Alexa Bliss & Nikki Cross vs. The Kabuki Warriors – WWE Women’s Tag Title Match: Raw, Aug. 12, 2019

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100 thoughts on “Alexa Bliss & Nikki Cross vs. The Kabuki Warriors – WWE Women’s Tag Title Match: Raw, Aug. 12, 2019”

  1. Looks like kairi herself wants to sell that neck breaker,twisted bliss She fought like a warrior at NXT fr championship with shyni(I dnt know her name properly) but she is losing like dis in main roster lol…

  2. So pathetic they buried Asuka & Kairi again I hate Alexa that overrated snitch she’s boring to watch and she’s the main reason I stopped watching WWE for weeks

  3. All four women have great talent but to be honest i wish that aska and the pirate queen would've won. Because they would be great tag team champs for the WWE because it would be more diverse then the same old same old.

  4. U know this really suxxxx!! Why is it these two women who cheat always win??? ASUKA AND PARTNER really have game.. And always loose… Come on VINCE!!! They really deserve better..

  5. I'm not the biggest fan of Bliss and Cross as Tag Team Champions, let alone tag team partners. I just doesn't feel right. Maybe they're better as single competitors or with different tag team partners. Cross and James would be an interesting tag team, putting two "crazies," together just makes sense no matter how you spin it. Not sure about who Bliss would team up with.

    I think we all would love to see Asuka and Sane as the tag team champions. They just have great chemistry, and are exciting to watch. They're what a dominant tag team should look like. The IIconics didn't really do much for their reign, and Bliss/Cross just doesn't make sense. Let's give the Kabuki Warriors a chance.

    I feel the tag team division could be more active than it is. Maybe those that aren't competing in singles competition could team up with a partner they have chemistry with (whether the character relationship is good or bad, depending on the story line) and be a part of the tag team division, until it makes sense for them to go back to singles competition… and vice versa. Or, maybe they can do both, if it fits the story line, and they can handle it. For example, Lynch and Flair. Now, that would be an entertaining tag team for many reasons. Plus… it would be another way for you to put another belt on Charlotte and Becky (and at the same time). Think about it.

    That also has me thinking… having belts on all 4 WWE Horsewomen (ie, Flair/Lynch: Tag Titles, Bayley: SD, and Banks: Raw (or vice versa), when the 4 MMA Horsewomen come around for the 4HW feud, would be legit.

  6. Go to a hair dressers this morning and fix it up as I leave Destiny latest song comes on guess nothing breaks like a heart correct Liam’s wife say G’Day to the mother in law for me

  7. They are actually doing things the right way by building up for Clash of Champions have heels beat faces until the faces come up top you people act as if doing things your way is better but wwe knows what it’s doing let them do their jobs y’all stick with your own jobs

  8. But at least Alexa Bliss and Nikki cross appear to be fighting Champions all the iconic's did was talk talk and talk some more.

  9. Like wtf you built the kabuki warriors since after WrestleMania like they were gonna take the titles and now we have two randoms with it

  10. Bliss and Cross have already defended more times than the Iconics did. pumping some life back into the women's division

  11. I remember getting off the boat when you wanted to act like you caught Jesus lol… ; Asuka lol. It came with
    "": If Asuka has 1 action token, Lightning Speed. When a character hit Asuka, remove their Asuka Lock " tokens."

  12. I'm so tired of the way Ember Moon, Asuka and Kairi Sane are treated. Ember Moon is way talented, way before WWE and she showed that in NXT. Asuka was undefeated for a long time, and then since she lost her streak she's been jobbing. And Kairi Sane is talented as well also jobbing since leaving NXT and coming onto the main roster. There were tag teams that deserved these titles first, Fire N Desire. Kabuki Warriors. But Alexa lost to Bayley twice so Vince said ok we need to put a championship on my pretty little blonde… Hands her the tag team championship. I hope Shanya stays on NXT. Guaranteed if she joined the main roster she'd become a jobber too.

  13. At least they're defending the women's tag titles on TV. I guess they're going to break up Asuka and kairi. Asuka turns on Kairi for always getting pinned

  14. Why the hell Alexa and Nicki are tag champions kabuki warriors so deserve it I really don't like Alexa bliss in my opinion Alexa is one of the pathetic women wrestler I hate her 😒😒😒😒😒😒😒

  15. I like how people were mad that the tag titles were never defended, yet now they're defended every week and they're still mad because Alexa and Nikki are winning. lol

  16. Well Vince has no Use in a Womens Tag Title according to interviews so you might as well give it to One of the Worst in In-ring Talent (Alexa) and someone who deserves a little more Screen time(Nikki). feel Sorry for Nikki though cause she has to Carry the Matches now. ugh… the match slows when alexa is involved… Kairi had to change the Intercepter speed so Alexa would not get hurt.

  17. Wouldn't mind seeing more of them dodge sequences Alexa does at 1:31, pretty funny with that Jackie Chan esque scream on the first dodge as well

  18. It hurts seeing Kairi take pins ( even worse when you know what she's truly capable off ) especially for Alexa 😦😦😦 not that Asuka should be taking them either 😧 but the fact is I think that they should'nt be a tag team, they have very different fighting styles snd they dont really mesh together imo. Upside is Asuka's contract is supposedly ending this year so hopefully she goes back to Japan ( or hopefully another promotion ), become Kana again and dominate like she used to😆

  19. Kabuki warriors should be champs forever, they are just so much better than every other womens tag team in the wwe. There is no one who can match against them for real

  20. This should have been a better scenario. A pay per view with build up and the kabuki warriors winning

    It just makes so much sense. Easy to do. Sigh.

  21. The Burial of Asuka and Kairi….this is really sad to watch and see what Vince has lowerd them too. They are worth way more than this BS.

  22. Luv Alexa but her being champ for everything is gettin boring. Vince literally decided to give Alexa the title when it was meant for Kabuki Warriors…they even had a storyline w/IIconic Duo but out of nowhere Alexa was put in the picture😒😒😒😒😒

  23. Alexa Bliss is too entertaining. She knows how to rile up the crowd and hate her while, laughing at them! Of course, the script is going to favor her so that, she gets more exposure and more opportunities to get the crown stirred up crazy! This is entertainment first and foremost. WWE with the E standing for Entertainment!

  24. Got the nerve to talk like Asuka lost her touch in wrestling saying, "Asuka isn't as dominant as she was." WWE know darn well the real reason: Vince doesn't give a damn about actual talent. He has his favorites when he should be giving every wrestler what they actually deserve.

  25. People keep saying Vince doesn’t book Asian wrestlers right. That was a great match. Nicky and Alexa should hold the titles a little while. Alexa is putting name on Nicky right now. That’s how it works. Asuka and Kairi will not be together long anyway. One of them will go heel. And Io will join Kairi. They should give Asuka a heel push, imo. And Io and Kairi should get a tag push by next year.

  26. I don’t like this come on give Asuka her winning streak back and give the other girl like a championship Bc I don’t like seeing them lose they have so much potential

  27. Alexa Bliss is overrated she's really nothing special. They just give her too much while the rest of the actual good female wrestlers have to struggle.

  28. Come on WWE the WW2 is over please make Japanese and Asian the Champions instead of potreying them as weak stupid and dumb okay

  29. Ok Kairi… no one understands you! Give up trying. But then again at least she goves some sort of effort unlike Asuka. Who can only say no ones ready for Asuka chan! Like cmon…. any champion needs to speak some English. They need Charisma to get fans into the match. Its ridiculous that neither of them can even talk on mic or to fans. Its a major turn off.

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