I kept telling her, it wasn't a console, but a mini arcade cabinet by a company called Arcade1up, she still kept telling me that she didn't think they sold that console. She did eventually figure out what I was talking about, but said she didn't think it was up for pre-order, even though it let her add it to cart. She said "This is very strange." She put me on hold once again, so she could get with her manager. While I was waiting, I desperately tried one last attempt to pre-order it online with Firefox using your link. I guess someone FINALLY smiled down upon me, because the order FINALLY WENT THROUGH!!! I also got my conformation email!!!

    Hoo Boy, I wish this wasn't a Game Stop exclusive (according to IGN at least). And Game Stop wonders why they are losing the battle on all fronts. Even though my order did go through, I'm still crossing my fingers I'll get it. Game Stop has this one last chance to redeem themselves with me and I hope they don't mess it up.

    Thanks for listening and also posting this GREAT NEWS! I hope you were able to get one if you were interested. Arcade1up has made a comeback from its mistakes from its Series one cabinets and improved on all fronts, fixing the issues to deliver great build quality on all their new cabinets. I'm putting my faith in them as well, one more time, because they've put their actions to their promises. Please Arcade1up, as The Beatles once sang, "Don't Let Me Down."


  4. I only want the marvel cab but I would buy it if it had marvel superheroes vs street fighter and marvel vs capcom 1

  5. You knew all along didn’t you 🤐🧔🏻, doesn’t look like you have time to even shave with all this excitement, I would’ve skipped it also 😂, thanks for finally showing some gameplay from these games, I remember now playing Return of the Jedi and driving one of those cruisers (I don’t now the name of those hoover-bikes), $500 is too much for my britches for now, hopefully a deal during the holidays, thankfully these aren’t special edition buys and I can eventually grab one, thanks @cooltoy keep it up for us Jedi’s 😎

  6. Thought this might bet the Star Wars Trilogy arcade cabinet. Might cough up 500 for that one but not this. Cool piece though!

  7. My local grocery store had this when I was young. I really thought I was an X-Wing pilot everytime I played it…it's my favorite arcade game of all time. Went back and forth on the price and Gamestop's "no return to store policy," but nostalgia won out in the end, pre-order in!

  8. I see a posting of the marvel cabinet with riser for pre-order on gamestop is this for the regular cabinet will there be a cabinet without the rizer available for 300

  9. Soon as I got the text I pre-ordered earlier today. This has been a long time coming for me and I am sure many fans of Star Ward and the Arcade Game. Can’t wait!

  10. Thanks cool toy! I think this will have to wait a minute cuz I really wanna get the collectors marvel cab before their gone. Thanks for covering that cab too!

  11. I'm worried about the yoke. I can easily swap sticks and buttons on other cabinets, but not so easy replacing the yoke since it costs $350. I want to preorder but I'm not convinced that we won't get some flimsy, clicky yoke like the Asteroids spinner.

  12. So many cabs and with so many space….it's nice, but I'm still gonna trudge along and wait for tmnt, x-men, Simpson's, and wrestlefest cabinets.

  13. So far I'm leaning towards TMNT version. But I almost want to hold off in case they come out with a wrestling one…

  14. Would totally buy but because it's a LameStop exclusive….BIG NOPE. Not giving that horrendous company 1 red cent. They just need to die….

  15. Arcade 1up, Pre-order, and New controller setup is not a very good combination considering their wave 1's errors. Consumers tested joystick and buttons these are not. I smell a potential RROD. lol.

  16. When it comes to arcade1up, all you hear is people complaining about the price or, how they could make one cheaper themselves?….

  17. Take my money they will!

    Honestly the force is strong in my wallet so it’s going to take some hard Jedi training to spend $500 on this.

  18. Since this seems to be an online exclusive, I need to see if I can use store trade-in credit on it. I have some old systems which may help knock the price down a bit and make the high price tag a bit easier to swallow.

  19. $500 is a bit steep.. but there's nowhere else you can play the game in the same manner that was played unless you own the actual arcade. I hope they got the flight yoke perfect I hope to pick this one up as soon as I can! People say that it's too antiquated then they don't have any connection to the actually play these arcade games and they don't get it.

  20. Played it at sdcc last week. Pretty awesome. The yoke felt a little tight and the sound switch is a little touchy, but other than that. It played awesome!

  21. Any chance the TMNT cabinet will get a special edition like the Marvel/Capcom cabinet? I'd pay more for upgraded controls and a light-up marquee

  22. I would rather see a Mrs. Pac Man Game never got into this at arcades. Seems like A1Up is pricing the average joes out. Bummer…

  23. Off topic but for those with golden tee have you discovered the "insert more coins" option while playing 18 holes? It happened to me for the first time today and I noticed some of the landscape and course layouts looked different and had to "insert" more coins after every 3 holes. Can't get it to happen again

  24. Thank you for the notice!! I could have missed out on this if not for this video, which would have be horrific personally (I feel like this could sell out fairly quickly, even in spite of the higher cost). It's the one machine I'm willing to pay extra for, to satisfy my 9 year old self's wish, and so it could not be resisted. $500 hurts a lot, but I guess 500 / 36 years of waiting means I can't complain too much….

  25. I would get this as its the best way to experience it due to the analog control method, which is difficult to fully implement otherwise. A mouse doesn't do it justice for example.

  26. I ordered this super fast yesterday. These were some of the arcade games i kick myself for missing out on at the arcade, and being a Star Wars fan, it was a must for the collection. Doug, did you order this or the Marvel cab……or even better….are Arcade1Up sending you one possibly?

  27. For those of you complaining about the price, the original Star Wars cabinets require a LOT of maintenance. A fully functioning cabinet can easily cost over $2000. There is the Alan-1 yoke, which used to cost $499.00 and was recently knocked down to $349.00. With that said, $499.99 is pretty reasonable, especially if it has a working yoke!

  28. If this the original Star wars Acarde I think the version I played is the one that the player sits in. Same graphics. I Played this In 1990

  29. Really nice looking cabinet but the games unless you have nostalgia for them they're not very good. My local arcade has the original cab an it looks like it . Couldn't get into the game.

  30. People that complain about the $500 price point are crazy. Yes we would all love to see it cheaper. But this is the same price as the Golden Tee and people bought and love those. GT was probably easier to license and the trackball as well. I think the price is right.

  31. Gamestop? No way. I will hold out until Walmart or another store starts selling them. Yeah I might not be the first in line but really what does that matter? Im not dealing with Gamestop, I wouldn't buy a pack of batteries from them.

  32. Sucks its through Gamestop only. Guess you can always trade it in for $50 in store credit if you don't like it.

  33. Star Wars and marvel are both cool cabs but I’m most excited for TMNT.

    Just sucks that they won’t don’t pre orders on turtles. Now I have to hunt for it at Walmart…fun 😫😤🤯🤨😑

  34. Will there be a UK release by any chance? I have been playing this since I was an 80s child…. Also, just need RoboCop and I'm happy…

  35. Hey bro Best Buy is showing arcade1up stools on thr website!! Check them out….not for purchase yet $80 but will be soon 👊💪

  36. Ok Arcade1Up, this is cool and all, but now do a 2 player Super Off Road with a bunch of other classic racing titles like Out Run, Daytona, Ridge Racer, Virtua Racing…

  37. Wow dude, once again thanks for the heads up! Just saw this and preordered. Luckily it was still up there. Only at gamestop i see? One of my biggest childhood arcade cabinets finally coming home! Awesome!

  38. Just brought the rampage and street fighter 2 models . I wish that they’d show some love to the UK as we have very limited selection

  39. Pre-ordered. Although I don’t think Arcade 1UP will provide the unique mesmerizing glow that the original cabinets did, I will still be more than happy to relive these beautiful games.

  40. Hey man quick question: is there a way to take arcade1up minicade dugdug pcb and get it to work in standup arcade1up machine??

  41. My pre-order is already locked in. I'm definitly crossing the border to pick this one up and paying the custom fees as well ah fuck it !!! can't wait for mid-october.

  42. Cool memories & nostalgia but let's face it, the games look like shit going by today's standards. I wouldn't waste my money on this. I watched a video of the gameplay for a minute & was done, that was good enough.

  43. Neat I never knew that there was a Empire Strikes Back arcade game. When I first heard the announcement from 1 Up I thought it was the Atari 2600 game. Most people may say that it looks dated, but not me.

  44. Wow I'm speechless a lot of people out there have been waiting for something like this. It's almost worth $500. Those games are nearly impossible to play on emulators and need the flight yoke.

  45. I would hope for a Spyhunter cab complete with wheel and flashing bezel lights. Additional games on it could be super offroad, San Francisco Rush and Rush 2049! Those were all Midway games.

  46. The Cabinet would be Cool Historic item to own.. BUT COME ON LETS GET REAL HERE!!! THE GAMES ON IT SUCK “”BIG TIME!!!”””

    No thank YoU

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