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Disclaimer: The following information stated in this video comes from the Megami Tensei wiki. Also, the following video contains spoilers.

Disclaimer: The following information stated in this video comes from the Megami Tensei wiki. Also, the following video contains spoilers for Persona 3. With that being said, sit back, relax and enjoy the video. A cool and well respected upperclassman, Akihiko is serious and determined, as well as cracking small jokes on small occasions. He tends to show his excitement for a big challenge, something that eventually rubs off on Junpei. He’s eager to train and fight, often to a fault. Early on in the game, when he is injured due to a fight with one of the 12 full moon shadows, he will repeatedly express his interest in fighting, despite being unable to. This draws criticism from Mitsuru, who views Akihiko’s eagerness to fight, as if he treats his work as a game. At one point even Yukari accuses him of caring more about having a good fight, rather than doing the right thing. However, Akihiko is a kind person, who would go out of his way to help someone. Which is shown when he was willing to take any chance to save Fuuka from Tartarus, despite having never met her before, even after Junpei and Yukari pointed out that she had been there for 10 days and most likely couldn’t survive. Akihiko also has an aggressive side, which he usually demonstrates when dealing with shadows. He never gives up and always tries to get stronger, in order to protect what is dear to him. As he puts it, he knows what it’s like to feel powerless and he never wants to feel that way again. Though this often results in him overworking himself, due to feelings of self-doubt. Akihiko is also shown to be very smart, if not quite on Mitsuru’s level, as he is consistently shown to get good grades and often picks up on things that Mitsuru misses, like giant shadows appearing during the full moon and why Fuuka disappeared. He even tells the protagonist that a strong mind is just as important as a strong body. He acts like an older brother for the younger S.E.E.S. members and especially in persona 3 portable. If the player chooses to place the female protagonist, Akihiko is shown to care a lot about her. This fits with his Arcana being the Emperor, which represents bothering and relates to leadership and decision-making skills. Akihiko is on good terms with Shinjiro and keeps in touch with him, even after he quit S.E.E.S. He cares a lot for him, as shown when Akihiko finds out about the drugs Shinjiro uses in order to prevent his persona from going berserk. However, their conversations are not always civil, as Akihiko will frequently try to convince Shinjiro to come back to S.E.E.S. He even show some mild hypocrisy, by telling him that he can’t keep dwelling on the past, prompting Shinjiro to remind him that he isn’t any difference, since he can’t let go of his guilt. over not being able to save his sister’s life. and that is in fact his precise reason for fighting. Much like Junpei, Akihiko looks at S.E.E.S. activities as a form of escapism from his normal life and so, sometimes questions whether or not he really wants to dark hour to be gone. While generally caring and straightforward, Akihiko can be quite abrasive at some times, such as when he pretty much forced his Shinjiro to come back to S.E.E.S., shortly after Ken joins the group. He can be pretty blunt and doesn’t really care about making a harsh comment to someone, even to a friend. That’s a trait that he shares with Mitsuru. Akihiko is often depicted as aloof and in some cases, completely unaware of his fan base of female students, who often follow him around the school. He finds this irritating and will sometimes complain to the protagonist about it. saying they talk so much that they give him a headache. This is due to the fact that he is extremely shy and awkward when around girls, to the point that he is incapable of talking to any girl outside of his teammates. This is especially shown in the female protagonists room, in which he becomes as social link. A character video late in the game shows him reading books in his room on how to talk to girls and trying, but failing, to rehearse a conversation without getting flustered. His awkwardness is probably best exemplified by talking to him in Tartarus when playing as a female protagonist in a romance with him. Akihiko is also frequently dragged into Junpei’s antics, usually against his will, where he, unlike his usual self, often starts to panic and completely lose his composure, mostly out of fear of Mitsuru’s anger After Shinjiro’s death, Akihiko is reminded of what it’s like to feel powerless, just like he had experienced with the death of his sister. Over shinji’s grave, he admits that he was a fool to believe that he could protect anyone if he was strong enough and that the power was all he really cared about, to the point that it had become an obsession. It’s then that he realizes that he can’t keep blaming himself, (unintelligible) move towards the future, which triggers the evolution of his Persona. This resolution allows him to help Ken recover from his own breakdown, which was caused by him temporarily losing his reason for living. Both become closer, as a result of this event, and learn to accept the loss of people they love. He and Shinjiro grew up in an orphanage together with Akihiko’s little sister Miki, who died in a fire that destroyed the orphanage. Devastated by her death and feeling powerless that he could not save her, Akihiko vowed to become stronger. He took up boxing. so he could learn how to fight, becoming a champion student boxer in the process. Shinjiro and Akihiko remain friends after his death, however an incident occurred during an early S.E.E.S. mission, which put a strain on Akihiko and Shinjiro’s relationship. Shinjiro’s persona went berserk, while combating a shadow, killing an innocent bystander, Ken Amada’s mother, in the process. Feeling guilty, Shinjiro immediately left S.E.E.S. Akihiko used the incident as a springboard to focus even more on his strength and fighting the shadows. During the events of the strength and fortune full moon battles, Akihiko is unsettled and distracted by the absence of Ken and Shinji. He later realizes date, October 4th, the day Shinjiro’s persona killed Ken’s mother. He leaves the others in search for Ken and Shinji, finding them both behind port island station, along with Strega member, Takaya Sakaki, who has interrupted Shinjiro and Ken’s conversation and intends to kill them both. Takaya has already shot Shinjiro and was aiming to shoot Ken but Shinjiro stops him from killing Ken, by taking another bullet, despite knowing that Ken has made a vow to kill him, to avenge his mother’s death. Shinjiro’s last words are a request, that Akihiko take care of Ken, and he states that his death is how things should be. Mourning the loss of his friend, Akihiko, nonetheless, finds himself amazed that Shinjiro could face death so bravely and vows to face difficulty head on. This resolution causes his persona to evolve into Caesar. He is one of the first to express his determination to fight Nyx, despite knowing she cannot be defeated. Akihiko remains loyal to the protagonist and S.E.E.S. until the end of Nyx’s defeat. When the protagonist confronts Nyx’s true form, Death, Ken’s voice is the first heard worrying that there’s nothing they can do, Akihiko voice is then heard, consoling Ken and S.E.E.S., saying that they can’t give up and they must believe in him. On graduation day, Akihiko remembers the promises made and runs to him. Akihiko does not originally come to see the closing of the dorm, he only arrives after Mitsuru calls him over and he becomes trapped in the dorm with them. A door to Akihiko’s past reveals how e was recruited to S.E.E.S. after a boxing match, during his years as a middle school student. It was Mitsuru who approached him, revealing that she knew he was experiencing something each midnight and she was in the same situation, except she knew more about it. Mitsuru presented him with an Evoker and offered him a new way of fighting. During the debate over how to use the keys to the past or the present, Akihiko chooses to present, with the support of Ken. He believes that the protagonist died because he used all of his powers to protect everyone and by tampering with the past, it would be disrespectful to his sacrifice.

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