Anna Konda & Berlin’s Female Fight Club: VICE INTL (Germany)

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100 thoughts on “Anna Konda & Berlin’s Female Fight Club: VICE INTL (Germany)”

  1. I want the little girl to wrestle me until I beg her for mercy . She can put her feet inside my mouth and eyes and put her ass in my nose . I will be her boy toy

  2. When old mate showed up I couldn't stop laughing! He starts each 'training session' out by asking if they can teach him how to escape a triangle choke…
    The Juggernaut: We have already showed you that.
    Old mate: I'm sorry dear I'm getting a bit forgetful in my old age.
    Juggernaut: Ok for your 'self defense' we can teach you.
    Old mate: thank you, by any chance can you show me how a female fight wpuld go in the baby oil isle, if baby oil spilt all over them? Just for the purposes of teaching of course….

  3. Der Opi sollte sich lieber ab jetzt um seinen Rollator kümmern , als sich mit nackten Weibern am Boden zu wälzen!!!

  4. Not to undersell her strength, I'm sure she's a lot stronger than me, but it looks like her lifting form isn't great. I'm no expert but with the leg press, shouldn't she be letting the weight go lower?

  5. 12mm steel reo is actually soft as fuck and can bend it but flicking the bar like a rope,,your kid in kindergarten can bend 12mm

  6. Pulp fiction from Germany if was vacation and my say to me want weird woman fighting with hint of weird romance such in fact let joint it

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