Air Force Graffiti Artist

[car passing by] [fast piano music] (Air Force Staff Sergeant Corban Lundborg) I use heavy spray paint when I’m working….

[car passing by] [fast piano music] (Air Force Staff Sergeant Corban Lundborg) I use heavy spray paint when I’m working… using house paints, water. There’s no secret formula or anything. I just… buy up a cheap can of paint and mix it up when I get to location. My name is Staff Sergeant Corban Lundborg,
and I’m a combat cameraman in the U.S. Air Force Reserve, and I run an art business in
North Hollywood. [upbeat orchestra plays] When I’m painting portraits I like to fill
the frame or fill the space of the wall and really take it up. And I’m working up through dozens of layers, where the first layer is… very broad brushed and loose. And then the next layer will be tighter and
tighter until I get to those final details with a very thin brush. [orchestra stops, concerned strings begin] Stepping into… full time art is scary. You don’t have much of a guaranteed income
of any sort. You’re jumping into the deep end, and I made
that jump after I left active duty. I was able to stay in the Reserves and that
was a way for a little bit of a cushion in case my art career fell flat. Being an artist allows me the freedom to really
excel in being an Air Force Reservist because I have the ability to take on different assignments
and Air Force projects and set my art stuff aside and then come back to it. The two of them really build off of each other. To overcome early art challenges, I just lived
very simply, which allowed me the ability to be creative and really just live off of selling paintings to begin with. [optimistic strings] A buddy of mine sent me a Craigslist ad, maybe five years ago, for an art festival in Dubuque, Iowa. I was skeptical at first, but, I pursued this
Craigslist ad. That was the first time that I was brought
in on a pretty big project where I realized I could really do this for a living. [fast, positive orchestra] [fast piano]

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  1. Graffiti artists, whether talented or not should have their hands broken if they get caught spraying up the community. PERIOD.
    Why would you endorse such behaviour?

    this was a weird flex…..
    someone should review their reach out program….Really.

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