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Funny, that’s not what time it is at all. It’s morphin’ time! Power stars! [Rangers] Lock in! Ready! Ninja spin!.

Funny, that’s not
what time it is at all. It’s morphin’ time! Power stars! [Rangers] Lock in! Ready! Ninja spin! Ninja Rangers fear no danger! (rangers yell and grunt) [Calvin] Time to finish you! [Smellephant] Wrong! (explosion echoes) (rangers yell) [Preston] Guys, look out! (Smellephant laughs) We’re not afraid of you! [Brody] Hey Rangers, let’s show this monster
why they always lose. It’s because we fight together as a team. [Rangers] Yeah! [Brody] Ninja spin! Out of the fire and into the fight! Lion Fire Red! [Smellephant] Ah, fancy
armor won’t stop me! [Preston] Ninja blasters! Whiplash! [Smellephant] What, no! [Levi] You ready, Brody? Lock in, ninja spin! Ninja Star morph! [Brody] I’m so ready! Lion Fire Armor Star, lock in! Ninja spin! Lion Fire flame strike! (explosions echo) [Smellephant] This stinks! [Brody] Nice to have our powers back! (rangers yell) I can take you four, easy! [Calvin] No way! [Brody] Sarah, that monster’s back, we could use a hand. I’m on my way, Brody. Mega Morph Cycle Star, rev up! I’ll be there wheelie fast! (laughs) [Deceptron] Too slow,
nice try, not happening! (laughs) [Levi] He’s a real bruiser! I’m just getting started! (rangers yell) Too easy! [Preston] We can’t
seem to wear him down! That’s ’cause lies give
my bolt blaster its energy! And lucky for me, rangers love to lie! Bolt blast! He got us!
No! Our power stars.
They’re bolted! Just like Hayley’s. Your stars will be mine! What’s that? [Sarah] Surprise, bolt brain! Plasma blast! Sorry I wasn’t faster! [Calvin] You’re just in time! [Sarah] He got you guys too? [Brody] Huh, guys, he teleported away. [Sarah] That buys us some time. What now? [Sarah] Maybe Mick will
help find a solution. (rangers yell) [Rangers] Ninja Rangers fear no danger! You can all morph? But three of your power stars were bolted! [Calvin] Then I guess
you didn’t count on the truth being stronger than lies. Then I’ll destroy you
the old fashioned way! Basherbots, attack! (rangers yell and grunt) This is my stomping ground now, rangers! (laughs) Time to finish you both! [Sarah] Hold on guys, I’m coming! [Calvin] He’s tough! [Sarah] That’s true, but we can defeat him if we work together. Attack! You have no chance against me! [Brody] Surprise! What, hey! [Brody] Time to fire things up! Ninja spin! Lion Fire Red! That supposed to scare me? [Brody] Yep! (explosion echoes) We’ll see about that, Red Ranger. Bolt blast! (laughs) Let’s air things out! [Brody] I can’t take this much longer! [Calvin] Hold on, Brody! Element star, lock in, ninja spin! Ninja water attack! Hit by my own bolt blast! [Calvin] Brody, you’re okay! [Brody] Look, he’s frozen! [Sarah] No more bolting for you! Arrow blast! No! My bolt blaster, curse you rangers! [Brody] Lion Fire Armor
Star, lock in, ninja spin! [Rangers] Ninja spin! Steel slash! [Brody] Lion Fire flame strike! This isn’t good! (explosions echo) [Brody] Final attack! Yeah! [Preston] We don’t wanna hurt you, Levi! [Brody] He won’t listen,
he’s under a spell! [Calvin] I can’t let any
of these lyrics get away. [Spyclops] Around we go! [Levi] Weak moves, bro! [Brody] Hey! [Preston] Move around them, Hayley! Arrow blast! [Hayley] Ninja blast! I got an idea, I’ll distract him! [Preston] Great, we
gotta stop this fight without hurting him! Hyper arrow blast! [Levi] That’s not enough to stop me! [Brody] Then I’ll have to! (rangers yell and grunt) [Preston] Brody! [Sarah] You’ve got more
teeth than the tooth fairy, but you’re nowhere near as nice! [Calvin] Hey, Sarah! [Sarah] Did you get all the lyrics? [Calvin] Every single piece. [Sarah] Let’s get them to Preston. [Brody] Don’t do this, Levi. (Levi laughs) [Levi] You might have been
holding back, but I won’t! (explosions echo) [Brody] Levi! [Levi] Your power stars belong to Odius. [Brody] Levi, listen! You’re under a spell, I’m your brother! [Levi] I don’t need a brother. I’ll destroy you! No you won’t!
Huh? (explosions echo) [Sarah] Preston, Calvin
got all the spell lyrics. [Calvin] You gotta
put them back together. [Preston] I’m on it!
(speaks in foreign language) [Levi] Good, they’re all together. I’ll take all five stars! [Preston] I just need
to read them backwards to break the spell! (speaks
in foreign language) [Levi] I’ll destroy you all! (Preston speaks in foreign language) Whoa, what happened? Was I attacking you guys? [Hayley] Yeah, your
girlfriend’s a monster, and she made you evil! [Levi] Jessie’s a monster? I can’t believe it! I hope I didn’t hurt anyone. [Brody] We’re fine,
welcome back big brother. [Spyclops] Ah, you’ve ruined my plan! [Levi] That’s Jess? Change may be the spice of
life, but this is ridiculous! [Brody] She’s running away, after her! [Spyclops] Hey rangers,
you ready to fight? [Brody] We sure are! [Spyclops] Then it’s payback time! [Levi] Bring it on! [Brody] Yeah, ’cause Ninja
Rangers fear no danger. Where’d they go?
Surprise! [Spyclops] Yikes, gotta fly! [Brody] Where’s she going? [Spyclops] Going to attack you! (explosions echo) (laughs) [Brody] We need to
attack her in the air. [Hayley] But how? [Brody] Let’s rustle up a storm. [Levi] You got it! [Brody] Ninja spin! [Levi] Storm Star, lock in! Tornado mode, ninja spin! Ninja Tornado Attack! Jump in!
Got it! Woo! Red Tornado Strike!
No! [Brody] Final attack! [Spyclops] This whirlwind really blows! (explosion echoes) [Rangers] Ninja Rangers fear no danger! [Doomwave] Alright suckers, time to feel the might of my tentacles! [Brody] Bring it, octo-freak! (Sarah yells) (Levi yells) (rangers yell) [Preston] Nice one, Calvin! (Hayley yells) (Brody yells) [Doomwave] You’re mine, Red! [Brody] Think again! Time to wave goodbye! [Rangers] Ninja blast! [Levi] Rockstorm blast! [Doomwave] Missed me! [Levi] He’s quick! [Doomwave] See you later rangers! I’ll take my machine into the ocean where you’ll never find me! [Brody] Stop him! [Doomwave] One my repairs are complete, you can say goodbye to Summer Cove! [Calvin] We’ve got to find the machine and destroy it before
he can finish fixing it. [Preston] What we need is something that can go underwater. [Levi] Your dad’s diver drone. [Hayley] But it’s not finished! [Brody] No problem, we’ll help your parents finish fixing it. [Hayley] But, but, uh oh. [Sarah] We better figure this out. Okay guys, this is the spot. Now let’s put it in the
water and start the scan. [Brody] I really hope this works. [Doomwave] I finally
fixed my tsunami machine. And I won’t let you interfere
while it’s charging! [Preston] We got this! [Doomwave] You won’t
stop my tsunami machine! (explosion echoes) [Brody] Look out! [Doomwave] Now to destroy
you, and your drone! (explosions echo) [Brody] Look out! [Levi] Back off! [Brody] Get the drone into the water! [Preston] You got it! [Hayley] Let’s stop this creep! [Calvin] Nice and gentle. [Hayley] Alright, I’m switching it on! [Preston] It’s working! [Doomwave] Stop that! [Sarah] No, the remote control! (tense music) [Doomwave] You’re too late, rangers! My machine is almost fully charged! Soon, it will wash away your city! Basherbots! [Brody] Not today! Get that remote.
On it! [Doomwave] Attack! [Sarah] Got it! Let’s hope we can stop that
tsunami machine in time! [Calvin] We’ll keep these creeps busy while you destroy that device! [Rangers] Okay. [Sarah] Let’s see, yes! The drone’s back online! (rangers yell) [Preston] Oh no you don’t! (tense music) [Doomwave] Yes, it’s working! (laughs) [Brody] Hurry! [Hayley] Come on. [Sarah] I think I found something. Look, there it is! [Hayley] Quick, fire the net cannon! Got it! [Sarah] Yes, the drone’s
dragging it into shore! [Doomwave] No! Ninja Strike!
Tornado slashes! [Brody] Final attack! [Doomwave] I’ve got a sinking feeling! Say cheese!
What!? (explosion echoes) [Rangers] Ninja Rangers fear no danger! [Game Goblin] You will soon! (rangers yell and grunt) I’m getting weak, hold on a sec! [Brody] Hey! [Game Goblin] I need to power up! I got 150 points!
Wow, I got 50 points! I got 100 points!
Yeah, 200 points. Awesome! [Announcer] All powered up! [Game Goblin] Yes, now I can control you with my special attack! [Announcer] Controller Beam! [Calvin] Brody, what happened? [Game Goblin] This is my
favorite part of the game. Ready to play, Red Ranger? [Hayley] Brody! Are you okay? [Brody] Yes, I’m fine. [Game Goblin] But he fights for me now. And don’t forget your sword. You’ll need it to destroy
your friends. (laughs) [Brody] Of course. Ninja blast! [Hayley] What, Brody, no! [Game Goblin] To make things worse, he’s also more powerful than ever! Now finish them off! [Brody] Ugh, no! [Hayley] Brody! [Game Goblin] Darn the
Controller Beam wore off. [Announcer] 50 points, 100 points. [Game Goblin] Yes, I got more power! [Hayley] Uh oh! [Announcer] Controller Beam! [Hayley] I’ll start with you. [Calvin] Hayley, honey– [Hayley] Honey this! Ninja Element Star, fire attack! [Calvin] Whoa! [Sarah] No, Brody’s on fire! [Brody] It’s okay, my
suit will protect me. [Calvin] Hayley! [Game Goblin] I’m out of power! [Announcer] 100 points, 200 points! [Game Goblin] Ah ha, power’s back! So who wants to fight for me next? [Brody] Careful, don’t let him hit you with his Controller Beam! [Announcer] Controller Beam! [Brody] Get down! [Sarah] Close one! [Calvin] Let’s get out of here! [Sarah] Right behind you! [Game Goblin] Hey hey
hey, come back here! That’s not how you play the game! [Calvin] Let’s stop
in here for a minute. [Sarah] Great idea. [Hayley] We can’t keep doing this! (rangers yell) [Game Goblin] (laughs)
The power keeps coming! I’m getting even stronger! Get ready.
Back off! (Game Goblin grunts) [Brody] Preston? [Preston] The only thing I’m scoring now is hits against you. [Game Goblin] Blue Ranger? [Sarah] But, what are you doing here? [Preston] I got you into this. Now I’m gonna help you get out. Me and my friends are taking you down. [Game Goblin] Really? [Announcer] All powered up. Controller Beam! [Game Goblin] (laughs) You’ll help me get your friends’ power stars. You’re under my control now, Blue Ranger. And since your score gave
me a massive power boost, it’s gonna last a while. [Preston] Good, then I can destroy them. [Hayley] Careful, we can’t hurt him. [Brody] I got this. You guys take care of Game Goblin. [Calvin] Yeah, he’s going down. [Game Goblin] I don’t think so. (rangers yell and grunt) [Preston] Your power star’s mine. [Game Goblin] Help me, Blue Ranger! [Preston] Yes, master. [Brody] That was close. [Preston] Leave me master alone! Ninja blast! [Game Goblin] Impressive, blue. Now, finish them off. Bring me all their power stars. [Preston] Yes, Game Goblin, my pleasure. Ninja battle morpher, blade mode! [Brody] Snap out of it, Preston! [Game Goblin] You’ve
almost got them, Blue. Do it, Blue Ranger, take
all of their power stars. [Preston] Yes, master! [Game Goblin] Oh no,
I’ve run out of energy. Those teenagers must has
stopped playing my game. [Preston] I don’t feel too good. [Calvin] Preston, are you okay? [Preston] I feel woozy. What happened? [Calvin] You’re back with us, buddy. [Preston] And the game? [Brody] Looks like
everyone stopped playing. [Sarah] So that means no more power ups. [Game Goblin] Those cursed teenagers! [Brody] Looks like you’re
playing a losing game. [Preston] Time for us
to beat the final boss in his own game. Blue tornado strike. Ninja spin. Final attack! (explosion echoes) Rangers, whoa! [Wolvermean] Foxbots! [Calvin] Whoa, what are those? [Wolvermean] Robotic
ninjas with super fast moves. You don’t stand a chance! [Levi] You guys take the big one, I’ll handle the bots! Oh no.
Ooh. [Preston] Careful, gold guy! [Sarah] Hyper Arrow blast! (rangers yell and grunt) [Wolvermean] A disappearing trick? How cute.
Oh yeah? Oh man, he knows ninja tricks too! [Wolvermean] Yes I do. What!?
Calvin! (energy hums) [Wolvermean] (laughs)
Looks like pinkie here decided to cut in line. [Calvin] I’m getting
those memories back! [Wolvermean] Not a chance! You’ll never be safe! I’ll watch and wait, and when you least expect it, pow! I’ll take your memory! You’ll be just like your friends! (laughs) [Calvin] No! He got away. Are you okay?
Uh huh. [Levi] Not so fast! Rockstorm blast! Woohoo! Those bots are toast. [Calvin] But the monster
took Sarah’s memory too. [Levi] Oh no, we had better
get these guys back to base. You have a base? Epic!
Let’s go. Yeah!
Okay. (rangers yell) [Hayley] These bots are impressive. [Calvin] But they’re
no match for real ninjas! [Brody] Let’s finish them! Ninja Battle Morpher, bow mode! [Levi] Gold Ninja Battle
Morpher, blaster mode! [Rangers] Arrow blast! [Levi] Star blast! We did it. Now let’s find Wolvermean. Come on! Hey! [Wolvermean] They beat my bots already. No matter, I’ll finish the job. [Brody] Think again! [Wolvermean] I’m just getting warmed up! Ninja clone technique! (laughs) [Brody] One each, guys! [Calvin] Guess I’m
fighting the real one! Hi-yah! [Brody] Let’s take him out. Lion Fire, ninja spin! Out of the fire and into
the fight, Lion Fire Red! Lion Fire Armor Star, lock in! Lion Fire, ninja spin! [Both] Lion Fire, whiplash strike! [Wolvermean] (yells) Uh-oh! [Both] Final attack! [Brody] Yes, epic! [Calvin] Good job. [Levi] You sure showed him, boom! [Speedwing] You just try and keep up! (laughs) [Sarah] Whoa, that
star makes him so fast! [Speedwing] Jealous Pink Ranger? [Brody] I got this! Huh?
Do you now? Surrender your stars to me,
and I won’t destroy you! [Brody] I’m sorry, but
that’s never gonna happen! [Hayley] Ninjas don’t give up! [Levi] We fight together! [Calvin] As a team! [Speedwing] Then say goodbye as a team! [Brody] Come on! (rangers yell) Guys, we gotta use his speed against him! [Preston] Good idea,
keep him busy, okay? [Hayley] Sure thing, Preston! We’re on it! [Preston] Here’s my plan,
Brody, you lure Speedwing in! [Brody] On it! [Preston] Here’s what
we’re gonna do, first. [Brody] Yo featherhead, you fight like a Thanksgiving Turkey. Okay guys, here he comes! Ready?
Ready! [Preston] Element star, ninja spin! Ninja forest attack! [Sarah] Got it! [Brody] Good job, Presto! [Preston] Now’s our
chance, surround him! [Speedwing] You tripped me! [Sarah] Yup, and now
you’re cooked, bird brain. [Brody] Ninja blast! [Levi] Rockstorm blast! [Speedwing] I’ll be back! [Rangers] Ninja Rangers fear no danger! [Brody] He’s slower without his star! [Speedwing] But I’m still
fast enough to take you all out! What? Nice try! [Preston] Oh no, are you okay? [Speedwing] You’re pathetic! (explosions echo) Good, time for me to
get my speed star back! You’re gonna regret putting
it in this piece of junk. Finally, it’s mine again! [Sarah] Not if I can help it. Ninja blast! Whoa!
Brody! His speed star’s stuck in your helmet. Are you okay? [Brody] Yeah, I’m fine,
but, uh oh, my legs! [Sarah] What’s happening? [Brody] I don’t know,
I can’t stop running. [Speedwing] Oh no, you broke my star! [Brody] Really, I hadn’t noticed! Whoa! Brody!
Oh no! (rangers yell) [Rangers] Ninja blast! [Levi] Rockstorm blast! [Speedwing] You looking for me? Come on, let’s fight! [Levi] Storm Star, ninja spin! Ninja tornado attack! [Speedwing] Back at ya! [Calvin] No way! [Speedwing] Especially
without the Red Ranger. [Hayley] Yeah, where is he? [Sarah] Hold on, uh huh,
there’s footsteps coming, Brody’s nearly here. [Calvin] Any second now. [Speedwing] Any second til what? [Sarah] Element star,
ninja forest attack! [Speedwing] Too slow! [Brody] Yo Speedwing! [Speedwing] Huh? No, my back! Somethings on my back! It’s my speed star! Hey, you did that on purpose! [Levi] Now he’s the one
who can’t stop running! [Brody] It’s time for the final lap. Let’s go get that monster. [Levi] Yes sir! Let’s do it!
Okay! [Brody] Power of the ninja! [Preston] Stealth of the ninja! [Calvin] Strength of the ninja! [Hayley] Spirit of the ninja! [Sarah] Speed of the ninja! [Levi] Rhythm of the ninja! [Rangers] Power Rangers
Super Ninja Steel! [Speedwing] Curse this broken star! [Brody] Ninja spin! [Rangers] Out of the
fire and into the fight. Lion Fire Red! Super Steel slash, ninja spin! (Speedwing yells) [Speedwing] Oh no! [Brody] Lion Fire strike, final attack! (explosion echoes) (rangers yell and grunt) It’s the rangers! That creature, a giant
horn like a curved banana. It’s the Summer Cove Rhino. The rangers are trying
to steel our thunder. We’ve gotta capture that
Rhino before the rangers do. Okay Monty, action. Good luck, Victor. [Rygore] Earth ninjas got
nothing on Galactic Ninjas! You can’t defeat me, huh? Don’t worry rangers,
Victor Vincent will catch the Summer Cove Rhino
with his Snare Blaster. [Rygore] Nice try pipsqueaks! I don’t like nets, I’m
an endangered species! I don’t have time for this! [Sarah] What are you doing to them? [Rygore] Get out of here! (laughs) Time for another chance attack. Wait for it, it’s attack number four! These jacks’ll get ya jumpin’! [Preston] Oh no! [Sarah] It seems like
he has a different attack with each dice roll! [Levi] We can’t stay ahead of him! [Rygore] Exactly, catch! (explosions echo) (laughs) Too easy! [Brody] I’ll take that! [Rygore] Huh, those are my jacks! [Preston] Brody! [Brody] Oh you want them back? Take them all! [Rygore] Uh oh! [Sarah] Nice throw! [Rygore] You haven’t
seen the last of me! Your little camping trip is over! (laughs) It’s morphin’ time! Power stars! [Rangers] Lock in! Ready! Ninja spin! (“Power Rangers theme”) Ninja Rangers fear no danger! [Rygore] Ha, give up! None of your attacks can
pierce my leathery hide! [Preston] Think so? Then you’re in for a surprise! Right team? [Rangers] Ninja blast! [Levi] Rock shot! (explosion echoes) [Rygore] Didn’t hurt a bit! [Hayley] Ninja blast! [Rygore] Back at ya! [Preston] Taste my blade, space ninja! [Rygore] It’s Galactic Ninja! Things are about to get dicey! [Preston] Ah, great. [Rygore] Yes, attack number five! My Freeze Hammer will
stop you in your tracks. (laughs) One more hit from my
hammer and you’re finished! [Brody] You alright Presto? [Preston] Not really. [Rygore] (laughs) Weaklings! [Brody] Six rangers isn’t enough! Ninja Clone Star, lock in, ninja spin! [Rygore] Double the team? [Brody] And double the power! Get him! [Rangers] Ninja blast! [Clones] Steel slash! [Rygore] I got a bad feeling about this! [Preston] Who’s finished now? [Brody] Ninja spin! Lion Fire Red! Lock in, Lion Fire flame
strike, final attack! (Rygore yells) (rangers cheer) Yeah!
Smashed it!

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  3. I wonder what will happen if you take a featherweight fighter like a ranger and tell him to fight a super heavyweight? then it will literally like David vs Goliath.

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