Anduin v Garrosh: A Hearthstone Cartoon | Wronchi Animation

Innkeeper: Ho ho ho! Garrosh! Versus… Anduin! Anduin: The Light shall bring- Garrosh: Victory! …or death! Anduin: THE LIGHT SHALL.

Innkeeper: Ho ho ho! Garrosh! Versus… Anduin! Anduin: The Light shall bring- Garrosh: Victory! …or death! Anduin: THE LIGHT SHALL bring victory! Anduin: Greetings. Garrosh: RRARGH Anduin: Happy Feast of Winterveil! Garrosh: Hmmph. My thanks. Anduin: THE LIGHT SHALL thank you! Blademaster: My blade seeks vengance! Injured Blademaster: MEDIC! Northshire Cleric: Is someone injured? Injured Blademaster: Yes! Anduin: *muffled* Thank you! Anduin: Hmmm… Barnes: Tonight! A tale of true terror… Mini-Deathwing: I AM POWER INCARNATE Garrosh: Hmmph. Heh! I need a minion… RRARGH Mini-Deathwing: Burn! Mini-Deathwing: All will burn! Anduin: Wow… Greetings. (What, not purify?) Garrosh: GRARRGH I choose death! I choose death! Ichoosedeath! Deathdeathdeathdeathdeath Deathwing: ALL- Wronchi: Here is what really happened! Museum Curator: Welcome to the exhibit! Wronchi: Mind if I roll need? …On the loot that is inside of this crate? Wow. -Really- smooth segway into th- the brand sketch thing. Crisp. Seamless. Profes- This cartoon was brought to you by Lootcrate! Get your own crate of awesome geek and gamer items at: Lootcrate is the monthly subscription box service for: For less than twenty dollars a month you get a box filled with licensed gear, apparel, collectables, all kinds of things! Did you say… -~!THINGS?!~- Each month is unique, as has a special theme. Check out some of this loot from July! Gipsy Danger Jaeger from Pacific Rim! HG Build Fighters Hi-Mock Battle System Simulator Mobile Suit And Robocop’s water bottle! Thank you so much to Lootcrate for supporting this cartoon, and thank you so much for watching. I hope you enjoyed. …the things that happened. In the vide- In the duration. With- of this… this video. …and such. (Captioner here, not many gags I could make, sorry.) (Go buy a box.) I’m walking away now…

100 thoughts on “Anduin v Garrosh: A Hearthstone Cartoon | Wronchi Animation”

  1. I will find out what that text says in the top right at 1:18.

    5 min later, Fuck why do I try

    10 min later, I GOT IT “hi this hand is drawn so well ohohohohohohoho”

    Not that interesting

  2. Kinda funny that at the time this was made, Warrior was pretty strong and priest was the memey non-existent class. Now it's the exact opposite.

  3. 1:32 여기서 침묵의 효과는 하수인에게 붙어있는 모든 효과를 없애는 카드입니다. 현재 오늘밤! 을 외치며 소환된 하수인이 쬐끄만 데스윙을 뽑았죠? 이 친구가 반즈 라는 친구인데 덱에 있는 하수인중 랜덤한 한마리를 골라서 1/1로 소환시키는 하수인입니다. 그런데 말입니다. 침묵이라는 카드는 특정한 카드에 붙은 효과를 지워버리는 카드입니다. 그렇다는건. 반즈로부터 받은 놀라운 연기력(하수인의 스탯을 1/1로 바꿉니다.)을 지워버린것이지요. (본래 데스윙의 스탯은 마나 10, 12/12 입니다.) 그래서 12/12로 만든다고 적혀있는겁니다. 그리고 그 뒤에 나온 천상의 정신은 하수인 하나의 생명력을 2배로 만들어버리는 무시무시한 카드죠. 그걸 2번이나 썼다는건 12*2*2=48 인겁니다. 거기다 내면의 열정. 이 카드는 하수인 하나의 생명력과 공격력을 같게 만드는 카드입니다. 현재 데스윙의 체력은 48. 그렇다는건.. 데스윙이 48/48로 포풍성장을 해버린겁니다..


  4. The reference heard from loot hoarder from vanilla wow days… Love it but at the same time… Burn in hell ninja looters! Lol

  5. Good game! But I thought you made jokes on this channel. This is just an upload of one of your old matches, right?

  6. not gonna lie, this video has single-handedly made me want minions with lowered stats compared to base have higher-pitched voices.

    thanks wronchi now I'll have this stuck in my head for years

  7. Великолепно превосходно замечательно удивительно здорово круто привлекательно смешно . Мне понравилось

  8. 炉石的这个combo真的是bug,沉默是让技能buff失效不是让你变回原来的体质,沉默后应该还是1/1才对

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